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Monday, September 11, 2006
*i have no idea why the alignment for this post is so screwed up. i'll try to fix it... somehow...

back here again. how many of us are guilty of placing work,self-interest and money in front
of living a life? but then again, are we capable of living a life if we do not place work,
self-interest and money in front of living a life? how do we define living a life? having a big house, with a nice ride being the envy of everyone? or jus spending quality time with family, friends and your partner?

this is quite a fucked up issue to discuss. thinking about this issue set me back a couple of headaches. i'm sure many others feel the same way as me.. do you worry about money and
work? i think this is part and parcel of every singaporean.

maybe sometimes we have to work backwards. why do we work? issit because everybody does that when they have finished their course of study? or do we work because we need to earn money to ensure our survival, to be useful to the society and giving us the capacity to live a
life? i think for 99% of us, its the latter. 1% being those born with a more then shiny silvery spoon up their arse, or rather i mean in their mouth. ok. now that we have settled this... we have to think of why we want to survive, to be useful, and to live the life.

this question is way too big i feel. for those feeling rather religious... you would happily say that because some greater force out there gave us this life and we would have to treasure it and live it to the fullest. and to the less optimistic people around, they would probably cry out that they want to survive because not working would mean no money, and no money would mean starving to death... something that does not really appeal as a particularly nice way to leave this earth. maybe to those civil servants potentials they might feel that after receiving much help from the gahmen, its finally time for them to repay back and serve the nation with much pride, thus also living their life.

so why do we want to continue living? morbid as it may sound, but it's a question we have to ask ourselves. to find the purpose, the goal, the movtivation and the drive. but you might tell me,

akeelah : 'hey bob, i've got a goal, but i will never reach that goal, so i might as well go and die rite?'

bobby : 'wat's that goal of urs that you can't achieve akeelah?'

akeelah : 'i want to be the 1st person to stand on the moon'

bobby : *lands a left hook and punches the shit out of akeelah*

i used akeelah cos macdonalds keep playing this stupid advertisement of akeelah and the spelling bee or whatever movie. this is just a good way of venting my frustrations out on akeelah.

yes, so when we set goals, we need to combine it with a little bit of common sense. and if the goal seems unattainable at a certain stage in life. we also need to learn to be abit flexible and adjust our goal accordingly. we aint talking einstein here.. jus some common sense. i'm sure you can do it.
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