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Friday, August 25, 2006
i'm very disappointed with the Newpaper.

eh wait, just when i want to start blogging suddenly got people msg me in msn. 90% of the time i'm online nobody msg me. den when i want to blog only got ppl msg me. sibei disturb my train of thought. i'm playing amelie soundtrack, tv is off, no one else is at home. everything is peaceful, with good music, best time to blog. but now this have to happen. tragic man.

but talking about soundtracks, the amelie soundtrack is really good. it's just nothing but music. colonial french flavour, if there's ever such a thing. lol.. i've a pretty small collection of soundtracks. but i like them. they're my mood music. there's music for any sorta mood. The Godfather soundtrack is also legendary. That's more along the more italian flavour. Something's Gotta Give have got a pretty decent soundtrack too. It's very relaxing, more into jazz and lounge. Jack Nicholson even makes an appearance on one of the tracks. it's one of those cds to play in the evening enjoying the sunset and sipping wine.

More into the Asian side of this vast musical continent, the soundtrack for the korean movie The Classic is always very nice. being very emotional and sentimental, i loved the show for it's blend of undying love and the music. There's a couple of classical tracks thrown in, and also some oldies, from the 70s. lol... perfect for the romantic dinner with ur date.

and being such a naruto fan, i tink i might have to give it a mention. there's so much music they use in naruto. but i guess most of the people might not really notice. there's music for any emotion. be it walking down the alley alone at night. or getting the adrenalin rush to beat the crap out of someone. nothing is missed. on the same topic of anime, i remember watching this movie, Howl's Moving Castle and being captivated by the fantasque array of weirdness. and also the music. all the music done by Joe Hisaishi.

and who could have missed the great 1st Matrix soundtrack. it brought music in movies up another level. and there's the theme songs in Superman, Batman, Indiana Jones just to name a few. i'm purposely leaving the Star Wars theme. too many people knows it. Anybody else knows of any great soundtracks? those mainly with just music? let me know ya? there'll be a prize for the first to let me know.

oh, i tink i've digressed a far bit from my original topic. i like to digress. i like to talk abt just whatever comes to my mind. that's me. if you don't like it. den errrrrrrrr... i dunno how also lar.

back to the Newpaper. it's irritating. the good thing is that the sports section is still pretty good. still very indepth. but the news section is non-existent. zero. zilch. none. 0. all you get is those drama mama story in singapore or malaysia. notice i say it's drama-mama story leh. they dun even have like a couple of pages for real news. only snippets. real news can only get less den half a page in Newpaper for snippets of it. and wat's worst? they share it with the comics section.. i would really love to type more cos i wan to complain. but i suddenly feel this surge of sleepiness within me. it's slowly gaining control. it's hard fighting this feeling. so hard now that even Pluto's no more a planet. damn.

Can you imagine those kids in school. imagine they were told that there's 9 planets going around. and todae they are asked in some general knowledge quiz. ''how many planets are there?'' and they answer 9! they will be wrong!!! after listening so attentively in class to their teachers talking about stupid planets and solar system, and getting the chance to show off their knowledge, they are now WRONG!!! they will have a freaking traumatised childhood i tell you...

had a great day out with my frens yesterday. yea. really great. Cheers to you guys for bringing back some fun into my life man. May you all bring more fun to my life! ahahahaha. it's really quite exciting to find someone whom you can talk to about things that not many ppl know abt. ha! and also to find someone who's quite influential, to influence you to do somethings you've forgotten, and some things that you would normally not do. Cheers again!

i think i cannot fight off the feeling anymore. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....
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