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Monday, May 22, 2006
watched MI 3 and Da Vinci Code.

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MI3 was pretty good. fast paced. handsome guy. and maggie Q. but hor.. somehow Maggie Q wasn't really very impressive in the show.. she's just too too skinny... all bones, sigh.

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story wasn't that much predictable like what people said. they talk cock one lor say it's predictable. they got try to twist here and there lor.

anybody dare to tell me you were not surprised at all thruout the show?? suck it you movie critics!!!!!!

there's all the mission impossible elements in the show. bombs going off anytime. trucks being exploded like nobody's business. people falling from all over and nothing happens, they jus get up and walk away. got things of this sort. but wat i liked was that it was a happy ending. machiam fairy tale like that. they lived happily ever after kind of thing you know? how seldom you find this kind of ending nowadays? all the bad guys die and all the good guys live. and it's damn funny how hawk's wife behind the ultimate hero lar. its like what the hell man!

and Da Vinci Code..... well, it wasn't as fast paced as the book. haha. the book was much better. but i feel that the movie was worth the watch as well. it helps explain things that u dint get in the book. it paints a much better picture. it works like a compliment to the book. hanks wasn't really too convincing as robert langdon... he lack the charisma and the scholarly air around him. thus projecting langdon as more of a thug at times.

bishop aringarosa looks like a gangster or mafia boss more then a bishop. audrey tautou of amelie fame was impressive as sophie neveu. exactly wat i thought but her character wasn't that much explored into then in the book. hence losing much connection with the audience.

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same girl!

Ian McKellen, or Gandalf as most people know him for, gave a superb performance as Leigh Teabing..

Go watch the movie. both the movies. what else is there to do in Singapore anyway?

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  • At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hee i think the only reason why ppl dun like mi3 is maybe becoz the emphasise is more on relationships & emotions.. and the mission now becomes secondary... last time u'll know more abt the mission and what's it abt.. but this time round we dun even know wad's rabbit foot.. and ahhh! it's HUNT.. not HAWK!! haha. -jo

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