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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
after a one month lay of... my 'fans' seems to have decided to lay themselves off!! where are the people who came after me and SCREAM ''eh why you never blog already??'' or ''post somemore post leh!!!''

now that i'm back, you guys had better show yourselves!!!! monkeys!

i've been spending quite alot of time surfing. Wikipedia rawks!! check it out ya? you might find alot of knowledge you never had. or things you never know. i'm like facing an information overload situation here. i spent hours and hours reading everything about everything... but in the end i forget most of the things about everything. hence at least i was knowledgable for that while. hmmm... it felt good while it lasted.

life is at this stagnant point at a moment. i've reverted to my old lifestyle... as of primary school. except that school have been replaced by work. take a look.

school ----->> home ----->> eat ----->> play playstation ------>> watch tv ----->> sleep

work ---->> home ----->> eat ------>> play playstation 2 ------>> watch tv ----->> sleep

well nothing too different except that my playstation have been upgraded to playstation 2..

would you live a life like tat? my frens making ability is going down the drain. and i seem to be losing friends at an alarming rate.

but now i know someone who's actually born on exactly the same day as me.. now how many of you have the distinction of telling me that you too know someone born exactly on the same day? i was never a believer of the star signs or zodiac signs or whatever of that sort. but now i am more inclined towards it. just an exchange of a few minutes of conversation over the internet made me discover some starking similarities in characteristic. interesting.

well... i'm just glad i met someone new.. okay... we dint meet.. but you know what i mean......
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Monday, August 29, 2005
Traditionalist vs Modernist
seems like this is a fight between david and goliath. *BAM* *BISH* *POW* and there goes the traditionalist. don't you all see it? its seems so straight foward. but sad at the same time.

it is not a question as to who will prevail if bruce lee, jacky chan, and jet li were to have an ultimate battle. but my guess who have to go to bruce lee... followed by jet and then jacky. with al ldue respect to jacky chan, whom many movies i adore, but he doesn't come across as much of an hardcore fighter as much as the other 2.. bruce and jet both kick asses.. and i do mean literally.. while jacky will be too busy doing his foward roll over the table.... or backward flip down the staircase..

back to the issue.. i was drawn into it as i went to a seventh month dinner.. those complete with wayang (chinese puppet) shows and auctioning... i used to attend at least 3 a year while i was younger but now the number has dropped to this solitary 1. there are many reasons what caused the drop in numbers... the old hands organising and handling these dinner are too old to handle them. the younger ones are reluctant to carry on. thinking that its a waste of money and time.

and most importantly.. they see no benefits in carrying on. True u think. why do something that won't benefit anybody? honestly, i'll think that way too. but what if the 'people' benefitting are not people? they might be our good old frens released to visit this world on the seventh month of the lunar calender.

they will hang out at wayang shows or the getai (stage show) as all these are staged especially for them. if u notice.. the front row of seats at these shows are usually empty. but in fact they are reserved for our good old frens.

dinner was nothing fantastic. they don't seem to serve roast pig anybody. but there was free flow of beer. hmmm... i was getting a fair bit of highness from all the beer. and nearly wanted to bid for this weird looking dragon cat ornament which was supposed to bring me all the luck i need according to the emcee. my mum was like asking me to shuddup and even threatened to change my drink to the extremely disgusting orange juice. i'll choose to call it carbonated water with a tinge of orange.

the crowd was loud and bustling.. screams around the place to make their bids. it was all in good fun. hardly see anybody below the age of 40 participating though.. even the puppeteers putting up the show were all at least 50 years of age.

