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Thursday, December 29, 2005
What if i...
never existed in your life??

i was thinking... what if random people did not exist in my life. would my life be different? if jasmine wasn't around, 01S91 wun have been together till now. thanks to her for bringing the class, or at least what's left of the class together.

brandon and joanne. if you guys weren't in the 24th or dint exist. i believe that the 24th wun have been so united. for all the smses, all the calls, all the arrangements. thank you.

the f***ing old ladies would go to work at the same place as me. wun call them colleagues... thanks for teaching me the true meaning of backstabbing and allowing me to see the real world and preparing myself better for future backstabbers.

the cleaner in charge of my block, whom is the most dilligent and hardworking cleaner i've ever seen in my life. no filthy cockcroaches that i have to deal with..

many people have made a difference in my life. and we meet everyone for a reason. it's for you to figure it out.

the fella who interviewed you for the previous job gave u such a bad time, made u the butt of his every joke and dint give u the job. why? he gave u a lesson. be prepared to meet this kind of people. not all people are kind.

life's a great drama. everybody or everything plays its part. be it being a lead actor, or jus a supporting role. it's everything together that makes it great. hence i thank everyone for making a difference to bobby's life.

and yes.... what difference have i made in your life? would it be any different if i did not exist in the first place?
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