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Thursday, April 20, 2006
hi all, i'll be away this weekend. so if there's anything, give me a call.

haven been updating as i haven been using the computer much in office. and back at home i've been busy trying to settle some stuffs as well. been very much a very hectic week. i hope that when i'm back next week everything will be done and dusted and i can start on my slacking regime yet again. no idea what i've been doing also but my life is super duper filled to the brim. no time to have a good sleep. maybe i'm doing all the useless stuffs. but at least it's making me busy and not spending time thinking of stupid things. i thought i'd drop by here to drop a note before leaving.

i haven been spending time with my frens. actually cos all of them are busy. haha. exams are here. wat to do. so it's good that i actually have things to do now. it's sad tat i'm unable to spend time with friends. cos anytime u ask me my hobby or pastimes, i'd say 'spending time with friends' so imagine how one would feel being deprived of their fave hobby or pastime. another thing is that friends might have their own group of friends now too. so maybe i might have been pushed down the pecking order. which is another sad thing.

but well, that's life. even if it hits you hard and sad.. you also must continue mar.. right? what to do? cannot say go and commit suicide rite? SIAO AH! haha. ur father mother spend so much time to give u food, give u what u want.. den u go and die now without paying them back?

so now it's like living your life for other people. ahahah! watever happened to self-fulfillment man? too busy lar nowadays... dun have time to think properly. so my words end up all like this. so messy one.

you all monkeys out there, finish up ur exams and come spend some time with me...........
hope nothing happens to me man! going off. cya all..
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