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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
The Guide - Singapore
i'm getting spammed real bad. especially by this credit card business. no idea what they are about. can't even be bothered to read them. i'm having half a mind of turning on the verification thingy. but it will make genuine comment givers take the extra step of having to type in that super hard to decode letters. at least to me. this is quite hard. a harder one? try the yahoo ones. those are crazy... once i had to type 4 / 5 times before i got it correct. AHHHH... mega irritating.

not like lots of people visit my blog anyway, just the few friends that i have. why do they even bother to spam me?!?! only had like 6000 hits ever since i placed the hit counter there... a meagre number compared to 90% of others.

so todae.... i'm gonna give back to my dearest readers, whom had all spent time trying to figure out wat i'm saying, what i'm complaining about and put up with all my boring rants.

so i'm gonna present a guide to u entitled ''Singapore''

to know singapore, u gotta know how to get around singapore.... go here to just type in the address of wherever u wanna go, and the map of the place shows up. no need to waste ur time and ur energy flipping thru all the pages of ur singapore road directory and feeling more lost staring at the pages.

ok... now u know where u're at... next u'll have to fill ur stomach. and what's nice to eat near u? no idea? do not fret.. this is the place to go... singapore best food all the best of the best food that u can find are all found here. and it's conveniently categorized into location. so you know what's good around ur area... and the bestest! it's categorized into the kind of food! so whenever u have that craving for wantan mee or mee goreng, all of them are listed out so that all u need is to get to the place. fantastic.

so by now u know where u are and what u want to eat. and u dun have a car. how do u get there? SBS Transit Travel Guide and SMRT Bus Guide both works about the same way. u tell them where u wanna go. and they'll tell u how to go. pity that both companies are seperated and unable to provide a more comprehensive guide of how to take their combo bus rides of changing between services. if u know what i mean? i'll give more points to SBS Transit as their website even tells u which route is faster and which route is cheapest.

i did not include any link for the MRT as it's pretty much an idiot proof system.

And of course our fave 'let the fingers do the talking' book... yellow pages. Their Internet Yellow Pages provides quite an extensive search system for phone numbers. let's say u need to book a place at that restuarant for a special date.. this is the place for u to go.

besides eating, we also like to watch movies... rite? and how often can we not find that straits times lost somewhere at home... so here at Yahoo Movies Singapore u know exactly which movie u can make it and at where in a matter of seconds. and after doing just that... u need to book tickets for that movie rite? to avoid queuing up like an idiot at the cinema and ending with front row tickets or worst missing the show... so here are the different links for the different cinemas.

Golden Village

Eng Wah


as for Shaw, i do not really like their booking system. the webpage takes forever to load. and u need to log in to do the booking... very tedious and slow process compared to the 3 others.

on the internet side of singapore, a mention must be given to metablog it is Singapore truly, brings out all the local insights and the latest topics we are talking and thinking about. of cos most of it contributed by singaporeans ourselves. And of cos u'll be able to find much more interesting links over there at

HardWareZone Forum one of the most populated forums in Singapore. Where u can talk about anything to anyone.. and ask any questions regarding or not regarding to hardware itself. u'll find ur questions being answered by friends u'll never make anywhere else. With all the knowledge diferent people have. this is a wonderful place where knowledge is shared and opinions are thrown out to be debated.

Singapore Infomap it's the 1st stop portal to all things Singapore. or so they claim on the site... However this is like an 'official' thing. and official things are not as happening most of the times. showing only the nice and beautiful sights of singapore the best part of this site would be the calender of events going on. Serves as a good reminder to not forget to go for the latest Sitex, Sexpo, Food Festival or Book Fair.... worth a visit too i guess..

Singapore Pools . check the latest odds. check the 4D toto results. sooner of later, i'm telling you now. that they're gonna come up with a place ur bets at home system. trust me.

Singapore Statutes Online - nowadays.... more and more bloggers are getting into more trouble... what can u do and what can u not do? most importantly, has this person broke the law? did he or did he not? this places tells u everything u need to know. but it's really kind of too technical.

if anyone of u know of anything else interesting do let me know so that i can link it up! this is all i have for now. hope to add more soon...

ps. u might want to add this page to ur bookmark. easier access to all the links. so convenient! ha!!
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