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you wanna know wat pain feels like?
Thursday, February 23, 2006
Received this on my email this afternoon. Not sure of it's validity, but well, i think it's better to take precaution.


Subject: FW: mobile alert!!!

Dear All,
If you receive a phone call on your mobile
from any person, saying that, he or she is
a company engineer, or telling that they're
checking your mobile line, and you have to
press # 90 or #09 or any other number.
End this call immediately without pressing
any numbers. There is a fraud company using
a device that once you press #90 or #09 they
can access your "SIM" card and make calls
at your expense.

Forward this message to as many friends as
you can, to stop it.

All mobile users pay attention if you receive
a phone call and your mobile phone displays
(XALAN) on the screen don't answer the call,
END THE CALL IMMEDIATELY, if you answer the
call, your phone will be infected by a virus..
This virus will erase all IMEI and IMSI
information from both your phone and your
SIM card, which will make your phone unable
to connect with the telephone network. You
will have to buy a new phone. This information
has been confirmed by both Motorola and Nokia.
There are over 3 Million mobile phones being
infected by this virus in all around the world

You can also check this news in the CNN web site.




a certain bobby pua has decided to investigate on the validity of this abovementioned issue. and found this..

Mobile Phone Misinformation - XALAN and #90 HoaxSummary:Email warning claims that a scammer can take over your mobile phone if you key in #90. The message also claims that a phone virus is circulating that can erase the SIM card of the infected mobile.
Status : False

Commentary : This supposed warning for mobile phone users simply combines two other hoaxes. None of the information provided in the email is valid for mobile phone users. The first part of the hoax email claims that pressing #09 or a similar combination of digits will give a fraudster access to your sim card and allow him or her to make calls at your expense. This is untrue and has been
denied by Australian telecommunications giant, Telstra. Another version of the hoax claims the same trick can be used to hijack fixed phones. Although such a scam is theoretically possible on certain types of business telephone switching equipment that requires users to dial "9" to get an outside line, normal home phones or mobile phones are not vulnerable.

For more information about the #09 hoax, see : Nine Zero Hash Phone Scam Hoax The second part of the hoax claims that a virus that displays the word "XALAN" can destroy your mobile phone. This information is untrue. Although mobile phone viruses are possible, there is no virus like the one described in the email message. There are a number of alternative versions of the "warning" message, some of which list the word displayed as "UNAVAILABLE" or "ACE" rather than "XALAN". Telstra has denied the existence of such viruses.

For more information about phone virus hoaxes, see: Mobile Phone Virus Hoax

feeling accomplished. =)

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
If Cars Had Legs
Remember Flintstones? they had their car... and remember how they started the car? they had to use their legs to start the car. and the wheels would start rolling

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but todae, in this world of very advance technology. people have decided that they could cut down on those steps. instead of using legs to start the car and wait for the wheels to roll, they might as well get rid of the wheels and just use legs instead.

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Monday, February 20, 2006
My Birthday Cake
On my way home from work, i walked pass a cake shop. Suddenly i stopped and looked at them. I stepped in and bought a slice of blackforest cake. It looked tasty. I asked the shop assistant for 2 big candles and 2 small candles. She gave me a strange look as if i asked for too many candles for a small slice of cake. I ignored her look. Paid the money and walked away.

Reached home and had dinner. I did not take alot today, as i know i had a slice of cake for desert. I went back to my room. Took out my little slice of birthday cake by myself, put the 4 candles on it, and litted them. I switched off the lights for the added effect. I sang myself a little birthday song and made myself a little birthday wish. And i finally had my own birthday cake. =) Happy Birthday Bobby

p/s - happy 20th birthday to my dearest bro. hope ur birthday is much better then mine. it has to be... u're in the vatican city. haa...
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


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Monday, February 13, 2006
Just realised... i did not see 2 big candles and 2 small candles on my own birthday cake. hmmmm... come to think of it.. i did not even have a birthday cake...... sigh..

