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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
One Post
haha, i could not match my ambition of coming up with 5 posts today. only 1. at least i dint end up with zero! =)

still not feeling particularly well... this flu and fever thing is really pissing me off big time. and add to the fact that the prices of everything is going up, i'm not surprised if the dragon doesn't nip it's tail off. dint get that? no worries, i dint get it either...

it started with oil... petrol, diesel.... prices started spiraling out of control. next, the prices of milk also went up.. or rather i shud say the prices of dairy products... and if that's not enough... the price of flour also followed suit... hell yeahh.. me flour aint gonna lose out to you milk..

so imagine the next time u order a roti prata with cheese... the oil to cook the prata, the flour for the prata, and the cheese which is a dairy product... OMG!

hai... i'm jus gonna stick to rice and curry...

oh shit... curry has milk in it.... geeee...
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