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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Strength Matters
Here's what i was saying i will elaborate more on.....


It was a bright and sunny morning... but i wasn't feeling this bright and sunny just last night. bad ass mood man. but let's not talk about that. so i woke up damn damn late for work agn. this time i was saved by my mum.. she woke up and found me still in bed~ and suddenly screamed at me!

i was like ''WHAT?!?!''

she went like ''#$&#& LATE #%&#%* VERY LATE $^@&@& VERY VERY LATE!!!!''

i went like ''ok'' and dragged my sorry ass down to work. a severe lack of sleep is not helping my concentration much. knocked into my office's lao auntie while going to the pantry to get some water in an attempt to freshen up. and she started SCREAMING!! 2 women screaming at me so early in the morning?!?!!


i couldn't be bothered to answer her..... but this couldn't be botheredness shown by me is gonna proved to be a fatal mistake because i dint say anything to her hence not saying ''sorry'' in the process. she walked past me and started yakking away agn... oh my god. now she is on fire.... waiting for my bottle to fill never ever felt so long. really had the urge to use the water i was filling to douse her flames. but i rather not waste my precious water on such a mean creature.

peace after the storm. great. i proceeded to my normal routine... and surprise surprise... one of my buddies in office bought mee rebus for me. it was fantastic mee rebus from the canteen. i've never expected such great standard from this canteen which has received nothing but condemnations from level 1 to level 20 of the building. (my building has 20 levels) it was 1030am. felt much better now. i'm just waiting for 1230 to arrive so that i can leave for my SHOOTING. (before you guys forget i'm actually a policeman, yes, i'm a policeman but i'm just not doing policing work.)

i was ready to leave when my batchmate who was slated to shoot with me appeared in front of me and offered to travel down with me. and i had no excuse to say no. (i was too tired to think of wat to say then) so i said 'yea ok' and den i had to wait for him until 1.15pm!!!

reached the place a little late. and like all kiasu singaporean, which i was supposed to be also if i dint have to wait for the fella, they were all there already.. it was a first come first shoot basis.. so i was the 2nd last followed by my batchmate.. damn..

we had to go change. dun ask me why but i have no idea why we have to shoot in our uniform. so i went to the toilet with the uniform of mine which i have not worn for more then a year ever since i was posted to my current vocation. a sudden surge of nostalgia overcame me as i put on the uniform and looked into the mirror. it reminded me of the times when i had to wear it everyday, and bunk in with all my friends fellow colleagues. and of cos i still look good in uniform. something i'm very proud of. even though the size of my uniform went up a couple of sizes... seems like my gaining weight exercise after i joined the office somehow went haywire and gone out of proportion. forget that.

i was issued with my gun or rather they would call it the Taurus .38 Revolver. like that sounds more cool? i dunno man. i handled it with rather comfortable ease.. still knowing what to do after a year of not touching it anymore. felt good fondling it. so i waited for my turn, with my Revolver by my side. Haven't felt like a policeman for a long time.

i was the 4th and last detail. detail meaning the 4th round. so it was a rather long wait. about 20mins per detail.. and the weather was HOT!! and i did not have enough sleep the night before. so i was feeling very uncomfortable and frustrated. geezz. finally the call came ''Detail 4!!!'' by now my nonchalantness about the shoot transformed into bouts of nervousness. bah.. how come will nervous!?!? it's because of the $200 at stake. if i could shoot well enuff and garner enuff points for marksman, den i can get the $200. so i went in there. telling myself i can do it.

there're 4 stages for this shooting test. 10 bullets for warm up. 20 bullets 1st round 20 bullets 2nd round. and 10 bullets from various distance for last round.

Image hosted by

the target doesn't look like this. but i jus wanna give u the picture for explanational purposes. the black area would give me 2pts. and the white area 1pt. any bullets outside means nothing. 3 different distance. 23m 15m and 9m and points are accumulated like this... ok. we go on....

sure enough, my sheer confidence brought me true the 1st round. 39/40. but at the end of it. i was feeling abit off already. fingers were not listening to my commands as much as i want it to. i was hoping can tahan somemore. 2nd round started. my weak fingers were starting to show. my morale were really affected by now. was still hoping that i could somehow msucle my way thru. but this is not my leg.... this is my finger!! ended up 30/40. very off marksman standard already. demoralised. i've lost too much points.

last round. 10 bullets. no strength left in finger. i had to pull very very very hard and even a few times before i could manage to trigger off the bullet. wasn't a good feeling. 15/20.

final score was 84/100 and got me a 1st Class, well there goes my $200. if there's one good thing that came out of todae it reminded me that....

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  • At 7:52 PM, Blogger insanityiscreativity said…

    not bad what 84/100. What was the best score? break the record the next time round

  • At 12:32 AM, Blogger W@vE said…

    Endure!!! a few more mths and u're gone!! 84/100 still cannot get the extra ah..

  • At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Funny Hong said…

    harlow! i like this post!

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