若是英雄, 怎么能不懂寂寞.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006
Guide to Mustafa Center

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Opening Hours

24 Hours 7 days a Week. Yea! It doesn't close. Works just like 7-11.

Getting There
Nearest MRT station is Farrer Park.

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Security Check Point
Once you reached the entrance of the shopping center, you'll be faced with more than a couple of security staffs. Some can be friendly while some can jus be awfully rude. You'll be asked to check in your bag with them. They will take care of your bag while you're shopping. You'll then hold on to a tag indicating the number where your bag is. But they'll allow you to bring your bag in too. However, they zip it up with fasteners... then you can't take anything out of your bag also. hmmm... (damn dunno what to say about this system... weird man!! it's like so secure, but not secure also...)

Crowd traffic is very very high over there at Mustafas'. It's very hard to actually move around the place especially at the ground level near the main entrance. The corridor is not exactly the widest of all corridors and it's very hard to cut in front of another person to move along in front. So you'll find yourself moving along slowly down the corridor. (i was damn angry lar. many times those fat fellas walk in front of me. block the whole lane.. i wan to cut by left or right also cannot. sometimes got space to cut.. i try to make my move. but the other side got incoming traffic. i gotta jam break somemore. super sianz.)

Another aspect of patience is the long queue, which is not a surprise. There are many counters around but not all of them are opened. The counter staffs aren't really that well trained as they are rather slowly in checking in your purchase and getting done with the whole process, which is another main reason for the queue. (and machiam you owe them money one... damn not friendly can. the face so angry... machiam never sleep like that.)

Know what you want
As I've mentioned above, staffs are not very well trained. Hence, knowing what you want is very important. They might not even know where to find what products. Neither would they offer to help you check. Most of the time, an ''I don't know'' is the most you'll get out of them. Especially for electronic products, do your research before heading down to buy it. As it's really hard to get information there. (they everything also dunno one.. dun bother ask them which oven better, or which tv resolution better, i just wanted to get an adapter for use in europe, he dint even know what i was talking about)

No Bargaining. (shopping center lar.... you wan to bargain what??)

Perfume : Bring your friends along
This must be the place where you can find the most perfumes, cologne, body spray and anything else that gives out smell. Amazing is that there's sample for all that you can find. Beats SASA (issit SASA?) and other departmental stores hands down. The best part is that there's no irritating salesman or saleswoman around you to look at you or stress you out. So you can just try out anything you want. Bring your friends along as you'll find yourself with nowhere else to spray on yourself.. So your friends can lend you their hands or neck or ears or wherever you need to test the perfume you want. Oh, and it's cheaper at Mustafa. (if you feeling bo liao can play spray perfume at each other face... tried before. quite fun. ahaha!)

Check for Expiry Date
Rumours that there have been some expired goods found on the shelves of Mustafa. Hence better to be safe then sorry. Just make a check before you buy. (u nv check den eat liao lao sai dun come and find me ahh)

The assortments of snacks are wonderful. Anything from Ferrera Rocher to old school Gold Coins Wrapped Chocolate. Lays potato chips to Double Decker crackers. Very wide variety. But as I've mentioned, just remember to check the expiry date.

Very few toilets around. Very irritating. From what i know. there's only 1 guys toilet at the perfume section. And 1 girls toilet in b1 at the men's department beside the underwear section. Hmmmm... Shouldn't they change the toilet? Like shift the girls toilet to the perfume section? And the guys toilet to the underwear section? Aint it more appropriate? (i dunno why but always go there.. i always need to use toilet one. and the male toilet is forever in washing mode. And i dunno go where already! they need more toilet there lor confirm!!)

Those guys that soiled their underwear while doing business can just take the new ones. And girls who are worried that their business might make them smell bad can just use the perfume samples. Best of both worlds. Unless of course the management is worried that the guys' business might be so bad they need all the perfume around to cover it up.

