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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
The Closure
finally. the seminar is over. it was a rather dull affair. the speaker wasn't really able to generate much hype from the audience. however, these people are paid for what they have to offer you in terms or knowledge. not to make u interested. and the speaker was paid quite a substantial amount.

i would like to see the end of this seminar as a closure for me. marking the end of my work here at this place. i might not have been really hardworking. but damn... i wasn't that slack as well. i got my work done. did what i could to ensure the minimum hassles for my bosses. i am now going to slack. i am now going to start taking my leaves.

alot of pent up frustrations thru working with certain irresponsible people. being very very selfish and at many times did not consider the thoughts of others. disappearing whenever feeling like it. not coming to work when everyone else is so freaking busy and ending up having people to cover the work. it's jus giving extra work to others. building their own happiness upon the misery of others. this kind of people, i really believe will get their very deserved retribution.

and also frustrations thru working with someone new but with authority. it is very different from working with someone new without authority. this authoritative person comes, and do not understand the culture of the new workplace. and based all the assumptions on where he/she had worked. and then wants the work to be done in that particular manner. scoldinds and chidings are certainly not part of my workplace. maybe more time can be taken to understand the culture and environment before coming down so harsh. it really pays. doesn't really hurt to be humble you know?

there's one of the worst for me. the nagger. the most harmless but the most irritating. you're constantly being harrassed to ensure that work is done. the same question goes on and on. and complaints of everything you're doing. why you're doing it this way instead of the others. well, it's really the bane of my life. i will jus explode. and explode i did several times but we have cleared our differences. like i said. this is the most harmless. jus irritating and painful for me.

almost like the nagger we have the kamjiong spider. those who are very easily nervous and will panic for fear that anything go wrong. you spend time explaining how everything will go right but this person will spend even more time to tell you how everything will go wrong. you have to check your equipments every half hourly. do endless dry runs. have 4 or even 5 backups. and this person gets very very agitated when things go wrong. wel, some people jus prefers to be more careful.

another kind of authority is those of the higher level. and of cos with a higher level of backing. i've not had any run ins with this sort, but some people have cos i've heard of it. these people points their finger and can'kill'. they 'shoot' very dangerous 'arrows' at people. but sometimes having quite alot of staffs under him/her. this person tends to be not so sensitive. and say the wrong thing. staff management is very impt especially if you're one of those up there. being able to support ur staff, to offer them help and to show that you're there for them, it is another one of the marks of a true leader.

fortunately for me, my boss doesn't posses any of these above mentioned traits. she is very supportive of me. the few times that i've got into some trouble, she pulled me aside. talked to me and asked me about it. if i'm having difficulties coping with work. if there's anyone giving me too much work, or i'm being treated unfair. she gives me the chance to communicate with her first. and let's me say what i want to. she doesn't scold but instead gives subtle hints when she's not happy with anything. thankfully i've been able to catch all this hints. and also many others things which i guess i would not mention here.

but just want to say Thanks for the past 1.5 yrs Boss!
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