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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
I am not Chinese!!!
recently i saw fanny do this funny thing on her blog. funny fanny sia.... got this website ask u to put your photo there... den they will tell you who you look like. sounds like so fun. so i think i must go and try also. so i went to sign up and got an account. i put this photo i think i look quite handsome one. so it generate's the image... and it slowly scans for faces on the photo. amazinG! so the results comes out... and the moment i see it... i fall off the chair and i tumble down onto the floor laughing like a mad man just unleashed from the toilet.

but why? becos this appeared

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OMG! i am the great Thierry Henry. the one who zips pass defenders like swatting down a mosquito. the one who has pace to burn. and the one who earns 90,000 pounds per week. Now i am going to feel extra motivated in my next soccer match to try out all the Henry skills and dribble pass all the defenders with my skills and pace leaving them in my wake. Watch out! whoever is gonna play against me.

oh, and you notice celia's lookalike celebrity has been blanked out. i very scared she scold me. she very fierce one mar. so i better play safe.

after looking like henry.... i was thinking maybe i should try it again. this time maybe some other handsome chinese dude will come out. and will make me feel even more happy. it's cool enough looking like Henry. See him on the pitch and you'll understand why. well, come to think of it. maybe i look like him on the pitch as well.

so i inserted another photo and waited for the results to come out.

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wah lau. now i look like eddie murphy. i dunno what to say. look at his face enough liao. lili is an old woman. wahaahaha. look like olivia newton john. but ok lar. olivia last time also famous mar. how come i never look like john travolta... i was pissed and i tried another time. and i still looked like eddie murphy. why no handsome chinese dude come out? i got angmoh face meh? somemore is not angmoh face.. it's orh-moh face~ this funny fella somemore. hahah. maybe they see my face they think i am a joker. waahahhaa. so they not only scan face they also can scan character one ah? so advance man!! so i not chinese ah? i am all look like orh lang....

but the other photo... lili look like someone else.

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oooohhh... Tata Young..... got look like hor? hahahaa.. this is fun..... go play go play....

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