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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Takumi Akimoto

i was jus moving around and i suddenly saw this! (moving around = surfing) Haven done anything of this sort for a long long time. haha!

My japanese name is 秋本 Akimoto (autumn book) 拓海 Takumi (open sea).
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Nice name.. Takumi Akimoto. Takumi sia...... Akimoto sia... maybe it's a descendant of the founder of motorola leh... so powerful i..

dun believe i'm Takumi? go the link and type bobby pua lor.. HAHA! i'm a lonely driver... for those that doesn't have a clue wat i'm talking about... Takumi is the star of the japanese manga/anime/movie Initial D. The character that Jay Chou acted as which won him a Golden Horse award for Best Newcomer Actor/Actress. Talking about Golden Horses, Rockson would love to have one of those awards huh? In recognition of his 'Golden Horse' hahahah


Reached office mega early today.. like 7.50am. Now it's not even nearing lunch time and i feel like i've been here for an eternity. bad bad bad. and i recently found out that this singaporean joker playing piano in some ang moh country... paid $5000 and he no need to do his NS already.. why can like that?

You let me pay $5000 and dun do NS lar.. for this 2 years, i go and help some uncle sell his mee pok.. one month he give me $800 and let me eat his mee pok everyday and teach me how to make mee pok. 1 year i will get $9600. 2 yrs and i get $19200. i throw $5000 at you, still got money to keep. And the best part is no need to be the lowest life form.

And that guy after pay $5000 still get to sit on the board for some music thing u know? Win already he. i know i also go and play piano den no need NS already. Song BO? but cannot leh. i not lihai enuff. not power. this place ah, must see if power or not. if not power. everything cannot. if power, everything also can. you so powerful can kill the australian. the whole australia kpkb and make so much noise also dun care. but dunno why they still so dulan sia.. that time i also talk about this already.

this fella australian use drug go and harm, destroy and kill people can, then that time this person terrorist one.. he bomb and kill many australians. then that one die they say can. how like that?

Takumi Akimoto very tired already, want to go home and rest. been too lazy nowadays to blog in proper english and i apoplogize for that. but you got to give and take. Now, you get more quantity over quality. byebye. need to chase people out of the library..

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