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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
there is something very wrong with my internet connection and it is pissing me off. i've been extremely tired out man. haha. anyway, had a great week last week. started off with buying food for picnic on national day... dinner on wed night was crazy.... 3 of us ate shit load at DTF. and of cos grocery shopping after that. and we went for late night shopping... i bought 2 shirts. ha... they had further 10% cos i bought it during late night shopping. haha. it pays to be late huh.. went for beer after tat and reached home fully shagged...

national day was spent picnic-ing at marina south.... been a long time since i picnic-ed... was really fun and relaxing... could have spent a longer time there if not for the lack of a proper peeing place... lol. and we watched cashback after that. like finally... brilliant show. everyone loved it. which was really a very rare occasion.

friday night was spent at clarke quay watching fireworks and drinking beer. forever beer-ing. fat max i tell u. went for hong kong supper after that and went home fully shagged again. saturday afternoon was spent in chinatown shopping around the whole place. and of cos nt forgetting to eat.. and also eating alot.... that followed by mj at celia's.....

so sunday... we all decided not to see each other again after seeing each other for 4 consecutive days. haha. we're almost like family already. which is real fun too. so i spent my sunday nua-ing and sleeping.

and lastly but not leastly.... you're back. and i'm very glad and happy about it. and the best thing is that i got to meet you.... =) really......
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