Guys Clothing
One of my favouritest place to get pants. Sometimes can find some nice shirts too. But you'll never know there can be so many different colours for guys pants until you see this place. Once spent 3hrs dwindling there, just trying out everything i want. Similar to the perfume section. The salesman wouldn't really care about you.

Please avoid going on weekends evenings. The earliest you should go on a Saturday night should be 11pm. It's gonna be horrible if you make your way there on weekends evenings. It'll be like Chinese New Year Chinatown.

It's a shopping experience you must not miss. Try shopping there at 2am in the morning. You'll feel very different. This place is so huge and you'll be amazed by all the things they have. They even have a website. Click here and be further amazed by their wide array of services.

I can be engaged as a guide to the place. No problem. =) So see you at Mustafa!

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I Remember
maybe i have led a lonely and mundane life for too long. i've forgotten alot of feelings. but now, i've finally remembered the happiness that follows when i'm able to make someone happy. Or the smile on the person's face because of something i did. that kind of self satisfaction was a forgotten feeling, but now i've found it back. =)
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Saturday, February 11, 2006



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Friday, February 10, 2006
Keane - She Has No Time
You think your days are uneventful
And no one ever thinks about you
She goes her own way
She goes her own way

You think the days are ordinary
And no one ever thinks about you
But we're all the same
And she hardly thinks about you

She says she has no time for you now
She says she has no time

Think about the lonely people
And think about the day she found you
Or lie to yourself
And see it all dissolve around you

She says She has no time for you now
She says she has no time for you now
She says she has no time
She says she has no time

Lonely people tumble downwards
My heart opens up to you
When she says she has no time for you now
She says she has no time for you now
She says she has no time

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Thursday, February 09, 2006
光良 - 约定
He has touched me in my heart again. Each and every word in the song.


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Cost of Cab Fare - $18.70

Cost of Beer - $10

Cost of 2 guys pouring out their feelings - Priceless

Many revelations. Realised much more important things in life. The love given to us by our parents. And the love that we have yet to give to our parents. The selfishness in all of us. The selfishness that we have to get rid of.

The pain that we feel. The regret that we are still unable to fulfill. The chance that we might not be getting.
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Sunday, February 05, 2006
A Letter
Here is a letter.

Dearest littlepinkseal,

Hi, there are many things that i would want to say to you. There's a book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven. If you believe in it, then we'll all not know who the Five people are. They can all be so random. But I can say that I've met one of the Five People I Meet on Earth. And that's you my dearest friend. littlepinkseal. not only have you thought me the material side of life. but you've opened my eyes to that of being a better person for myself. and the selflessness of being a fren.

it makes me remourse for not being as good a friend. and for even betraying you. it hurts me deeply after going through everything. somebody whom i hold most dearly to besides my family, the only other person would have to be you. you're the only one who knows what i want. what i have to do even more clearly than me.

you're the only one who have been there for me every time. without fail. going thru all my happy times and all my sad times together. the bond that we have is special and unique. i'm sure i would never be able to find another friend like this. losing 10 others would not even amount to losing you.

it hurts me alot to know that you're feeling hurt. and i'm not able to do anything. and this is a very akward situation. for watever have happened. and now for me wanting to do something for you and even make you happy. i'm doing everything i can now to ensure that i do not repeat the same mistakes again. do allow me to do what a friend is supposed to do. let me talk to you. let me be your listening ears. let me have the chance to be who i was. who i was to you. and who i was to myself. please let me have the chance.

This is for you, my best friend,
the one person i can tell my soul too
Who can relate to me like no other
Who I can laugh with to no extents,
Who I can cry too when times are tough,
Who can help me with the problems of my life.

Never have you turned your back on me
Or let me down
You told me I wasn't good enough when i really wasn't good enough

I don't think you know what that means to me
You have went through so much pain and you still have time
For me.
And I love you for listening even when inside YOU are dying
And I look up too you because you are strong,
and caring
and beautiful.
Even though you don't think you are.

And I hope you know that I am always here
To listen to you laugh and cry and help
In all the ways that i can
And I will try to be at least half the friend you are
To me.

