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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Animated Music Video
i've got a backdated post in my laptop.. but i forgot to post it here. so i shall upload it the next time i get online with my laptop ya? oh ya. and i finally managed to get on the wifi with my psp. finally. had been trying ever since i bought it with no luck, but now i've figured out how to get it done. i'm a genius. the ability to get onto the wifi with my psp adds so much value to it. i bought it for about $400 odd the other time cos i was going up to genting and the freaking bus ride would have just killed me...

now i'm contemplating if i should get either the 2gb memory stick ($99) or the 4gb memory stick ($189). prices for both have dropped quite considerably if nt i wun even consider. how??? how???

i was doing some video editing and got bored... so i decided to do something else just for fun. well, it's my first attempt at making a music video.. so pardon me for the flaws. check it out ok?

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