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Friday, December 23, 2005
i did this to my desktop awhile ago... as u can see.. the exact date is August 10th. haha.. and loving it still.. i'm damn cool lar. make it so cool...

Image hosted by

and it aint a mac... it's windows.... haha! i've gotta say the weather forecasting 'thing' is quite accurate, about 70% of the time it's correct. and the photo frame 'thing' is cool too. it changes the photo every other min or whatever time u set it to change. the oval looking 'thing' in the middle is the winamp controller. i've been a winamp user since my first computer. nv got used to using windows media player, or itunes, or whatever else that came along. brand loyalty. yea....

ps: the nicknames of those people in my msn have been blurred out so as to protect their privacy.

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