I hope you know I would not be the person I am today, with out you.
My best friend.

From the bigblackdog

This is all that i'm posting for today. i'm still hoping for the call. hoping.....

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Friday, February 03, 2006
i'm hoping for the call.... but hope was all there was....
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佛心慧語 (for own reference)
  1. 人之所以痛苦,在於追求錯誤的東西。
  2. 與其說是別人讓你痛苦,不如說自己的修養不夠。
  3. 如果你不給自己煩惱,別人也永遠不可能給你煩惱。因為你自己的內心,你放不下。
  4. 好好的管教你自己,不要管別人。
  5. 不寬恕眾生,不原諒眾生,是苦了你自己。
  6. 別說別人可憐,自己更可憐,自己修行又如何?自己又懂得人生多少?
  7. 學佛是對自己的良心交待,不是做給別人看的。
  8. 福報不夠的人,就會常常聽到是非;福報夠的人,從來就沒聽到過是非。
  9. 修行是點滴的工夫。
  10. 在順境中修行,永遠不能成佛。
  11. 你永遠要感謝給你逆境的眾生。
  12. 你隨時要認命,因為你是人。
  13. 你永遠要寬恕眾生,不論他有多壞,甚至他傷害過你,你一定要放下,才能得到真正的快樂。
  14. 這個世界本來就是痛苦的,沒有例外的。 
  15. 當你快樂時,你要想,這快樂不是永恆的。當你痛苦時,你要想,這痛苦也不是永恒的。
  16. 認識自己,降伏自己,改變自己,才能改變別人。
  17. 今日的執著,會造成明日的後悔。
  18. 你可以擁有愛,但不要執著,因為分離是必然的。
  19. 不要浪費你的生命在你一定會後悔的地方上。
  20. 你什麼時候放下,什麼時候就沒有煩惱。
  21. 內心沒有分別心,就是真正的苦行。
  22. 學佛第一個觀念,永遠不去看眾生的過錯。你看眾生的過錯,你永遠污染你自己,你根本不可能修行。
  23. 你每天若看見眾生的過失和是非,你就要趕快去懺悔,這就是修行。
  24. 業障深重的人,一天到晚都在看別人的過失與缺點,真正修行的人,從不會去看別人的過失與缺點。
  25. 每一種創傷,都是一種成熟。
  26. 當你知道迷惑時,並不可憐,當你不知道迷惑時,才是最可憐的。
  27. 狂妄的人有救,自卑的人沒有救。
  28. 你不要一直不滿人家,你應該一直檢討自己才對。不滿人家,是苦了你自己。
  29. 一切惡法,本是虛妄的,你不要太自卑你自己。一切善法,也是虛妄的,你也不要太狂妄你自己。
  30. 當你煩惱的時候,你就要告訴你自己,這一切都是假的,你煩惱什麼?  
  31. 當你未學佛的時候,你看什麼都不順。當你學佛以後,你要看什麼都很順。
  32. 你要包容那些意見跟你不同的人,這樣子日子比較好過。你要是一直想改變他,那樣子你會很痛苦。你要學學怎樣忍受他才是。你要學學怎樣包容他才是。
  33. 承認自己的偉大,就是認同自己的愚癡。
  34. 修行就是修正自己錯誤的觀念。
  35. 醫生難醫命終之人,佛陀難渡無緣的眾生。
  36. 一個人如果不能從內心去原諒別人,那他就永遠不會心安理得。
