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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Happy Holidays
had an insominiacal night.... dun think that word exist... but u know what i mean. must have been the coke i had. have slowly come to realised that i might actually be allergic to caffeine. and that's another story. 3hrs of sleep later. i'm now back in office. feeling very much non-awake. oh well... holiday season is still here. considering that new year is coming.

anyway, it seems to be a good closing for 2005 for many. my soccer guys especially... fushman has got his fushwoman... actionman aaron has found his actionwoman.. of cos president hans is with his first lady.. the treasurer dx is with the errrr... treasureses? andreas salim no need to say, that one is getting married potential already.. haha. mark pravin both still paired up... but not to each other thankfully.. and reportedly ernie is seeing someone. ho ya.. and james. nearly forgot. so there you go! so by the next match i expect to see the ladies cheering us on by the sidelines ya?

a new milestone in my life over this christmas... played cards consecutively for 6hrs+. holy shit. 2 more hours and it would have been a full day at work. if only work was like that. HAHAHA. was a great gathering at bran's place. thanks to bran and jo for making it all possible. even though the food part was lacking in the 'ooommpphh' factor of last year, but it still managed to feed everybody. well done =) special mention to jo and esther thanks for the present and card. you guys are so sweet!!

it's really quite hard to blog after only 3hrs of slp. haha... many to say. but the mind is willing, the brain is not... or shud i say the heart is willing but the mind is not?? arrrghh... nvm. u get my point now don't you?
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