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Friday, November 25, 2005
Waiting for.....
i'm highly agitated by this morning's episode. i waited for a long time for a cab. a very very long time. 50mins to be exact. started waiting at 8. and finally getting onto a cab at 8.50am. and guess what? i had to CALL for that cab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK SPIDER!!!!

i was walking towards the main road at 8... and before i could reach the pependicular flagging for cab distance, 3 cabs, complete with green colour words on top and no passengers in it, whizzed pass me. so i thought, hmmmm this is good. many cabs going around. i should be able to get one in no time. Cos i was late for work, and had to resort to doing this. So i started waiting. i started to get abit pissed off when 2 bus number 131 came and went (it doesn't bring me to workplace) and bus 131 has a reputation of coming once every century. FUCK SPIDER!! 2 131s came and still no cab. as in available ones.

and now the most FUCK SPIDER!! part came. people started appearing along the road 100m ahead of me. They were popping up all over the place at a very very fast speed. and all the cabs were coming at a not so fast speed. more 131s came. and the ppl ahead of me started to disperse.. FUCK SPIDER!! i've waited for about 35mins by now. and the slight drizzle is getting heavier by the second. i had to take out my PINK umbrella. very unmanly sight.

now even my bro who jus woke up when i left the house walked passed me. asking why i still standing there... and holding my pink umbrella. FUCK SPIDER!! i notice a cab from afar.. and i think there's no one ahead of me tat's gonna snatch this cab. but this cab was on the outer lane. so which means it has to cut lane to pick me up. but then this bus 131 was occupying the inner lane... and the cab driver have not spotted me yet. so he doesn't know that he has to slow down and try and cut into the lane. and this stupid 131 has to move so slowly.. and there goes the cab... totally blocked by the 131. FUCK SPIDER!!

i was very very annoyed.. when suddenly this old old couple came to stand in front of me. and i really mean in front of me!! at first i thought they were only going to cross the road and were standing there waiting for cars to pass by. but FUCK SPIDER!! NO!! they also waiting for cab! now i'm really quite enraged.. but seeing that they were an old couple.. i did not approach them.. i decided that i shud just book a cab..

Comfort Cablink - 65521111

CityCab - 65522222

Red Colour Cab - 65533333

Remember these few numbers well.. they can save u in times of need. i've got all this numbers in my phonebook, you should too. if i'm not wrong, the Red Colour Cab is free booking. Cablink is the most expensive one. So i started to call all this 3 numbers, rotating each of them. And guess what?? they were all engaged!!!!!!!!! FUCK SPIDER MANY MANY!!! i kept calling and calling... non-stop... for about 5 mins... why do i need 5 mins to connect to either 1 of 3 numbers? enraged!! fire is burning within me... finally gota thru.. and my cab came 7 mins after i ended the call. and reach work.

the time i spent waiting allows me to walk to my workplace and walk back home altogether. probably with 5 mins to spare for a drink halfway. but i was too pissed off to start walking in the rain with my pink umbrella after waiting so long. u know u jus have to continue waiting after so long dun you? u'll always get the feeling that after u leave ur waiting spot.. 10million cabs will come.

was jus venting my extreme frustration at having to fa2 zhan4 there for so long, legs tired even before start work. ok. back to work now.
posted by bobby @ 9:03 AM  
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  • At 5:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    eh huat u kena spammed. LOL.

    anyway i also kena this kinda incident before. just last week,i waited 40min for a cab. and yes i called that blardy cab. about the same scenario as you la. moral of the story: wake up earlier la! heh.


  • At 7:59 PM, Blogger W@vE said…

    aiyo just get urself a bicycle and cycle to work la.... so near only.. but u were really farking suay man.. haha :p

  • At 9:46 PM, Blogger insanityiscreativity said…

    50mins for a cab is simply ridiculous.
    You can walk to your office with the pink brolly if you were to come across such incident in the future.
    Your two "cars" is more reliable den the red/blue/yellow cars.

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