  37. 心中裝滿著自己的看法與想法的人,永遠聽不見別人的心聲。
  38. 毀滅人只要一句話,培植一個人卻要千句話,請你多口下留情。
  39. 當你勸告別人時,若不顧及別人的自尊心,那麼再好的言語都沒有用的。
  40. 不要在你的智慧中夾雜著傲慢。不要使你的謙虛心缺乏智慧。
  41. 根本不必回頭去看咒罵你的人是誰?如果有一條瘋狗咬你一口,難道你也要趴下去反咬他一口嗎?
  42. 忌妒別人,不會給自己增加任何的好處。忌妒別人,也不可能減少別人的成就。
  43. 永遠不要浪費你的一分一秒,去想任何你不喜歡的人。
  44. 多少人要離開這個世間時,都會說出同一句話,這世界真是無奈與淒涼啊!
  45. 戀愛不是慈善事業,不能隨便施捨的。感情是沒有公式,沒有原則,沒有道理可循的。可是人們至死都還在執著與追求。
  46. 請你用慈悲心和溫和的態度,把你的不滿與委屈說出來,別人就容易接受。
  47. 創造機會的人是勇者。等待機會的人是愚者。
  48. 能說不能行,不是真智慧。
  49. 多用心去傾聽別人怎麼說,不要急著表達你自己的看法。
  50. 同樣的瓶子,你為什麼要裝毒藥呢?同樣的心理,你為什麼要充滿著煩惱呢?
  51. 得不到的東西,我們會一直以為他是美好的,那是因為你對他了解太少,沒有時間與他相處在一起。當有一天,你深入了解後,你會發現原不是你想像中的那麼美好。
  52. 這個世間只有圓滑,沒有圓滿的。
  53. 修行要有耐性,要能甘於淡泊,樂於寂寞。
  54. 活著一天,就是有福氣,就該珍惜。當我哭泣我沒有鞋子穿的時候,我發現有人卻沒有腳。
  55. 多一分心力去注意別人,就少一分心力反省自己,你懂嗎?
  56. 眼睛不要老是睜得那麼大,我且問你,百年以後,那一樣是你的。
  57. 欲知世上刀兵劫,但聽屠門夜半聲。不要光埋怨自己多病,災禍橫生,多看看橫死在你刀下的眾生又有多少?
  58. 憎恨別人對自己是一種很大的損失。
  59. 每一個人都擁有生命,但並非每個人都懂得生命,乃至於珍惜生命。不了解生命的人,生命對他來說,是一種懲罰。
  60. 自以為擁有財富的人,其實是被財富所擁有。
  61. 情執是苦惱的原因,放下情執,你才能得到自在。
  62. 隨緣不是得過且過,因循苟且,而是盡人事聽天命。
  63. 不要太肯定自己的看法,這樣子比較少後悔。
  64. 當你對自己誠實的時候,世界上沒有人能夠欺騙得了你。
  65. 用傷害別人的手段來掩飾自己缺點的人,是可恥的。
  66. 世間的人要對法律負責任。修行的人要對因果負責任。
  67. 在你貧窮的時候,那你就用身體去布施,譬如說掃地、灑水、搬東西等,這也是一種布施。
  68. 內心充滿忌妒,心中不坦白,言語不正的人,不能算是一位五官端正的人。
  69. 默默的關懷與祝福別人,那是一種無形的布施。
  70. 多講點笑話,以幽默的態度處事,這樣子日子會好過一點。
  71. 與人相處之道,在於無限的容忍。
  72. 不要刻意去猜測他人的想法,如果你沒有智慧與經驗的正確判斷,通常都會有錯誤的。
  73. 要了解一個人,只需要看他的出發點與目的地是否相同,就可以知道他是否真心的。
  74. 人生的真理,只是藏在平淡無味之中。
  75. 不洗澡的人,硬擦香水是不會香的。名聲與尊貴,是來自於真才實學的。有德自然香。
  76. 與其你去排斥它已成的事實,你不如去接受它,這個叫做認命。
  77. 佛菩薩只保祐那些肯幫助自己的人。
  78. 逆境是成長必經的過程,能勇於接受逆境的人,生命就會日漸的茁壯。
  79. 你要感謝告訴你缺點的人。
  80. 能為別人設想的人,永遠不寂寞。
