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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
you know, i'll love to add more photos onto my blog. more pictures onto my blog. but i'm lazy. damn lazy. so sorry huh... no colourful colourful picture for you to see.

condemned to the library for the whole day todae. surrounded by books again. and its extremely crowded todae for some particular reason. sometimes there need not be any reason for anything. things jus happens. like bird shit falling onto ur shoulder. but how many of us will jus turn our head and look at our shoulder, give it a shrug and say ''oh well'' and wipe it off with a piece of tissue?

i think many or most of us will turn our head, stare at our shoulder, and start hurling abusive language at that piece of bird shit. well, doesn't really sound very intelligent now does it? scolding a piece of bird shit. but we'll jus stand there and do exactly that, without fearing for another one of those much feared droplets landing on another different part of our body.

Blogger is giving me problem again. have got half a mind about migrating. but yet, i'm lazy of going thru all the setting up of everything again. very troublesome. At least now i don't have many other things to worry about. work's been pretty much peaceful, just tat all it takes is a little cock up this peace will be disrupted. which will be very troublesome. i'm hating troublesome things more and more.

kinda feeling the fever creeping in. please do not allow me to fall sick now. my presence is needed in the office. gosh. and people are ending their exams. so yes. please let me be healthy!!!!
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