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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
try typing lin zhi ling sexy photo in google and guess which site comes out. Answer

try typing cyndi wang legs in google and guess which site comes out. Answer

try typing safra seafood resort in yahoo and guess which site comes out. Answer

that big lin zhi ling fan must have been quite disappointed to be linked to my blog. As i have not even one photo of her and definately no sexy one. Whoever you are, I'm sorry. But u're always welcome to visit agn. So if i actually type sun yan zi sexy photo or gillian chung sexy photo other horny males trying to surf for porn will get refered to my site too? and cyndi wang legs?? that guy has got a serious case of fetish there...

and the 2nd one is weird. Safra Seafood Resort. Who in the world search for a seafood resort? Is it some new themed chalet kinda place? Where everywhere u go u see seafood? The bed is one big clam shell.. You use seahorses as chairs and turtles as tables. Stingray can be the carpet. Of cos the octopus can be used to hang all ur clothes. And of cos u'll have seafood all day. Fun huh??

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