  81. 如果你能像看別人缺點一樣,如此準確般的發現自己的缺點,那麼你的生命將會不平凡。八二、原諒別人,就是給自己心中留下空間,以便迴旋。
  82. 時間總會過去的,讓時間流走你的煩惱吧!
  83. 你硬要把單純的事情看得很嚴重,那樣子你會很痛苦。
  84. 永遠扭曲別人善意的人,無藥可救。
  85. 人不是壞的,只是習氣罷了,每個人都有習氣,只是深淺不同罷了。只要他有向道的心,能原諒的就原諒他,不要把他看做是壞人。
  86. 說一句謊話,要編造十句謊話來彌補,何苦呢?    
  87. 其實愛美的人,只是與自己談戀愛罷了。
  88. 世界上沒有一個永遠不被毀謗的人,也沒有一個永遠被讚歎的人。當你話多的時候,別人要批評你,當你話少的時候,別人要批評你,當你沈默的時候,別人還是要批評你。在這個世界上,沒有一個不被批評的。
  89. 誇獎我們,讚歎我們的,這都不是名師。會講我們,指示我們的,這才是善知識,有了他們我們才會進步。
  90. 你目前所擁有的都將隨著你的死亡而成為他人的,那為何不現在就布施給真正需要的人呢?
  91. 為了讚美而去行善去修行,有如被踐踏的香花美草。
  92. 白白的過一天,無所事事,就像犯了竊盜罪一樣。
  93. 能夠把自己壓得低低的,那才是真正的尊貴。
  94. 廣結眾緣,就是不要去傷害任何一個人。
  95. 沈默是毀謗最好的答覆。
  96. 對人恭敬,就是在莊嚴你自己。
  97. 擁有一顆無私的愛心,便擁有了一切。
  98. 仇恨永遠不能化解仇恨,只有慈悲才能化解仇恨,這是永恒的至理。
  99. 你認命比抱怨還要好,對於不可改變的事實,你除了認命以外,沒有更好的辦法了。
  100. 不要因為眾生的愚癡,而帶來了自己的煩惱。不要因為眾生的無知,而痛苦了你自己。
  101. 別人講我們不好,不用生氣、難過。說我們好也不用高興,這不好中有好,好中有壞,就看你會不會用?
  102. 如果你自己明明對,別人硬說你不對,你也要向人懺悔,修行就是修這些。你什麼事都能忍下來,才會進步。就是明明是你對,你也要向他人求懺悔,那就是修行了。
  103. 當你的錯誤顯露時,可不要發脾氣,別以為任性或吵鬧,可以隱藏或克服你的缺點。
  104. 不要常常覺得自己很不幸,世界上比我們痛苦的人還要多。
  105. 愚痴的人,一直想要別人了解他。有智慧的人,卻努力的了解自己。
  106. 別人永遠對,我永遠錯,這樣子比較沒煩惱。
  107. 來是偶然的,走是必然的。所以你必須,隨緣不變,不變隨緣。
  108. 慈悲是你最好的武器。
  109. 只要面對現實,你才能超越現實。
  110. 良心是每一個人最公正的審判官,你騙得了別人,卻永遠騙不了你自己的良心。
  111. 不懂得自愛的人,是沒有能力去愛別人的。
  112. 學佛就是在學做人而已。
  113. 正人行邪法,邪法亦正,邪人行正法,正法亦邪,一切唯心造。
  114. 有時候我們要冷靜問問自已,我們在追求什麼?我們活著為了什麼?
  115. 不要因為小小的爭執,遠離了你至親的好友,也不要因為小小的怨恨,忘記了別人的大恩
  116. 勇於接受別人的批評,正好可以調整自己的缺點。
  117. 感謝上蒼我所擁有的,感謝上蒼我所沒有的。
  118. 凡是能站在別人的角度為他人著想,這個就是慈悲。
  119. 學佛不是對死亡的一種寄託,而是當下就活得自在和超越。
  120. 佛陀從不勉強別人去做他不喜歡的事情,佛陀只是告訴眾生,何者是善?何者是惡?善惡還是要自己去選擇,生命還是要自己去掌握。 
  121. 所謂的放下,就是去除你的分別心、是非心、得失心、執著心。
  122. 說話不要有攻擊性,不要有殺傷力,不誇已能,不揚人惡,自然能化敵為友。
