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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Sorry no free trip to Europe. Just a lousy promotional gimmick! wahahahhaha....

dunno wat happened to my readership. it's at a all time low. wasssssup man? where's everyone? are u guys still around? oh no... this is not good.

i might have to sit back and reflect upon the cause of this. what might be the problem? issit cos of the irregularity of my postings.... sometimes, and it happens more nowadays, that i will jus disappear and not blog for a couple of weeks and even more. this might be the main reason for losing my audience. cos you nice ppl who bothers to always come around to check for updates will be disappointed everytime u see the same post and hear the lousy music. i apologise for that. please keep coming back ok?

it might also be becos of my drop in standard of my postings. not funny already. nothing interesting. so dun bother to come back and see. i'm losing my touch! this is not good. so i must strive to get back my touch. how to get back my touch you ask? u come my house lar... let me touch you lor... den i get my touch already.

A point to ponder upon. Creativity and Lameness. Can a person who is not creative be lame? Or can a lame person be creative? Is there any connection to being creative and being lame? Short posting for now.

here are the later parts for the video below : Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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