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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
I want to change to a new template. but abit lazy to do one myself. and cannot find anything nice for me to change to as well. how like that?

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Quotes of the Night
Go read in the dark

2 x $100 = $20

My interest is talking loudly

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Monday, February 26, 2007
Scary Stuffs

You are The Devil

Materiality. Material Force. Material temptation; sometimes obsession

The Devil is often a great card for business success; hard work and ambition.

Perhaps the most misunderstood of all the major arcana, the Devil is not really "Satan" at all, but Pan the half-goat nature god and/or Dionysius. These are gods of pleasure and abandon, of wild behavior and unbridled desires. This is a card about ambitions; it is also synonymous with temptation and addiction. On the flip side, however, the card can be a warning to someone who is too restrained, someone who never allows themselves to get passionate or messy or wild - or ambitious. This, too, is a form of enslavement. As a person, the Devil can stand for a man of money or erotic power, aggressive, controlling, or just persuasive. This is not to say a bad man, but certainly a powerful man who is hard to resist. The important thing is to remember that any chain is freely worn. In most cases, you are enslaved only because you allow it.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

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toyota vios 1.5E A (OPC)

ERP Gantries : probably $75 cos incurred only on weekends and ocassional weekdays

Road tax : $50

Car insurance: $1000 (not using my name)

Instalments: $600 x 12months = $7200

Price with COE OPC : 31,000 (estimated)
Downpayment: 4,000
Loan Amt: 27 000
Interest: 8 775 (3.25%)
Total Outstanding Loan: $35 775 over 5 years

HDB Carpark charges: $65 x 12months = $780

Misc car park charges: $240 ($20 * 12months)

Fuel: $1,800 ($150 * 12months)

Maintenance: $500 (estimate)

Radio subsciption: $27

Off-peak coupon: $20 x 15 = $300 (try limit to 15times per year)

All in all, total cost: $11972 per year
Monthly cost : $998

toyota vios 1.5E A

ERP Gantries : probably $100 avoid as much as possible

Road tax : $73 x 12months = $876

Car insurance: $1000 (not using my name)

Instalments: $656 x 12months = $7869

Price with COE : 48,000 (estimated)
Downpayment: 3,000
Loan Amt: 45 000
Interest: 10 080 (3.2%)
Total Outstanding Loan: $55 080 over 7 years

HDB Carpark charges: $65 x 12months = $780

Misc car park charges: $240 ($20 * 12months)

Fuel: $2,400 ($200 * 12months)

Maintenance: $500 (estimate)

Radio subsciption: $27

All in all, total cost: $13792 per year
Monthly cost : $1150

1st round of my comparison. seems like the difference in OPC and normal car is about $2000 per year. so its actually not that big a difference between the 2. but of cos that would mean 2 more years in paying instalments. and the extra $2000 a year will be useful as well.

but my figures might not be too exact. so i welcome comments so that i can have a clearer picture as well... =)

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Time Travel
Still on the topic of time travelling.... here's how to make people believe you, even if you don't have the capabilities to do so...

  1. Act like you don't care whether people believe you
    A real time traveler would be crazy to try and prove his identity - you'll either end up somewhere in a Internal Security Department sub-sub-basement, or drugged out of your gourd in the Institute of Mental Health. Much better to say you've come to a paranormal discussion board because you know there's no risk of people taking you seriously. Play hard to get!

  2. Don't be afraid to make wooly predictions

    So maybe you don't remember your early 21st century history too well. Or maybe you've ended up in a parallel universe that doesn't quite match what you know of your own world's past. You can still make predictions - just don't tie yourself down! For example, predicting that something interesting was about to happen at CERN: "The breakthrough that will allow for [time travel] technology will occur within a year or so [2001] when CERN brings their larger facility online". But when a giddy speculative article about miniature black holes appeared in 2001, did people nitpick and point out that no breakthrough had actually occurred? Of course not - they were impressed by the spooky prescience. That's the effect you want.

  3. Read up on your physics

    Tensors, closed time-like curves, manifolds, shmanifolds - it's a lot to keep straight. After all, you just push the button, why should you know how the thing works? But if you want to be believed, you'll have to sound convincing about the underlying physics. Here again, an example. Instead of spouting voodoo about flux capacitors, tachyons, or the fifth dimension, revolve firmly around general relativity with talk about electrically charged microsingularities (mini-black holes). Don't forget that quantum gravity isn't understood until... well, you know when. In the early 21st century, time travel through black holes is still an open question.

    But do be careful if you start offering too many specifics. Not only might someone steal your plans and build a time machine decades too soon, but you might even slip up and end up with egg on your face. So don't go all crazy on the details, or you're bound to misremember something.

