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Thursday, June 08, 2006
With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibilities

*minor edits due to gu niang-ness

Had dinner with my best friend who is also my sidekick. heeee. well, nothing beats that. even though it was a short 2hrs meet up. but it was time well spent. times when i can be all relaxed. nothing else bothering me. and i had the most wasabi i ever had in my entire life in just a meal. my nose very poor thing... seriously. hahah. almost cudden take it. and my bloodshot eyes were indication that i was dying la...

well, my sidekick had to leave. given the gruellest of gruelling schedule for any human being that ever walked this earth and also due to a headache. hence i walked to the destination before heading off.


took the bus and approached little india. this old man obviously having a limp and having difficulty getting on the bus boarded and took a seat. so the bus travelled a little while more and reached somewhere near tessensohn road. the old man sitting on the front seat was trying to get off from the front door. at the same time. this young burly looking chap was trying to get up the bus. the old man, with the limp was holding onto the metal railing trying to get balanced before carefully alighting the bus. this young chap for dunno wat reason cudden let a old man get down the bus first, was trying to force his way in.

the old man's hand which was holding onto the metal railing was in the young chap's way and it brushed against his face while he was getting up the bus. that cock was trying to get up expecting the old man to move his hands away. but of cos the old man cannot lar. he would have fell down.

so the young chap's face was kinda rubbed at by the old man.

ok. story so far. old man down the bus. young chap up the bus.

but suddenly the young chap said ''NABEHCHEEBYE'' and went down the bus out of a sudden and shove the old man from behind. i was sitted at the left side of the bus near the front beside the window hence i saw wat happened.

at this exact moments the words ''NABEHCHEEBYE'' floated into my mind too. somehow i was jus freaking pissed off. i got up the freaking bus... (i forgot to ''teeet'' my ezlink card in the process, fark) and went down.

meanwhile the bus jus goes off........ -_-

from here on.. young chap's shall be refered to as motherfucker.

i went down and before the motherfucker could sense my arrival and before he could land another blow on the poor old man already lying on the floor, i kicked him in the back of his knee to make sure he's down on the ground.

i dunno why but suddenly everthing that i've learnt from the academy just returned to me. it's jus one of those mysterious moments. he was obviously stunned. i grabbed his wrist and turned it back and applied some pressure to it. and it kinda worked! hahaha. more vulgarities came out from him. I identified myself as a police officer and told him that i will have to charge him with criminal force and assault.

of course i could not take out my warrant card at that point in time. too busy. but i knew i had to intimidate the motherfucker if not he might try something funny.

it's been nearly 2 years since i've done something like this. even when i did it, it was in the academy and it was just a scenario based test. this was like a totally different case. this was the real thing.

so i applied more pressure on his wrist and shouted at him to slowly squat down and put both his hands on the back of his head.. thank god at this moment there was a lady taking care of the old man. and she bravely took the initiative to call the police.

think he was kinda scared by now and wasn't moving and just squatting there with his hands on his head.

the police arrived probably 5-10mins, which sounded fast but it really was one of the longest ever 5-10mins in my life. was really kinda scared that he might jus turn and retaliate.

i'll spare the details... somehow everything was kinda smooth. thankfully again. the old man was taken to the hospital and the motherfucker brought back to the station. i gave my statement and they say they'll contact me again if need be. which is good also cos this way i wun have to be the one to write the report.

guess i was damn lucky cos i caught him unguarded. hence i dint confront him face to face and escaped any possibilities of any injuries.

i was just saying to my sidekick that i'm going to ORD so soon and i've yet to use my warrant card yet, and it was useless. this time round, i dint really get to use the card itself but at least i did my part.

the funny part is that i reached home and my mom was watching Spiderman 2 on HBO. well, maybe it's just coincidental...

and lastly justice is done. i was really damn pissed off when i saw the incident. so police officer or not... something must be done. just that i'm kinda disappointed that nobody else actually bothered to help when half the bus saw wat happened.. well..... now i'm back and unscathed... preparing to collect my pink ic and turn in the warrant card..

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