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Thursday, December 29, 2005
The Interview
For most of his life, Bobby Pua has just pretty much been a normal guy, nothing much interesting has happened in his life ever. Now, he's currently finishing up the final 5 months of his sentence. We have the priviledge to sit down with Bobby just a couple of days before the start of a new year to ask him about his life and see what he has to say.

Interviewer : Good morning Bobby, we're very glad that you've actually taken time off your schedule to talk to us.

Bobby : Yea, my pleasure.

Interviewer : So how have you been? I see that you've been having a very very mundane lifestyle for the pass year.

Bobby : Have been pretty much fucked up. I hadn't been the best of years that I've had. But it could have been better.

Interviewer : Any plans for 2006?

Bobby : Yes. But I'm not going to tell you.

Interviewer : Awww, come on, I'm sure all the people out there wants to know? Why don't you just reveal parts of it.

Bobby : I'll be buying more 4Ds and Totos, maybe not so much of Big Sweep, that's totally rubbish anyway..

Interviewer : What the fuck? Oppps.. I meant what the hell...

Bobby : That's ok, you can fuck around when I'm around but just don't fuck around with me.

Interviewer : I'm so sorry. So any plans on getting hitch? It seems that its all the rage now with your teammates.

Bobby : Nah, seems like the standards I've set for myself are a little too high. There can't seem to be anyone that can fit into it. And I aint one to lower my standards just for the sake of getting hitch if you get what i mean?

Interviewer : Errr, no....

Bobby : You're fucking stupid...

Interviewer : hey watch it.

Bobby : WATCH THIS **POW**

Interviewer : *ouch* okay, sorry...... can we continue please?

Bobby : Whatever....

Interviewer : So how do you view love?

Bobby : I love my family very much. They're everything to me now. You know what's priceless? To be able to go home everyday after work, to drink your mom's soup. Now that's priceless. To all those who have abandoned their parents, u know what? SCREW YOU.

Interviewer : Strong words indeed Bobby...

Bobby : Well, screw you too..

Interviewer : hey... I love my mummy too ya..

Bobby : Whatever...

Interviewer : How about the other kind of love?

Bobby : oh. For friends? People that know me well enough know that I love my friends alot. But whether they love me back that's another problem. That's one of the most pressing problem that i'm currently facing. As I've mentioned previously, that i might not be the smartest when it comes to this. So at times I might be made used of by people or betrayed. I treat people as true friends and they treat me like shit. You get what i mean?

Interviewer : Oh yes yes.. I get it I get it. How about love? For that special person? You know?

Bobby : Well, i don't really want to talk about it. But if you insist. There's just somebody I want to talk to. But that person will not hear what i say. I regret not talking to her enough. I regret not trying to know her well enough. I regret not trying to make her stay. She's off to a faraway place. To get married. As we're talking, she might be many many miles above us. But she will be happy. She'll wake up every morning, and wake her husband up. Make breakfast for him and then send him off to work. After that, she will wash some clothes, buy some groceries and wait for her husband to come back. Dinner with her husband and also watch TV lying beside him on the couch the whole evening. Wonderful life isn't it?

Interviewer : But if she could hear you, is there anything that you would want to tell her?

Bobby : No

Interviewer : Huh? No?

Bobby : Ya. No. And you got a problem with that?

Interview : No problem. Sorry Sorry. So where did she go to?

Bobby : I decline to answer that. But currently there's alot of people leaving the country. 31st Dec to Australia 4th Jan to France 6th Jan to Germany.

Interviewer : Who are these people?

Bobby : My brother's going to France. Expensive shit man. I'm still trying to help in whatever way I can. Gonna miss him. Will be alot of things I can't do without him around. And gonna be worried too. First time he'll be away from home and it's gonna be for 4 months. But he's not a small boy anymore. So I guess it should be pretty much ok.

Interviewer : But you're gonna have the whole room to yourself..

Bobby : No difference, I'm hardly in my room anyway, I'm just there to sleep.

Interviewer : So what do you do most of the time at home anyway?

Bobby : Well, it's the same thing as always. Do some chatting on MSN, play some Winning Eleven, play some Football Manager, alittle bit of Dota, watch some TV, and eat. This is pretty much everything I'm doing. Actually beginning to read again but it's hard to get the peace around the house to do that. It gets pretty noisy around here at my house. So it's hard.

Interviewer : Bobby, you don't seem to be that much of an interesting person that I thought you were. You're pretty much as much of a boring person as I am. Now I'm wondering if I should invite you back for another interview. But no matter what, thanks for you time taken today and for you inputs. Hope you can provide more interesting words the next time ok?

Bobby : **POW**

ps: anymore questions which you would like to direct to Bobby please let me know here

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