  123. 一個常常看別人缺點的人,自己本身就不夠好,因為他沒有時間檢討他自己。
  124. 是非天天有,不聽自然無,是非天天有,不聽還是有,是非天天有,看你怎麼辦?
  125. 真正的布施,就是把你的煩惱、憂慮、分別和執著心通通放下。
  126. 如果你真的愛他,那麼你必須容忍他部份的缺點。  
  127. 要克服對死亡的恐懼,你必須要接受世上所有的人,都會死去的觀念。
  128. 所有的病患,醫生最難治,所有的眾生,自以為是的人最難渡。
  129. 一匹驢,吃再好的草,也不會成為一匹俊馬。用執著和分別心去修行,再大的精進,也不會成佛。 
  130. 了解永恒真理的人,就不會為任何的生離死別而哀傷悲泣,因為生離死別是必然的。
  131. 雖然你討厭一個人,但卻又能發覺他的優點好處,像這樣子有修養的人,天下真是太少了。
  132. 若能一切隨他去,便是世間自在人。
  133. 希望你常對自己說,聞到了佛法,我是最幸福的人,除了這幸福外,再沒有別的了。
  134. 如果你能每天吶喊二十一遍「我用不著為這一點小事而煩惱」,你會發現,你心裏有一種不可思議的力量,試試看,很管用的。
  135. 誠實的面對你內心的矛盾和污點,不要欺騙你自己。
  136. 因果不曾虧欠過我們什麼,所以請不要抱怨。
  137. 我們確實有如是的優點,但也要隱藏幾分,這個叫做涵養。
  138. 無事莫把閒話聊,是非往往閒話生。
  139. 大多數的人一輩子只做了三件事;自欺、欺人、被人欺。
  140. 太過於欣賞自己的人,不會去欣賞別人的優點。
  141. 活在別人的掌聲中,是禁不起考驗的人。
  142. 心是最大的騙子,別人能騙你一時,而它卻會騙你一輩子。
  143. 壞孩子,父母總是比較操心。所以對於罪業愈深重的眾生,我們更應該特別寬恕他憐愍他,而不應該遠離他捨棄他。
  144. 只要自覺心安,東西南北都好。如有一人未度,切莫自己逃了。
  145. 用平常心來生活,用慚愧心來待人,用無著心來處事,用菩提心契佛心。
  146. 當你手中抓住一件東西不放時,你只能擁有這件東西,如果你肯放手,你就有機會選擇別的。人的心若死執自己的觀念,不肯放下,那麼他的智慧也只能達到某種程度而已。
  147. 人家怕你,並不是一種福,人家欺你,並不是一種辱。
  148. 不是某人使我煩惱,而是我拿某人的言行來煩惱自己。
  149. 不要刻意去曲解別人的善意,你應當往好的地方想。
  150. 世上的事,不如己意者,那是當然的。
  151. 我的財富並不是因為我擁有很多,而是我要求的很少。
  152. 吃了就一定要拉,人一定要學會隨緣放下,否則就會(便祕。
  153. 常以為別人在注意你,或希望別人注意你的人,會生活的比較煩惱。
  154. 我能為你煮東西,但我不能為你吃東西。各人吃飯是各人飽,各人生死是個人了。
  155. 看輕別人很容易,要擺平自己卻很困難。
  156. 人類最大的錯誤,在於不敢承擔聖人的心。
  157. 你只管活你自己的,不必去介意別人的扭曲與是非。
  158. 如果你準備結婚的話,告訴你一句非常重要的哲學名言「你一定要忍耐包容對方的缺點,世界上沒有絕對幸福圓滿的婚姻,幸福只是來自於無限的容忍與互相尊重。」
  159. 如果你能夠平平安安的渡過一天,那就是一種福氣了。多少人在今天已經見不到明天的太陽,多少人在今天已經成了殘廢,多少人在今天已經失去了自由,多少人在今天已經家破人亡。
  160. 是非和得失,要到最後的結果,才能評定。
  161. 你不必和因果爭吵,因果從來就不會誤人。你也不必和命運爭吵,命運它是最公平的審判官。