The smell of joystick burning... the sound of people screaming bidding and with the wayang music in the background... the taste of eating a dinner with frens, family or colleague under a temporary tentage during a happy occasion.. the feeling of getting high on the free flow of beer that fills your cup no matter how fast you drink it.. all these might jus disappear from the face of our tiny island in the next 10 years..

wonder where our good old frens will hang out if these are gone......
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Let's go Visiting
my good ol' pal buble is coming down to town soon.... anybody wanna go visit him with me? he will sing a few songs for you, make you discover the meaning of love, and you'll feel happy. Let me know soon. Got a feeling there's gonna be many people who might wanna visit him too.
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Thursday, August 25, 2005
a new post
it's been too long a hiatus for me. things haven been going on that well as i would have liked. but who says that things have to be how u like it to be? i totally forgot my password and my log in ID. spent like 10mins trying to log in. apparently i registered for blogger under another ID and password b4. and i got into that one thinking its the correct one. when i went in.. they showed that i had no current blogs. i was shocked. shocked can still be considered quite an understatement. i thought that they deleted my blog and all my previous postings cos i hadn't logged in for too long. it was like wat the hell man. damn pissed. but i calmed down and tried to log in thru another ID. and i find myself here now. HENG AH. if not i would have been totally devastated man..

another thing which pissed me off in the office. office politics have never been worst. me and my partner decided to take part in this game 'amazing race' organised by another unit in my department so as to avoid getting 'saikang' and registration was on a first come first serve basis. registration starts at 10am, and by 10.01am we have already sent our email to register for it. few days later which was yesterday, my colleague came up to me happily and told me we were not selected for the game cos we did not register in time.


then he tried to give me some cock and bull story of how the selection criteria is not that simple.. and that there's a certain time slot that people will be selected and a certain time that people will not.


then he apologised and said that he wasn't in charged of doing all this.

YA. if it's not you then who man? not like i dunno what's happening when ur unit is jus like 10 paces off my desk.

and if that's not enuff... he sent me an email later in the day.. and CCed it to my boss requesting for my partner and my help on the event day itself.

i seriously Ki Gao Lam Pa Dua Sway Liap i tell u. (means angry until balls become big and small)

now this computer i using to blog is also threatening to make my balls become big and small. its like super slow man!! i type type type and suddenly the letter stops coming out and only comes out like a second later... how lag is that? and it takes like 2 second for it to process a simple task of me moving the blinking cursor thingy... even goes into the white blank screen for a short while. what kind of lousy machine is this?!?!?! arrrghhh.. frustrating.. it's almost like watching liverpool play.

nothing much have been happening in my life. it has never been more boring. except the fact that i was pretty much caught up with the project superstar thingy. which i think can be considered even more successful than singapore idol.

nothing much have been happening in singapore either ever since i took the break. the 'Goldtap' issue, National Day, National Day rally.... i'm suffering from this unfamiliarization process.. seems like i forgot how to blog. Thoughts are just jumbled up and things i type can't flow at all. damn off form man. its one of those times when u try to throw your crushed paper into the bin... and all of them will hit the rims... and bounce out.. pardon me for randomly moving on to all sorts of topics.

recently went back to play friendster after not logging on for months... even longer then blogging.. haven even logged onto friendster ever since i started blogging. Things changed alot i must say. Now can even have personal colour for your own page. they have their own friendster blog complete with RSS feed. and the funkiest part is you can upload up to 25 photos at one go. how cool is that??

St Andrews' Village adopted the Kallang River... so does that mean Saints would have to start scrubbing those algae off the walls, swim down the river and pick up all the plastic bags, empty cans and other rubbish? and that the Government wouldn't be responsible for it anymore? if it's that way... then its a mightly smart move... all those ah neh no need to work until so jialat already...

so when the student councillors got free period next time.. u'll see them swimming down kallang river trying to rid of all those stupid rubbish... what a sight to behold.. but i for one is not so enthusiatic about seeing one of my junior doing this kind of thing. PUB.. damn smart man.. it's like the ultimate taichi move... and somehow it made those ppl that kena taichi-ed so happy about it somemore.

well... saints alumni dinner in less then a week... or rather reunion dinner as they would prefer to call it. i'll have more to say in this issue i think. byebye for now. lunch.

yea. back now. actually back home. gotta go back for the REUNION dinner practise. the 'whoever' in charge person was being quite demanding. pissing me and my ultimate partner off. waste my leave to go back somemore. not only one day leh.

anyway... junyang derrick and kelly. i like you guys. xinhuey too.. she's got that kind of small little bucktooth... which i like.. sorta like how i like girls in specs too.

well.. told u i'm very incoherent today... watever man..

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