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Monday, April 03, 2006
Monday Boo
This is getting irritating. Inability to garner silence at work. Anyway, like i mentioned, it's gonna be a busy monday and tuesday. So now, i'm just gonna slack all i can. before getting down to work. last seminar that i'm going to be doing i hope, so i just wanna do it properly and get it done and over with without any glitches anywhere.

but this being a monday morning is just not really helping. i watched the campus superstar finals last night. this guy with a pussy voice won. seems like having a pussy voice is the new fashion nowadays. whatever happened to that of the alpha male? the men of all men? Rambo.... now it's all about the sensitive new age guy, the metrosexual person. the chao gu niang!! well, i'm not saying it's not good. maybe i'll just say i'm out of fashion. haha.

this teresa tseng girl was fantastic. but yet agn, she's another victim of the out of fashion voice. she has a fantastic and very clear vocal. hitting every note without any problems. she can be compared with another teresa. this teresa being the legendary teresa teng. difference in the name is just a difference of a 'S'.

looking at all those Top 10 finalist jumping around on stage makes me feel old. haha! but could really see the energy in them. young and enthusiastic. a couple of them caught my eye, adraino, despite having the same name as one of my fave soccer player, has this damn blur cock but innocent yet cheeky look to him. potential. and this 13yr old girl, Khim. too powerful a voice for a 13yr old. unbelieveable actually.

another girl called clara. soooooo sweet.... and she performed this weird song with 2 others last night. her costume was totally off. white jacket, short skirt. the short skirt made her so uneasy trying to dance. and the white jacket she was wearing, puffed her up a couple of sizes. made her shoulders look so broad. she looked like a male swimmer. faintz. cannot lar like this. break my heart.

right next is superband. nonstop competition. from project superstar. campus superstar. superband. abit alot. but i dun really mind. just something for me to watch on tv. ha... some people will complain. why always competition? cos channel U wan to earn money from sms. of cos they want to earn money lar. got who do business dun wan to earn money one. knn. ask them to show some very new movie they spend alot of money to procure. alot of people watch, but nobody sms in to vote the movie mar. they dun earn much. so why show? haha. too bad lor.

if you dun wan to watch those. den lan lan go pay more $$ go buy cable tv. new resolution. try to minimize my game playing. it's taking up too much of my time. haha. limit myself to 2 hours a day. but hor... if i dun play game. den wat i do? chat on msn? everybody busy lar i chat with who? then my mummy wants to watch her tv. i also cannot watch. haha. haiya. i'll just see what i can do then.

just found out the difference between inquire and enquire. it's just american spelling and british spelling. like color and colour.
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