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Monday, April 10, 2006
my days are number. less time to use the computer too. which means my post will be getting lesser and lesser. who's sad?

cos i'll be handing over my work and with that i gotta hand over the use of the computer too! sad! so i'll be a wanderer. no place to sit. jus move around to disturb people. and soon after that. the name bobby pua shall be forgotten here.

recently i've talked to quite a number of people. and we touched on a couple of topics. which scared the shit out of me. finding job. how sia? the childhood and teenage ambitions and dreams. are all shattered. be a doctor? no way, unless u took up bio in sec school and follow up in jc, u're not gonna be a doctor. lawyer? show me the results first man. so that's why ur parents ask u to study. study more. u'll benefit more. dun study. u'll be a cock. get a diploma den how? still gotta struggle to get a job. so how to live a life that we can enjoy?

possible solutions, get a job u like. but the pay very little bit. or get a job u dun like, but the pay higher. like that how? no $$ also sad cannot enjoy mar. u like ur job but u no $$, u can happy meh? den abit more $$ but u not happy with ur job. wahh, like this even more jialat rite?

den lidat how? life....... walk on lor... happy or not also must go on mar. got parents to feed. if married liao got own family to feed also. so u're living ur life out of obligation leh. will happy meh? i dun wan to like this leh. nowadays alot of people never think properly. they happy happy, see the ger already den want to get married. if married liao the guy cannot provide for the girl. he also happy meh? the girl happy meh? like tat both people suffer leh. many romantic ppl say suffer together very romantic mar. but i think is quite stupid lar.

not my kind of romantic. den u ask me.... how come suddenly bobby so pessimistic one? i thought he always very optimistic. but now i see the situation, want to be optimistic also abit hard. so for the rest of my life, i'll be living a life of obligations..

but for now, i'll jus look at it short term.... it's to look forward to thursday~~ right? ha... somebody will be quite happy also once thursday comes....
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