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Monday, November 12, 2007
i've been haunted by a niggling headache that doesn't seem to want to go away. it is affecting every single small detail of my life. be it deciding what to eat, deciding what to wear, and even deciding if i should reply that person in the sms. it is really affecting me.

i'm starting to gain pleasure of a different sort with this headache around. Paracetamol is the drug of choice. Each time i've had enough of the pain, i'll pop 2 of those small pills and wait for the effect to set in. That is my new pleasure. The pleasure of having no pain. It brings peace back to me.

My headache is a small issue, however, it reminds me of something else. It reminds me of the time when i had no headache, but i also had no pleasure. And i had to do something else to find pleasure. Why do i not know pleasure in having no headache when i had no headaches?

I believe that many of us do not know of this pleasure. We all tend to look for more pleasure.

Humans craves pleasure. However they do not appreciate pleasure.
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