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Monday, March 27, 2006
Dan Brown
recently, a couple of friends and i caught the dan brown craze. till date, i've read da vinci code. digital fortress, and 4/5 of deception point. the only one left is angels and demons i guess.

of cos the whole world will know what da vinci code is about lar. even movie also coming out already mar. movie leh. tom hanks somemore. the forrest gump. the guy who said life is like a box of chocolate. the guy who can play table tennis like a china man. the guy who can run and run and run and dunno how to stop. yup. that's the guy lar. cool man. they made the movie very cool also. got the trailers i watch already also feel like very kamjiong lor. den like the scene i imagine while reading the book come to life like that. wahhhh.

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so enough about da vinci code already. let's talk about the other 1 and 4/5 book i read. i like digital fortress alot also. also very kamjiong one. and the dan brown guy. very cool lar. he can give every character that comes out a personality right away. he tell u wat that guy looks like. how he reacts to things and you can start to imagine wat kind of person he is liao.

he will make u think so far that wat food he like to eat. if he come to singapore whether he will like the weather. is he a durain lover? maybe he like to shopping at orchard. many things that u can think about actually.

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digital fortress is really about digital fortress leh. the story is quite hard to explain to you all lar. but i try. it is about some gahmen agency. they all very lihai one. can spy on terrorist. make terrorist kamjiong. they spy on terrorist and intercept their info. but got problem. if they spy on terrorist. they spy on us civilians also. which means the gahmen is watching all our moves. which makes the people dun like it.

got one person working in the agency also dun like. so he kena sack. hahaha. dun like den keep quiet mar... make until so big den kena sack. diao. so after he kena sack already. he of cos very dulan one mar. so he go to one corner at one side.... and make one powerful program to spoil the market. destroy the gahmen agency's computer. he make this thing like a mega virus like that. he want to sabo back the agency lor.

so the agency kill that guy. but the virus already start already. they so stupid go and kill him. so now they cannot stop the virus! hahahaha. they find some dude to go spain to find the code which can stop the virus. but when this dude go to spain to find the code. got one mute fella want to kill him!!! so he also kena bang. must start running and siam from the person and try to find the code. i tell u ahhhh, if i am that dude.. i sure feel damn sian man. hao xin go help people find code, now got people want to kill him.

i dun wan to say wat happen in the end lar. say like this enough already. i wan to go on to the other book mar. deception point.

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this book very political sia. it's about american politics. and mix it with abit of space science so that more people will be interested. american politics + space science? political science?!!??!! waahhahaha. so those political science students go and read this book lar. sure good for you one.

quite exciting also lar. this book. some big ass meteorite kena stuck under the iceberg, then NASA found it with some state of the art machine that they got. and the meteorite actually got lifeforms on it. which means aliens!! but later got some conspiracy about it. say is NASA go and put it inside the iceberg one. so that they can claim credit. so that the NASA supporting president can win the election. because the other candidate who also running for president say NASA waste sibei alot of taxpayers $$. this book got people die, got animal die... exciting man.

very very messy man. all this political shit.

i think i was supposed to make u guys all want to read the books man. but now, after reading what i wrote. i think u all also feel damn confused liao. also dun wan to go and read the book already la hor?? wahahahaha. like this mr brown will hate me sia. not the singapore mrbrown lar. that fat fella quite a nice chap. but the dan brown fella... i make people dun wan to read his book.... but i myself got read mar. good enuff la hor. i read until very happy somemore. those kind dun wan to put down kind.

very hard to find this kind of dun wan to put down book one lor. seriously. the last time i had one of this kind of book was little red riding hoot lor... wahahha. cos the story so short only.... awhile read finish liao. where got need to put down the book???

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