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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
the winner
As you all can see, i've already passed the 1000 mark. And the winner have already contacted me about getting the very attractive prize. You might say that how will can i believe is what the winner claim is true? Hellllloooo? heard of screenshots anyone? i dun mean shooting ur bloody $500++ LCD screen monitor but jus taking down a picture of ur current page u are viewing. you can even take photo of the page you are viewing and upload it into your computer. but that's way uncool.

However, the winner was honest and told me about how she made herself the winner. She went to the page at 997 hits. and thus proceeded to exit and enter my blog a couple more times. before finally hitting 1000. i can say that it's truely a very scheming way of gaining the very attractive prize. I was contemplating if i shud actually proclaim her the eventual winner. But it's true that i did not specify that no one can exit and enter my page jus to hit 1000. Hence, I've gotta give away the very attractive prize to her.

Moving on to another of my very interesting but useless fact.

Kirsten Dunst acted in Jumanji as the little spunky girl.

Bet like none of u know this... unless u're really such a humongo bongo fan of hers. maybe ros will know.. she's quite a big fan. but come to think of it. maybe not. what if ros becomes angry that i said she was a big fan of Kirsten Dunst when she's not? and ros is also not a big fan of the american idol series. So... no anger ya?

Again i think that bus trips are now officially the most exciting part of my life. It was crowded as usual at lunch time when i was making my way home. Boarded my 'favourite' bus No. 131 and was greeted by this beating tempo of techno music as i proceeded towards the behind section of the bus. This ah beng-ish person might have been quite marvelled by the fact that his own mobile can actually play music and thus wants to show it off to everyone else by displaying his marvellous taste in music. The tempo was not that much beating as i went nearer. It was abit muffled. Bass was non-existent and treble was awful. Who in the world listens to music using such a crap system?

People with different opinion might argue that as long as there's music it's fine... but hell NO! it's almost a kind of torture to go thru a song played by a lousy system. i'm not that much of an audiophile but there are some basic needs.

Later on in the evening, i took the bus again to go home. It was kinda packed and there were no seats available despite me being the first up the bus. This indian chap was very nice to offer me to sit between him and the window. after an exhausting day at work, i gladly took up the offer. He smiled at me and i smiled back. well.. basic manners man.

He asked me what the date was. I answered him.
He asked me what the time was. I answered him.
He asked me if i was going home. I told him yes.
He asked me if i liked singapore. I told him yes.
He asked me if i had indian friends. I told him yes.
He asked me if i can be his friend. I told him ok. (admidst much reluctance while getting abit worried at the way this conversation is heading)
He asked me if i can be his BF and give him my number. I jumped off the bus through the window.

I did not really jump thru the window. i shoved my way pass him and headed straight for the exit. Being Huat i have my way of shoving pass people.. Thank Buddha that my house is so darn near and the bus ride was coming to an end. Anyway, even if I weren't home i would have gotten down the nearest bus stop. The thought of continuing the journey sitting beside him was enough to even kill Moses Lim's appetite.

So, it's really kinda hard in this weird world. Even accepting someone's kindness to sit down, we have to pay the price. So do we really have to be careful when receiving kindness? Am i jus being too dark and pessimistic and judgemental? But just a few words of advise ''Weird People Are Out There''
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