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Friday, December 30, 2005
Louis Vuitton
i gotta admit that i haven been going out. so much so that i have not topped up my ezlink card since the beginning of december. and one place that i have not set foot on is town. but, other places that i go... there's one thing that i keep seeing... the ever recognizable, unmissable monogramme (however u spell it) design of louis vuitton. it's everywhere. i take bus or take train. the person in front of me or beside me will tap the ezlink card with the LV wallet.

or some smelly aunty will shove me from behind to get ahead of the queue to buy the chicken rice with her LV bag. knn... use LV bag to shove me machiam i will feel more high class like that. i use shit to shove into ur face see if u will feel smelly or not lar. but my point is that the whole world is carrying LV now! be it real or fake....

i suspect 50% or more of them uses fake one lar. since it's so easy to buy now from almost everywhere. and then i also dunno how to tell. i mean if u let me look at it closely i might be able to tell lar.. but not when u shove it at me.. i bet some of them dun even know what LV is lar. jus carry cos brown brown look nice mar. den see at the hongkong or bangkok 'pasar malam' sell cheap cheap then they buy lor.

KNN one leh. so if everybody is using either real or fake LV. den still wan to use LV for what? got kick meh? everybody use then i also use. i thought this kind of thing is cool when u use things that other people don't have. now trend change already meh? we really moving towards being such a communist state? people have then everybody shud have the same thing? no wonder the mao zedong watches, mao zedong shirts so fashion nowadays lar.

so go and find other brands to buy ok? got so many others also.. prada... gucci.. and many many long long name that i dunno how to spell one also. i'm sick of see LV stuffs already. scared. gucci good. get gucci. no more LV. please.


as we're on the topic of LV Gucci, maybe i'll talk about girl's handbags. There's one thing that many people do not realise. sometimes girls shop till they are tired and sweaty and needs a rest. so they will ask their bf to help them hang on to their handbags. and being gentlemen that they are. they will gladly obliged. now this is one thing which i would like to bring to attention. Girls handbags are smelly...

Why you ask? Girls like to put perfume all this smell nice nice one mar.

Yes, you right about that. but girls usually carry their handbag by slinging it onto their shoulders. and where's the handbag? either jus beneath the armpit... or it's KIAP into their armpit. Remember how i mentioned that they are tired after shopping for the whole day? sweaty and all... yes. and there you are boys clinging on to her handbag for dear life.. oh man...

So guys, my suggested solution is, even though it might look bad, KIAP it under ur armpit also... and walk around with it. within 5 seconds she would have yanked it out of ur armpit. and u tell her.. ''you also like that mar...'
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