  4. Cover Your Ass

    What do you do when the World Cup winning Singapore team of 2010 turns out to be a wash? Or when Fiona Xie fails to win the Star Awards, as you predicted?

    Well, the first rule of making non-wooly predictions is not to make predictions if you can help it. "I can't tell you, because it would change the future" is always a useful old standby. So is "telling you would take away your free will".

    If you do have to get all specific, insist on an infinite number of near-identical, parallel universes, so you can never travel quite to the same universe you came from. Remember, our 'worldline' is within 2% of its own worldline, so things like sports scores or stock prices might not match up, even if major historical events do. Nicely done!

    Whether or not the many-worlds theory corresponds to what you know of physical reality, it will make a good cover for accidentally leaving those 2003 stock quotes at the library.

  5. Apocalypse, baby!

    No one wants to hear about the 50% Government Service Tax of 2027, or Kazakhstan's triumphal entry into the European Union. We want nukes! We want plague! We want civil war! If the real future is boring, we'll find out about it soon enough without you.

  6. Dazzle 'em with details

    Every moment people devote to arguing an obscure part of your story is a moment they're not thinking "wait a minute, why should I believe that a monkeybreast on the Internet is a time traveller?". Be sure to pepper your story with verifiable details to help establish your credibility. If possible, allude to things in passing, so readers can do their own sleuth work and create an illusion of corroborated evidence.

    To take one example, lets allude to a "problem with Unix in 2038", which a little investigation will show is real. All Unix clocks on 32-bit architectures roll over in 2038, when the number of seconds since 1970 (Year One for all Unix clocks) exceeds 2^32. Some of us estimate that this Y2K38 problem will cause global devastation of the same magnitude as Y2K.

    Entire megabytes of discussion threads are devoted to parsing out the plausibility of the Unix motive - is an ancient IBM computer really so hard to emulate in 2036? People get so caught up in the fine points that they forget to question the original premise. And someone out there is bound to think "This Unix thing checks out - so he MUST be telling the truth!".

    Don't skimp on the details!

  7. Know your audience

    Do you really want to face down a discussion forum full of paranoid libertarians and tell them that 2025 will see the birth of world government, universal health care for everyone, clean energy and a reduction in Third World debt? Zzzz... Or do you want to tell them to stockpile water, learn to clean their guns, not trust the government, and stay away from cities?

  8. Watch out for paradox

    We all know that the first thing people think of when you say "time travel" is going back in time to kill their grandparents. So be prepared - the theory of multiple universes (or worldlines) will help you there. But do you have a good rebuttal to Hawking's empirical argument? Are you comfortable with violations of causality? Have you been adequately briefed by your commanding officer, pan-Galactic Intelligence, hive mind of Excedrin Theta, or whatever other entity sent you hurtling back into the past? If not, a good place to start is the University of Tasmania's excellent online lecture series on time travel, which helps you deal with those pesky paradoxes and the annoying skeptics who ask about them.

If you're not a temporal visitor, but still find yourself inspired by these best practices, why not pick up a copy of Time Travel: A How-To Insider's Guide to help you with all the technical bits? Or better yet, avoid all the hassle by ordering a ready-made Hyper Dimensional Resonator?


Aailable in navy, chrome, or midnight blue; a steal at $360. Europeans may need an adapter.

You too can become a time traveller!

Incidentally, that link to the book above is worth following just to read the reader reviews, which include this gem:

I wish this book really taught me how to travel through time because if it did, I would go back in time and tell myself not to buy this book.

So I would go with the Hyper Dimensional Resonator. Bon Voyage!

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To the Top
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what's the link in all these different people? they've all made it to the top, to be the best, to dominate the world. they all worked hard to be where they are. achieving the pinnacle. its their determination to never give up, to push on when you're already at the top. great champions in each of their own field.

but how many people can do that? only the few. so what can we do about it? google for their pictures, put them together then blog about them and whine? well, that's one thing you can do. but another way is to let them inspire you....

so by looking at photos of grown men looking happy and celebrating will inspire me? that's not what i mean ok. if that's how you see it, then that's something to worry about. i'm talking abt their achievement ok dude?

and you might ask me how come got no woman? i'm not being a sexist and i'm also not saying that the female species are not good sports people. i got hammered pretty badly at badminton by a certain miss tham before so i odd to know that better then anyone else. it's just that i look up more to these guys. easier to relate to if you get what i mean.

and these successful men all exude a certain manner of charm. so there's a shine about them. you dun have to be good looking to be successful. but you can be successful to be good looking. once you're successful.. the aura somehow surrounds you and just makes everything better.

not so inspiring statement by not so inspired me. so sorry, think you just wasted about 2 - 3 mins (depending on how fast reader you are) of your life reading my post. but i can't give you back your time. seriously. i would give it back if i could. but i can't.

