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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
The Salesman
Guess i am not such a prolific blogger. wun be like henry or van Nistelrooy in front of goal. maybe i'm more like a Crouch. only when i'm in the mood it goes in. and my case, i'll blog. it's almost impossible for me to be blogging about my life, like most people around. they'll tell u what they did, who they encountered. but for me. most of whatever happens everyday is the freaking same!! i bet this pass 2 yrs, there would surely be a day when i did the exact same things at the exact same time as another.

now also like cannot blog about politics. they dun let people podcast about politics already man. later i blog about politics den sway sway kena how? so i wun try to be so exciting. i'll talk more about mundane things. i was on the way to lunch todae, via Novena Square and i saw a booth promoting some new contact lenses. i'm not a contact lense person at all. the thought of putting something into my eyes totally freaks me out already.

ok. the problem with this booth, they had 3 promoters. and 2 of them were wearing specs. hmmm.. i mean.. it's not really very convincing if you're wearing specs and u're selling contact lenses.

promoter ''come sir, take a look at our newest product. this contact lense can protect from UV rays, it can correct your eyesight over time. and it is very very comfortable.''

me ''eh, den why u still wearing specs?''

promoter ''errrrrrmmmmm... cannot really afford this product''

me ''eh, means this thing expensive lar. still want to sell me. kaoz''

promoter ''no lar sir, i'm quite poor actually. so i'm making do with my specs''

me ''i also very poor i make do with my specs also. you never try your product den want to sell to people. means the info you get is other people tell u one also lor. like this cannot lar i tell u. very hard to sell.''

promoter ''..........''

me ''ok bye''

so you know... really quite hard. next time want to sell things. be more convincing lar.
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