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Thursday, August 17, 2006
Talk Alot
i've been talking alot these couple of weeks. and today finally. it's gonna be the last day that i'm gonna talk alot. i can finally let my precious voice take a break. end of another chapter in my life. no doubt a small chapter but nonetheless also quite a fulfilling one, both in the pocket and in the mind. wahahahhaa.

ok. i'm actually in quite a low point now. feeling sad and all. but i want to come up with another post which can equal to my past works. ha. been a long time since i had a good post coming along.

the past 3 weeks have been quite a humbling experience man. usually i'm the one screaming at people, i'm the one who shows people attitude. but now i kena scream at, i kena show attitude man. wth man!!! tat's why every night i come home, must shout at my sister's soft toys. slam them around the house, step on them.

den i feel shoik!! but then my sister will come in. see what i am doing, and she'll start screaming at me. den i don't feel so shoik anymore!! monkey breast man..... so in the end i also dun feel shoik. so what else do i do?

this is a very good question leh. what do i do? hmmmm... i play my football manager, or i play my world of warcraft. but the spirit of the great gamer seemed to have left me. deserted me at the time when i really need him. i used to be able to sit in front of the computer. don't give 2 hoots whether Miss Puerto Rico or Miss Japan is beside trying to seduce me and i can still continue playing my game. but now, i can't even concentrate on it for even 30mins. i'll be so sian, i'll stare at the character in the mind, and try to make the character in the game stare at me. and then realise that the stupid character in the game doesn't look as handsome as me. DUH!!!!!!

anyway, may i sidetrack abit, i think that Miss Japan is FREAKING FREAKING HOT MAN!!! jus give me awhile to get a picture of her....

aiya... very mafan to find a picture of her lar. so at the end of the post i'll jus put another youtube video of her and u all watch ok? easier like this. i'm a lazy prick~ wahhhaaaa.. too bad~~ ney ney nee booo boooooo~~ and you can't do anything... la la la la la~~

and another thing. the TV. my dad suddenly have got the mood to watch TV nowadays. and he's like the king at home. so whatever he wants to watch. nobody can fight. he watches all the chinese news, all the ancient chinese programs on china, discovery channel, national geog. at least the last 2 is quite ok. but all the china programs. FAINTZ. it's ultra boring lar. i dunno how people can watch and still stay awake.

you watch the mountains. you watch the water flowing around. den you watch the wind blow the leaves on the tree flying around. and den watch those professor like presenter talk in the ultra monotonous tone of chinese. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... SOMEBODY SAVE ME!!!

and all the korean shows that my mom and sis want to watch.... where everybodying will cry cry cry... ROARRRR!!! and you know wat's the worst thing? i've been deprived of soccer every since world cup ended. but heng ahhhh! the season is starting again. which means no more lonely weekends...... so that's really a small small consolation for me. which means the beers will start flowing again. woohooo! so quite sian at home now.

but even though i complain about work. the people around are nice. which is what brought me thru the whole 3 weeks. but i'm quite sad that i only managed to really talk to them towards the end of my stint. and alot of them left after my 2nd week. so for the last week, it was only the few of us to xiang yi wei ming. haha.

and thanks to elizabird lim for calling me bobby tan, now i have another surname.

no mood to blog already. maybe later ok? so as promised..... Kurara Chibana, Miss Japan

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