imagine if i really could give people back their time. it would really be weird. all sorts of people would be coming to look for me. and turning that ability into a business would be quite cool and challenging. so the service i can offer to people is that i can send them back into any given time frame that they want. i think the police would be looking for me. it will create havoc in the balance of life! (*balance balance* winkz)

i can imagine that singapore pools will go bankrupt. everyone will go back in time to buy 4D. and next.. is the issue of me. let's say i send them back in time after they paid me for the service.. what if they go back in time and kill me. so i would not have survived until the point in time that the person paid me... history would be changed. that would be quite a pissing problem. what if someone killed hitler before he became powerful? what if someone stopped the americans from dropping the 2 bombs in japan? the whole world will be different. and the effects might be huge!! i might not even be borned! omg! so i caused myself to be erased from the face of this world? that's damn stupid la.

so i have to say that time travelling is priceless. so i should retract my statement. i would not give you back your time even if i could. the consequences is tremendous. cannot cannot. so if i could i will be the only one travelling through time to right all my wrongs.

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Friday, February 23, 2007
D - E - F - I - N - I - T - E - L - Y

The correct spelling is d e f i n i t e l y.

Not d e f i n a t e l y.

Not d e f i n a t l y.

Not d e f i n a n t l y.

Not d e f i n e t l y.

And certainly not d e f i a n t l y.

The correct spelling is d e f i n i t e l y.

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Too much Dota
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Thursday, February 22, 2007
List of animals displaying homosexual behavior


woo laa laa......

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Chinese New Year and Happy Birthday!
Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year to Everyone!

It's been a very tiring build up to the new year. was trying to pack and all cleaning up the house, wiping the ceiling and pipes in weird position. making sure that my mom doesn't need to do as much this year hence i was trying to take over with everything. ended up making myself damn tired!!!!! but it felt good doing something as a son.

did the customary chinatown squeeze on new years eve night. we might be getting old. 2 streets were the most we could take before we gave up squeezing. everything got too hot and sweaty to handle. and after 12am there were fireworks! i was just at the street opposite hence got quite a good view of it and it was really loud. but it was nothing impressive. looked like little farts. not very impressive. proceeded to play 1 round of mahjong after that. broke even. no win no lose.

1st day of new year was just going around everywhere to bai nian. got dug out of bed damn early and after sleeping at about 4+ after the mahjong previous night.. this was no joke man. but managed to make myself energetic enough to go entertain all my relatives. wasn't so nightmarish though the question of 'do you have a girlfriend?' popped out. i jus whispered no and exclaimed that another of my cousin have a girlfriend. so everyone's attention went over to him instead. ahahaha. sorry dude.

so i went home to finally have a good sleep. phew.. end of day 1.

day 2! relatives' turn to come over to my place! so pretty much the same. and waited for celia and all to come over. talked some cock, watched some television, waited for a couple of cocksters, and off we went to ros' birthday. it was damn powerful. a suite at marina mandarin!

a point to note was that it was the first year that ben and gene both wore long sleeve shirt at the same time. so.. i actually wanted to jus wear a tshirt, but decided to grab a long sleeve shirt too. since everyone wear so nice.. i think i cannot malu also. somemore go high class place. wear high class abit.

never been up so high at that area before. the scenery out of the balcony was pretty nice. so we talked much more cock and watch somemore television.... and after singing a very nice rendition of the happy birthday song... we proceeded to celia's place.

Mulan, Pooh's Heefalump, Da Vinci Code, She's the Man, In Her Shoes and 2 rounds of mahjong.

this was what happened at celia's place. haha. most left after Da Vinci Code. Tiger knocked out after She's the Man and the remaining survivors were Celia and me... phew.. super powerful marathon. and losing $2 at mahjong i pranced out to grab a cab back home. tired!! so now i'm damn tired!!! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Ho Hoo Tan
my brother bought me Twins' new album. haha

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there's a photobook inside!

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one of the pages....

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and it included a special 3 MTV dvd.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007
May they always love each other as much as they do today.
Now each of you has a best friend forever.
Each of you is a shelter for the other from life’s storms.
Each of you can share with each other life’s greatest pleasures.
This is a great beginning, but the best is yet to come.
Let today’s treasured memories turn into beautiful tomorrows
full of joy, fun, contentment and satisfaction.
The world always welcomes lovers,
and the whole wide world is opening up for you now
to share its treasures and delights.
May all your dreams come true, and may we get to share in them!

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Saturday, February 10, 2007
to the would be teachers that i know.... this is an advance warning...

