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Monday, November 21, 2005
it's there....
just about two years ago, Sean met Sharon thru a mutual fren. it was the holidays. being young adults whom needed some extra cash to finance their spending, the hunt for jobs began. As both began their search for a job, they went around together looking for one, with the mutual fren. As it was often a whole day affair, they had to eat together and also sit down at some corner to do some flipping and circling of the classified section.

This went on for a couple of weeks, before Sharon finally found a job, but not Sean as he was abit picky and could not commit for long. But during this 2 weeks, Sean was attracted, not to the jobs, but to Sharon. Sharon was an outgoing girl, very attentive and caring. Caring only at times. Depending on her mood. She wasn't someone whom you would describe HOT as you would dawn yang. but she had her fair share of charm and allure whom Sean could not resist. SMSes were exchanged on a daily basis and every little detail of their lives were shared. They even shared a common hobby albeit a rather expensive one.

Sharon, as i mentioned, is a very attentive girl. Sean would ramble on and she would pay attention to him, rather then putting him off and ignoring him like other people do. And Sean was a gentleman, by today's standard i suppose. He never complained during any shopping expeditions, offered to carry the bags, and would also offer his most honest opinion on the choice of items. something rare for guys nowadays. On paper, or rather on my blog, they seemed like a perfect pair.

However a few months after they met, Sean was called up for the most dreaded thing. National Service. He was shattered. However close as they seemed, but they were not affirmed as a couple. Now Sean has to report to something that he dread and be a castaway for 5/7 days of the week. All the plans that were made had to be cancelled. He was distraughted.

But Sharon proved to be very supportive. She talked him round, made Sean feel better about having to enter NS. The day came and off he went. She was there for him every night. Despite her busy schedule of having to juggle 2 part time job and the ever scary parent who doesn't like her to 'waste' time on the phone, she talked to Sean almost every night. and most of it was to listen to him complain and even whine about going thru all the things he was going thru. She comforted him and urged him on. This spurred on Sean. Everytime he was feeling tired, he will jus think of what she said, and he would have the extra burst of energy to carry on.

They met up every Saturday when Sean was released from his so called 'Hell'. Having the weekly dinner and catching whatever movie that tickled Sharon's fancy. Anything was ok for Sean, as long as they got to spend some quality time together. He was a very very happy boy indeed. The walks down town, the jokes over dinner, the long trips back to her place, the walk from the busstop to her void deck of her house and back again to Sean's place. Even though it was only for a few hours every week. He was very very contented. To him, it was bliss.

There was once Sean was actually late for one of the date. He overslept, training that morning before he booked out was quite tough on him. And being excited about being able to meet her the following day deprived him of some sleep the night before. He was very very worried. They were just having this conversation over the phone jus a couple of days ago on how she hated people making her wait. The traffic wasn't helping as well. He made her wait for nearly an hour. She dint say anything when Sean arrived. But this was a big boo boo to Sean.

Sometimes, they would meet on Sundays as well, Sean would follow Sharon to where she was supposed to go. Things were going just fine as Sean thought.

One Sunday, suddenly Sharon asked Sean a question regarding his faith. Sean said no. And after that day. Things took a drastic change. No more phone calls. No more movies and no more walks to her void deck. It was all so sudden. Kind of too much for Sean to take. Answers coming from her were lukewarm to the best. The word 'Busy Busy Busy' kept appearing. Sean was devastated. He dint know what happened. could it be his answer? Could it be because work got much busier? or did sch start? He still did not know. He dint know how to ask as well. He was lost. Morale was low and he did not know what to do.

Few months passed, and the situation did not improve. the word's 'busy busy busy' were still appearing. Even when they met, she appeared cold to him. He doesn't know how to describe it but it's jus very different. Sean was depressed as well as angry, he did not want to talk to her anymore. Maybe she's glad that he decided to do it too.

This is another story of many what ifs... what if she did not ask Sean the question... what if Sean said yes.

There were many things that were left out as i dint want to make it a boring entry. there's no moral to this story.


sometimes things happens, where both parties are not at fault. but both are frustrated at each other. one trying to help and the other trying to receive help. and all hell breaks loose. people many just do not work well under pressure. or that people do not like it when people are just too calm. well, can learn alot of things about each other still, despite knowing each other for a long long time. but this kind of things happens to even couple married for 30 yrs. haha. yea...

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