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Monday, May 21, 2007
Of Music and Movies

i'm using my free time quite usefully i guess. listening to music and watching some movies.

linkin park's new album is sooooooooooo bad.... it's really a disaster. apart from their first single off the album, ''what i've done'', the other songs in the album sounds like it's taken off some other artist's b-side albums or it has no directions at all. totally different sound from their previous album. no idea what they're trying to pull off here, but its a massive disappointment for me.

maroon 5 on the other hand, delivered the goods. i enjoyed listening to the whole album. a couple of tracks were kinda off but they managed to keep the maroon 5 formula intact. hip hop grooves mixed in with a couple of slower numbers. wonderful.

i watched just follow law cos my brother bought the vcd. quite hilarious. always hard to find someone to go watch this kinda show with me. i've got the vcd for 'i not stupid' 1 & 2 cos cudden find anyone to watch with me. haha. i always enjoy watching local shows, especially comedies where they can throw in some hokkien, cantonese or other languages. feels more connected to it.
''Love me if you dare'' was also superb. it's a very typical french romance. crazy, out of this world love that people would fantasize about to have but never dare to do. and i still want to watch ''PRICELESS''!!!!!! AAHHHHH

Anybody got the book ''Dear John by Nicholas Sparks''. i want to borrow it! i wanted to buy it but borders had no more stock. and tat was while the 35% thingy was going on. tmd. damn wasted.

And finally, looking forward to the Champions League Finals. Ever since supporting Liverpool from 1994, it was plenty of disappointments. Seasons and seasons of underachieving. But never the thought of changing to club crossed my mind. I think it's like that. you choose a club, and you stick by it. thru thick and thin. that's what i feel. of cos there are people that choose a player and stick by him thru thick and thin. by that i mean if you support beckham, u will be supporting whatever club he plays for. well, that's ok by me too. Passion is the most important. you need to have passion.

back to liverpool... after the many disappointments and the tears shed, everything was just forgotten one night in may 2005. it was a totally incredible night, totally unreal and unbelievable. but it really happened. now we have another chance to do it again... in 2007. i'll be eagerly awaiting the start of the match. Liverpool vs AC Milan

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