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i am going to cut my hair.......
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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
25 signs you're getting old
1. Your houseplants are alive, and you can’t smoke any of them.
2. Having sex in a twin bed is out of the question.
3. You keep more food than beer in the fridge.
4. 6:00 a.m . is when you get up, not when you go to bed.
5. You hear your favorite song in an elevator.
6. You watch the Weather Channel.
7. Your friends marry and divorce instead of “hook up” and “break up.”
8. You go from 130 days of vacation time to 14.
9. Jeans and a sweater no longer qualify as “dressed up.”
10. You’re the one calling the police because those %&@# kids next door won’t turn down the stereo.
11. Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around you.
12. You don’t know what time Taco Bell closes anymore.
13. Your car insurance goes down and your car payments go up.
14. You feed your dog Science Diet instead of McDonald’s leftovers.
15. Sleeping on the couch makes your back hurt.
16. You take naps.
17. Dinner and a movie is the whole date instead of the beginning of one.
18. Eating a basket of chicken wings at 3 AM would severely upset, rather than settle, your stomach.
19. You go to the drug store for ibuprofen and antacid, not condoms and pregnancy tests.
20. A $4.00 bottle of wine is no longer “pretty good shit.”
21. You actually eat breakfast food at breakfast time.
22. “I just can’t drink the way I used to” replaces “I’m never going to drink that much again.”
23. 90% of the time you spend in front of a computer is for real work.
24. You drink at home to save money before going to a bar.
25. When you find out your friend is pregnant you congratulate them instead of asking “Oh shit what the hell!”
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Unsolved Problems
Feeling bored, bo liao? Want to take on an unsolved problem and become famous for solving it? Now's your chance. Click Here
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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
a big thanks to all who remembered the 2nd Feb. =) a simple wish really made my day so much better. it's not all those pleasant things ppl say whenever they see you. but its the thought of remembering your friend's special day which makes it even more special for him or her.
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Singapore Football
Congrats to the Lions.

So 55,000 fans turned up for the game against M'sia and Thailand. That is a marvellous achievement considering the fact that attendance at the National Stadium have never reached 50,000 even since we left the M'sia Cup/League except during National Days, but thats a different story altogether.

But i feel that some these fans are still some way from being known as supporters. They go down to the stadium on match days expecting a good game of football. and after being fed with the fast and furious pace of the English Premier League. now they are watching the ASEAN Cup. of cos there will be a gulf of difference. just look at how much the players are earning? The average joe in the premier league will probably earn more in a week then wat Indra earns in a month.

Supporting the Lions.. in my humble opinion.. i feel that it's not just being in the stadium. but it's cheering them on, making noise and intimidating the opponents. you know, it's like since u're already there at the stadium.. why not do something even more worthwhile. and not just sit there crossing ur leg and watching the match go by...

no mood to write liao. byebye.
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Being Unknown
In these days of the internet being so widely used... and how the internet is being used, there are bound to be some sort of changes to the social aspect of each person's life.

where the only way we could get any form of entertainment or media were thru the television or the radio and also newspaper and all of them being mainstream. only the selected few got to appear on television. and even fewer on the radio. these people were the celebrities.

these celebrities were famous because they were seen or heard. however... anybody can be seen or heard nowadays if you want to. those fellas like mrbrown and xiaxue. mrbrown wrote a column for a newspaper for awhile. xiaxue even have got a television show. and they managed that because of the internet. they made themselves heard. made themselves known.

and also a certain girl known as miss izzy. for being a singaporean and showing her supposed mammaries on her blog. she obtained certain degree of being famous for a period of time. and of cos how can i forget the singapore sensation that made everyone stand up.. tammy and her boyfren for their not so professionally done pornographic video.

so they have all cemented their place in the singaporean internet hall of fame. how about the rest of us not aiming for such high acclaim? how about those of us who wanna be unknown. i'm telling you now that in this age.. that will be quite a challenge.

look at websites like friendster, myspace, and dozen over more imitations for linking ur friends. how many of us do NOT have accounts at any of these? how about photo sharing? flickr, myphotoalbum and even more others... our faces and details are all over the place for anybody to see around the whole globe. there are other things like blogs, email addresses and forums.

just go to ur google or yahoo page now.. type ur name or ur email or ur user names then search. see if anything appears. surprised? don't be. this is happening. if just anybody can search. imagine wat professional hackers can do.

with so many people joining all these superstarque kinda competitions, so many people harbours the dream of being famous. they want to be known.. however, it might nt last for long. maybe 10 years down the road. being unknown will be the new famous. everybody trying to find out who a certain someone is.. it is gonna create such a mystery and hype that will be the equivalent of being famous now. with everyone so used to have all sort of information at rheir fingertips.. that kind of mystery is gonna be something nobody felt before.

so go delete ur frenster, ur blog, remove all ur photos from the internet.....
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Friday, February 02, 2007
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