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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Perfect 10, Class 95 and a few years down...
haven been updating. been extremely tired, been extremely busy. anyway, i was on the way home this evening and i jus realised something. when i was in secondary school... i used to listen to the radio, perfect 10 to be precise at it was the most happening station to listen to. they played all the new songs. and i wanted to be cool and listen to all the new songs. haha. that was backstreet boys and britney spears at that time. while studying for my common test, exams, prelims, or whatever.... i will hide in my room and just listen to the radio in the evening till late late at night. jean danker will be hosting say it with music and glenn ong willl be the joker at night with his gang of posse.... these were the only 2 jocks i listened to.

nowadays... every morning when i'm walking to the busstop, and on the bus... i listen to class 95 morning express... class 95 is much easier listening compared to perfect 10 nowadays. they play more adult contemporary songs. and the dj in the morning is glenn ong.... and when i'm going home at night... on the same station cartunes... its jean danker who's hosting the show... seems like even after nearly 10 years... i'm still listening to the same jocks.... jean and glenn... familiar voice... familiar style..
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