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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
My Space
todae i did something different. i packed my office table. it was filled with files, newspapers, magazines, and everything else. and since my replacement was coming, i thought it would be good to clear the table for him so as to not let him have a shock when he comes.

so today here, right now.. i'm gonna do something unprecedented. i'm going to show u the place when i spend the good part of my life for the past 1.5 years.

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welcome to my cubicle. as you can see. it's quite well covered. the walls are quite high. so that i get my fair share of privacy. there are boxes of paper beside the chairs but i've already disposed of them. so no worries. and above the grey cupboard, there's a binding machine. we use it to bind books. and other stuffs. so i'm quite a master binder. since the machine is just behind me. i'm the one using it the most. the red colour tag is my name tag. so that strangers walking into my office will know who i am. haha

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in case you guys can't see, i got a close up for you. prove that i'm a true blue liverpool fan. it's always around me. 1SA/RD @ SPD. this is going to sound damn alien to you. ok. so let me explain it. it stands for 1 Staff Assistant / Research Division @ Strategic Planning & Developement Division. so dun expect me to squeeze that whole chunk of words inside one tag. 1sa/rd spd will do. haha

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this is the view i see for most of the day. opppps. the monitor is on blogger.. kena caught in the act for blogging in office. but you dunno if it's office hours or not also ma! you can see my blue water bottle. beside it is my handphone. and the photoframe inside got lili and me. the calender which i marked out June 14th. the pink colour ball like thingy with 2 legs is my radio receiver. and the 2 books i'm reading now. Purpose Driven Life and Angels and Demons. and my half-read Newpaper also. hmmmmmmm.... no signs of work around me... hmmmmm... couple of naruto pictures around. and a contact list pasted on the cupboard above me.

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this is the right side of my table. u can see the it is very very very neat. nothing else is there. like this den i dare to show you all ma. somemore colourful pictures pasted around..... the top part.. abit messy still, but nevermind lar. i always sit down one. so i never see the upstairs that part.

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moving on to the left side. more photos. one of my officemates. 2 of my classmates and 2 of the 24th... the stef sun SK advert i put up for fun one. cos still got space mar. it came with the straits times. so i just put it there. heehee. i got my thermal flask there in case i need some hot drinks and my telephone which i dread it to ring. Ring means Work! damn...... my pen holder kena blocked by my blue waterbottle. so you cannot see it. sobz. and my wallet is beside my blue water bottle. haha. i feel like i doing primary school oral. describe the picture.

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before moving further left, there is something else i want to show you. this is my partner's desk. you can see he's not around. but that's not wat i want to show you. the office behind him is my boss's boss office. and that's not what i want to show you too. and u know where my boss sits? you see the light coming from the window? nearer towards the left side of the photo? yes. she sits there. and do you notice a small space between the wall and my partner's desk? that is the small darn space, hole, lobang or watever u call it that is causing me alot of stress. means my boss can spy on me from her seat. haha! and yes, that's what i wan to show you. and u notice or not? like got one aura coming out from there right?

you can see on the huge ass cupboard there's a newspaper cutting. it's the premier league fixture list. very very good to refer to. haha. daily topic of our many conversations. moving on..................

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the leftest side of my table.. more colourful pictures. and the Bobby thingy, was a gift from fushman when he came back from arizona. and denise keller's autographed postcard was from jo! it says To Bobby, Lotsa Love, from Denise my god... 2 of my fave objects hanging around. all showing proudly in my office. the photo is our department photo. taken during the retreat. well, many of them left. kinda sad. and i'm leaving too. so that's kinda happy.

and this very much concludes the tour of Bobby's cubicle. haha! hope i've given you a much needed insight into how i've been spending my life. or rather, where i've been spending my life. haha!

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