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Saturday, April 01, 2006

wikipedia sure is expanding well.... expand until got time to do all this kind of rubbish....... haha...

this is an interesting local shopping site. bringing you loads of cool stuffs and great gift ideas.

another local site. although this site is yet to be officially launched yet, i thought i might give it some publicity first as my friend is one of the co-editor of the site. They are all about trends. Trends in Singapore and all over the world. Tech, fashion, travel, media and lifestyle, they try to cover almost all aspect. Do visit.

Tired. Haven been sleeping much the pass week. gonna sleep all i can tmr and sunday. Gonna be a busy week. actually only Monday and Tuesday. But the good news is my replacement will be coming on Friday. Me and my probable replacement will have some link. To the person who know's wat i'm talking about. dun worry. i will be a good senior. will take care of the fella. =)

So it's gonna be a week of many happenings. Well, i'd rather nothing happen but nothing's been happening for too long. i go to work and i go home. and weekends are spent like 95% at home. only go down to buy food if my mum dun cook. Haven went out for ages. Maybe the last time was a trip down to SMU and a farewell dinner for my partner after that.

My life needs some spicing up. but this nothingness is making me lazy. thank god for the companionship of my level 16 night elf warrior. and i apologize to my level 22 undead priest for abandoning you. You were giving me a very hard time and so did the people from the Alliance. Even though you're buffed after the 1.10 patch, but i'm still more of a whack them up person rather den a stand behind and make sure nobody die person.

shall post picture of them soon. my warrior's the person i'm spending the most time with nowadays.

thought of another thing to do.. finish up my jap version of meteor garden. actually there's alot of things to do. haha. i'm playing game, i'm watching tv, i'm watching dvd. surfing net, chatting on msn, playing ps2, play my daily dosage of dota. haha. oh well. my brain aint functioning anymore.

Mindless ramblings. another thing. Got this show chn 8 9pm weekdays. my fren told me dawn yeoh acting in that show. then i was like huh? she so fast get to act? i thought she eat potato one? how come can act chn8 show somemore? then todae i watch, den i realised it's another different dawn yeoh!!! wah lau.......................

Campus Superstar is coming to an end. It's like kinda abrupt. Project Superstar had much more hype to it somehow. I like the Teresa girl. She looks abit like Barbie Hsu. Her voice is very singer voice. I like alot. And she's quite pretty as well. But the guys looks irritating to me. The Hwa Chong guy still ok. But the other chap can't sing. He shud just go join the 'so you think you can dance?' and see how he do. it's because the other ppl dunno how to dance, which is why he looks like he's so good. bahhhhh

and my MOUSE IS PISSING ME OFF!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! it hung on me in crucial moments for so many times this few days. and it is so damn jerky and unsmooth. DANG...

Eagerly awaiting for.........................................

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posted by bobby @ 3:17 AM  
  • At 2:44 PM, Blogger lin said…

    yes yes!!! i also very eager to watch this show! =) 2 more weeks or maybe even earlier!

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