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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
ok, i seriously think that there's something very wrong with my laptop. the number nine cannot press. can is can press lar. but must press super hard sia. and it's abit laggy. i dunno why. shud be all the spyware shit. curse the inventors of spyware shits. all are one eyed son of a whore. may ur asses be attracted to every monkeys you see.

just spent some redundant $$ again. arrrghh. bought a laptop case, and bought a mouse. dunno why my mouses keep failing on me. this is the 3rd mouse already. so this time i bought a better one. better one meaning more expensive. sianzz. haha. lao lee also never put me in charge of printing money one. if he put me in charge of printing money den very good lar. i will be very very happy one. sure print many many. if you are my good fren, den i print more money for you. what colour money i also print.

recently my fren told me something quite funny. he met his relatives and long time no see frens. then they all ask him one question make him very sian. they ask him if he got gf or not. he don't have gf mar. so he tell them he dun have. then they ask him back one question very very pissing. he say they all like to ask him back ''Why dun have gf?''

how to answer this kind of question man?? i hear already i also stunt tio. hmmmmmm

1) becos i am very loser and all the gers around me think that same way.
2) becos i dunno how to chase ger. all i do is chase away ger..
3) becos i am gay.
4) becos my father mother give birth to me not handsome enough.
5) becos i not rich. gers now all like rich guys.
6) becos i chase the ger many yrs already but she go out with someone else liao.

next time u face the same question. i think u just use any of the answers provided lar ok?

one more weird thing that i encountered also. this one i also guilty of. and i still cannot find a good explaination for my actions. sometimes in lectures. i'll go on msn. den when ppl talk to me, i'll tell them sorry i in class now. cannot talk to you. hmmmmm... if i am in class, and is busy. why the hell do i even bother to log onto msn? why go online in the first place?? siao ah!!! hmmmm...

and there's one thing that i hate the most about being alone somewhere using the wireless and that's the need to go to the freaking toilet!!!! knn! sibei sibei sibei mafan. so now what do i need to do? pack up all my things. get my laptop. close it put it back into the bag. take my things. abandon my table and walk off to the toilet. and wat after i do my business and come back? find that someone else have too my table. and that the person have already cleared my drink. and there goes my drink which is also my ticket to sitting down there and using the wireless internet. sianzz...

isn't there a better way to settle this problem? i dunno. cos i need to pee quite badly now, and when that sort of things happen. my brain dun really function very well arrrrggghhhh....

now i'm back with a lousier seat. cos someone else took my throne. sianz. and i gotta somehow end off soon. the battery is dying off. can't really be bothered. and i wanna go off soon too cos i wanna avoid the going home office crowd... they're really a huge pain in the arse. and i might be joining them very soon again. ha! so i'm gonna be a pain in the arse for myself. talking about pain in the arse. carrying this laptop around is also a pain in the arse. wahahaha. well.....

couple of things to do at home. cut my nails and finish up my work. congrats to Crouch for sending Liverpool thru to the champions league. i've been seeing so many many people wearing the new liverpool jersey. wassup man? haha. so what's the difference? all the closet liverpool fans decided to come out now becos it's no longer reebok and now it's adidas? and adidas is so much cooler then reebok? or issit cos liverpool is now a new force to be reckon with? lol.... haha. no matter what, i'm just happy that there's more of us around now. it's been a tiring 13yrs supporting liverpool. but yes. You'll never walk alone. ciao.....
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