  162. 你有你的生命觀,我有我的生命觀,我不干涉你。只要我能,我就感化你。如果不能,那我就認命。
  163. 你希望掌握永恒,那你必須控制現在。
  164. 惡口永遠不要出自於我們的口中,不管他有多壞,有多惡。你愈罵他,你的心就被污染了,你要想,他就是你的善知識。
  165. 當你明天開始生活的時候,有人跟你爭執,你就讓他贏,這個贏跟輸,都只是文字的觀念罷了。當你讓對方贏,你並沒有損失什麼。所謂的贏,他有贏到什麼?得到什麼?所謂的輸,你又輸到什麼?失去什麼?
  166. 我們大部份的生命都浪費在文字語言的捉摸上。
  167. 你不要常常覺得自己很委曲,你應該要想,他對我這樣已經很好了,這就是修行的功夫。
  168. 別人可以違背因果,別人可以害我們,打我們,毀謗我們。可是我們不能因此而憎恨別人,為什麼?我們一定要保有一顆完整的本性和一顆清淨的心。
  169. 與任何人接觸時,要常常問自己,我有什麼對他有用?使他得益。如果我不能以個人的道德、學問和修持的力量,來使人受益,就等於欠了一份債。
  170. 出家是一生一世的事,修行是多生多劫的事。
  171. 信佛,學佛,不是為自己,乃是為一切苦海中的眾生。
  172. 佛不渡無緣的人,不能渡的人,我們就把他當做菩薩來看。
  173. 如果一個人沒有苦難的感受,就不容易對他人給予同情。你要學救苦救難的精神,就得先受苦受難。
  174. 一般人在遇到對方的權勢大,財富大,氣力大,在無可奈何的情形之下而忍,這算什麼忍耐呢?真正的忍是,就算他欺負了你,對不住你,但他 什麼都不及你,你有足夠的力量對付他,而你卻能容忍他,認為他的本性和我一樣,只是一時糊塗,或在惡劣的環境中受到熏染罷了,你不必與他計較,能在這樣的 情況及心境之下容忍對方,那才是真正的忍耐。
  175. 如果我們放眼從累生歷劫去看,那麼一切的眾生,誰不曾做過我的父母、兄弟姊妹、親戚眷屬?誰不曾做過我的仇敵冤家?如果說有恩,個個 與我有恩;如果說有冤,個個與我有冤。這樣子我們還有什麼恩怨親疏之別呢?再就智慧愚笨來說,人人有聰明的時候,也有愚痴的時候,聰明的人可能變愚痴,愚 痴的人也可能變聰明。最壞的人,也曾做過許多好事,而且不會永遠壞;好人也曾做過許多壞事,將來也不一定會好。如此我們反覆思索,所謂的冤親、賢愚,這許 多差別的概念,自然就會漸漸淡了。這絕對不是混沌,也不是不知好壞,而是要將我們無始以來的偏私差別之見,以一視同仁的平等觀念罷了!
  176. 世界原本就不是屬於你,因此你用不著拋棄,要拋棄的是一切的執著。萬物皆為我所用,但非我所屬。
  177. 寧可自己去原諒別人,莫讓別人來原諒你。
  178. 當你用煩惱心來面對事物時,你會覺得一切都是業障,世界也會變得醜陋可恨。
  179. 欲為諸佛龍象,先做眾生馬牛。
  180. 雖然我們不能改變周遭的世界,我們就只好改變自己,用慈悲心和智慧心來面對這一切。
bobby, please hold these words dear for life........ do not forget ur faith...

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
any challengers for the title of ''King/Queen of Mando Pop'' ??
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finally the gang unites

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