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Thursday, March 30, 2006
Hey yo everybody.... i'm back again to talk about mandopop. there is this massive shift of power going on in the mandopop scene. the hong kong fellas... jialat already. most of them nowadays like stuck in hong kong already. their chinese albums are not selling... now the power is in taiwan....

the 4 heavenly king... aaron kwok andy lau leon lai and jacky cheung i think nowadays abit waning in popularity. in my very own opinion, the 4 that deserves that acolade now is jay chou, david tao, wang lee hom and our very own lin jun jie. because this 4 of them write their own songs... and i personally feel that it's very important for you to write your own song.

just think about it. somebody else writes the songs for you. you just go on stage and sing it and u put it in the cd... sing song alot of other people also can mar. put me on stage i also can man... sing nice nice for you to listen. but write song very different. somemore they can write and sing themselves. and they do it all with their own style. once u hear it, you can recognise that it's their flavour, it's their song.

but now, i'm quite happy that there are a couple more of these kind of singer song writer up and coming...

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曹格 Tank

i recommend you to listen to their songs.. Tank have been hailed as the new David Tao. While 曹格 is heavily influenced by the western soul and R&B style. (think R. Kelly)

If you're not really into R&B, there's another alternative.

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There're a band from Macau. Started out in Hong Kong and now they're trying to come into the mandopop scene. Very different from the current assortments of chinese bands. I would describe them to be a fusion between maroon5 and matchbox20.

i'm not trying to be funny finding 2 bands which starts with the letter 'M' and end with a number. but that's wat i really think. and if you like them you can also try listening to 石康军.

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He's all the way from..... our very own singapore! also a very alternative style with a touch of british rock.

If you happen to know me well enough, you'll know that I'm in love with Elva and Twins (especially Gillian)

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Elva Twins

But they are very very pretty faces. haha... there are less famous but power packed female singers as well.... and you know what's the best thing? they are also singer song writers! hurray!

莫艳琳 (mo yan ling) and 蔡诗芸(cai shi yun). 蔡诗芸 is the shi mei (junior) or Jay Chou. They are from the same company. She has a very powerful voice but it is very crisp. Trained in classical music but now also very well versed in R&B and rock. Very versatile girl. And she's only 20. 莫艳琳 has been in the scene for quite some time. she used to just write songs. SHE wanted to use one of her songs but she rejected them after deciding to cut an album of her own.

Although her vocals are not as strong, she displays alot of maturity in her songs and the style is also very different from what we usually get in this world of mandopop. reminds me of a young Sheryl Crow.

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莫艳琳 蔡诗芸

so go enjoy all your music!!!

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