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Thursday, December 15, 2005
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Gotta remind myself there are 4 things to be mentioned. but i can only remember 3. sigh.

1. The Sun
2. Fat Woman on Bus
3. Another Day
4. ????? (still tinking)


i love the Sun. actually got a love hate relationship with it. but i figured i love it more. but the reason i love the Sun is very different from the rest of the people that loves it. Others love the Sun cos they like to tan themselves until black black. or some of them are beachboys or beachgirls. like to go beach and play. so if got the Sun. they can play more. My reason very simple one.

every morning, as usual my nose will be blocked. even if the air how fresh i also cannot fully enjoy it. the only only way to clear the blockage, is to stand in the Sun. or be exposed to it. takes less then 5 seconds. anything else i do. no use. So i really really appreciate the Sun.


I was on the way home from work. Long day at work so i went home abit later. Got up the bus as usual after waiting a century for it. This King Kong of a fat woman followed me up. i was like 'watever' man. first thing i noticed was the no eating sign. (somehow i cannot find that sign online) but most of us will know what it looks like rite? the one with the burger and soft drink picture on it?

Image hosted by

found the picture! - credits to jo

it still tickles me when i see it now cos i know many of us always joke that we jus cannot eat burger and drink soft drink, but can eat many other things.

so i moved to an unoccupied spot and stood there. the King Kong of a fat woman came and stood in front of me. by now i realised, she was holding a BURGER KING burger. it's ok if she was holding one. rite? but it was a half eaten one... hmmmm.... but what's wrong with holding on to a half eaten burger? FUCK! she started to munch on the burger. standing right in front of me who was like famished and ready to eat a cow. and then i suddenly thought of the no eating sign. FUCK!!!!!! you eat other things nevermind leh. still got excuse ma... can say they put 'no eat burger'. so i eat other things lor. but this King Kong of a fat woman, seriously go and eat a BURGER LAR!!! wth man!!! slowly bite somemore.

suddenly someone got off.. and she went to sit down. she was holding the burger on the hand which she used to hold the railing and the burger brushed against the shoulder of the person sitting in front of her. but the King Kong of a fat woman jus somehow pretend she never see!! damn disgusting lar.... the person in front damn poor thing. got burger stain. go home also dunno how come got burger stain. haiyo.

and then this little girl and her mum came to sit beside her. but she so fat. so only the little girl can occupy the seat. but also not sit. she only got space to stand up. then the King Kong of a fat woman kept staring at the little girl. while eating her burger. still slowly biting. FUCK. the little girl got very scared and wanted to change place lor. wah lau. so fat still so mean. this kind of people stay at home lar. FUCK. still dare to come out.


I got an idea. Why not we add another day. so that we can make it an Eight Day Week. 5 days work week. with 3 days of weekend. this is a good idea. dun you think so. we can name it Mingday. Ming day sounds like ming tian. which is tomorrow mar... so got abit of pun intended. we can put it after Friday. and before Saturday. there will be no changes to the year. still 365 days. just that there will be fewer weeks in a year. 3 days weekend good mar. more time to relax. more time for people to go shopping. more time for people to go out and spend. more people spend money. Singapore better! and more time for people to rest. more time for people to sleep. so when the weekend finish. people feel more refresh. people will work better! it's a win win situation! AHA!! let's just start it for 2006 ok?

oh wait. cannot. becos those people that very smart at making money already printed those 2006 calenders already. print anything on it also can. print 5566, print soccer clubs Liverpool, print some nice nice expensive cars, print some chio girl wear bikini one. got people like they sure buy. they sell so expensive somemore. very smart hor? actually anything u want to print something on it can also. sure sell more expensive already. too bad toothbrush too small hor? if not i can go and print on toothbrush also. den sell expensive toothbrush. make many $$$!!
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