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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Saints Sweeps Rugby Titles
just came back from the A division finals. magnificent. we won it! at long last. it was a dramatic match worthy of being a final.

SAJC was trailing for most of the match. A try in the last 5 mins managed to tie the game. and with the last play of the game, we scored a try to kick the shit of them. just before the winning try, the RJC player thought he was thru to score a try without knowing the whistle was already blown. he dived towards the tryline and it was truly a moment of comic relief thruout a tensed match. we all hailed him and before we know it, we won the game.

It was followed by a pitch invasion by the Saints supporters, whom i might say is the whole school population. I've never seen it happen before. pitch invasion in Singapore. i thought it will only happen in England or anywhere else. took some pictures of the scene of jubilance... shall upload them later.

Lives are in the making here, Hearts are in the waking here,
Mighty undertaking here,
Up and On! Up and On!

We are arming for the fight, Pressing on with all our might, Pluming wings for higher flight,
Up and On!
Up Saints!
Truest fame Lies in high endeavour; Play the game!
Keep the flame Burning brightly ever!

Update :

I've uploaded the photos that i've got, and also got a couple off the SAJC website.

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the pitch invasion. the people are still running down towards the field from the right side of the picture. i think those policeman panic. dunno wat the hell man.. i've never seen Saints assemble so fast ever before. Assembly also need the kuku elephant walk song to play damn long den assemble. but todae everybody move so fast... like lightning... amazing.

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another picture of the amazing invasion

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Saints invaded Home Team Academy

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the winning team. with the Police Cup beckoning..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

check out the crowd....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i'm seated there.. among the VIPs the best seats in the house.. and with the other SA old boys, and i do mean old boys...

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you played where's wally, now play where's bobby.....

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  • At 11:55 PM, Blogger lin said…

    Oh NO!!!! ARE YOU SURE??? WOOHOO! neva jio! walau....

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