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Saturday, September 09, 2006
Badminton is a Good Game
wanted to blog for a long time. but i couldn't find a good time to sit down and really spend some quality time to put my thoughts into words.

something irritating has been going on in taiwan. the citizens are pissed off with ah bien. and 2 jokers are leading the rebellion. ok, they might not be jokers. they are people you cannot find in singapore. they managed to publicise their campaign to gather everyone to sit down in front of the taiwanese 'white house' or 'Istana' and show their dissactisfaction against ah bien. their aim is for ah bien to step down as the president of taiwan. so these taiwanese citizens gather by the tens of thousands to sit down there quietly and rebel against the president.

imagine if these 2 jokers were in singapore. i wonder what would have happened to them...

Badminton is a good game. been a long time since i had such a good workout. ytd's sesssion puts all my previous attempts to exercise to shame. haha. but i woke up this morning, with aches all over my body, including my ass.... reminds me of ns days. waking up with aches in the morning when i've just enlisted. lol..

the last time i played a competitive soccer match was like the beginning of the year? omg... that's like almost a year ago. so thanks to my badminton kakis for providing me the motivation and chance to work my ass off... wooohoo! i feel so healthy all of a sudden.

this is a bad thing when u decide to proscratinate and not blog when u feel like it. cos you forget whatever u want to blog about. all ur thoughts disappear. ooohh, anyway, i made a trip back to SJI on teachers' day eve. visited a couple of teachers. it's a pleasent surprise tat my chinese teacher still remember my name despite her age. lol~ and of cos also to visit my much respected Mr Dominic Ang. he's still the same. no gf i guess. he's dedicated his whole youth to teaching. so anybody who's abt 30, 30 odd? wants to know a very dedicated, caring and fillial teacher leave me a note and i'll try to do the rest ya?

always feels good to go back to a place where holds much memories. SJI has not changed much cosmetic wise, and the value of the school will not change. there's gonna be a new SJI. haha. SJI International School.

SINGAPORE : The Education Ministry has given its approval for a third privately-funded school, St Joseph's Institution International, to be set up.

It joins ACS International and Hwa Chong International School, both of which opened in 2005.

The proposal was submitted jointly by the De La Salle Brothers Singapore, SJI Board of Governors and SJI Old Boys' Association.

It was approved based on the strength of its management team, the coherence of its curriculum offerings and the quality of education it can potentially offer its students.

Eight proposals by other organisations were turned down.

SJI International plans to begin next January and principal-designate Andrew Bennett is busy recruiting teachers.

Parents interested to enrol their children can go for information sessions on September 16 (at 10am and 3pm) at St Joseph's Institution on Malcolm Road. - CNA/ms

Yea so go enrol your kids there for a bright future!! okie, so till i can remember what's the issue i wanna blog about, i'm off for the merseyside derby.. take care guys...
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  • At 8:15 PM, Anonymous ladybug said…

    I agree...badminton is a good game! Good luck!

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