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Monday, November 12, 2007
i've been neglecting this poor blog of mine. well, there's facebook to keep me busy with.. busy 'fighting' with people, buying 'drinks' for ppl, 'racing' with people, 'feeding' my pet... and the list goes on..

its amazing this facebook thing. and i'm sure many people out there are cursing themselves saying 'why dint i think of that earlier?' well, cos there was friendster and if there aint nothing wrong with that.. why fix it? that applies to most of us. we see no point in improving something if there's nothing wrong with it. well, its true too... until something like facebook comes along.

the same thought can be given as to why u want to change a team if the team is winning? there's so many possibilities as to what might happen as supposed to what really happened. just becos someone has a different thinking as to how something should work.. does not mean that we have to berate them with socks and rotten eggs.

however, it just occured to me that there's not really an avenue for me to voice out my thoughts. and i've got many of them. it has reached a point of saturation that i can no longer keep everything in this brain of mine.

but somehow i've no mood to type anymore for now. byee
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