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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
waste time
i spent like an hour trying to locate my humble little dwelling after downloading and installing google earth.. i finally found KK Hospital and my house is jus one street down... very excited about the prospect of staring down at my own house while being in my own house.

but fuck. it was covered by a big piece of cloud. nabu.
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there you have it
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
the other one
Anonymous said...
Hi, I was just blog surfing and found you! I just stopped to say hello, I am a horse racing enthusiast it may not be of interest to you but if it is then this may be good Payment not a related site. It isnt anything special but you may still find something of interest.

just after i posted my previous post. this joker came and left this comment.

just because i witnessed a horse's wienner errecting he think's that i shud be interested in horse racing now... have no idea wat link it is. haven checked it out yet. still in office now. hurhur.

oh ya. hurhur is supposed to be the higher class of heehee. and ROFL and LMAO is considered lower class.

and i had a damn strange dream. i dreamt that '^_^' was threatening me to marry her. and tied me up in a church and she was holding a chainsaw. WTH MAN!! extreme. and i had no idea why i did not agree... heehee... i mean maybe it's only in my next life that a girl will actually threaten me to marry her man...


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u sure wun catch me going up to that place for a long long time. been up there twice in 2 weeks. wat the fuck. but considering i dun have to pay. and i was drove up and down. it was a pretty uncruel experience.

well i dint go there to slack off. wat? slacking off in a place filled with rhino poo? that aint a good idea man.. and i dint go there to pick up that hot zookeeper that i saw. not joking! there's really a chick working there. shall explain shortly.

there was an event happening there. 1st time i went there. we were recce-ing the place. i dint really pay much attention to watever that was said. i was looking at all the animals. i made some observations.

Camels are HUGE. you will really have to see them to understand. HUMONGO BONGO man~~

Giraffees were quite disappointing. there were damn short. as in short for giraffee standard. there were more like yao ming. Even the elephants were taller i think. with their trunks up.

Horse. there was this CB horse... errecting right in front of me. WAT THE FUCK. i was jus standing around chilling and looking at how big that fella's leg muscles are... den suddenly i notice something else sticking out.... OOHHH... not a sight to behold i tell u. and i would like to use the word i used to describe the camel earlier to describe the thing i saw sticking out. now if u get wat i mean.

Polar Bears weighs an average of 1200kg. woohoo.. now screw those of you who say i'm heavy.

Lions. its the first time i heard a lion roar with such gusto. it was really kinda frightening even though the fella is away in his enclosure. damn loud lar... like want to eat us up like that.

White Tiger. they were gorgeous. the Miss Singapore Zoo. i would love to have one of those.

Mosquitoes. farking irritating.

Ants. farking irritating.

2nd time i was there... it was the actual event. some amazing race like was pretty fun but well..
and yes. i was the game master for one of the game point. so as i was waiting for the participants to come in.. the pretty zookeeper came to the bench beside my pavillion to have her lunch by herself. pretty weird. well.. i was still trying to figure out the rules for my game hence i was hesitating to go talk to her. i had a damn good pick up line lar... ''May i know where's the nearest toilet?''

absolute winner i tell you.

so i went up to her to ask. she told me where it was.. but seeing that she was still trying to stuff food into her mouth. i decided to back off. fantastic pickup line. but wrong timing. i was starting to curse my luck. dang...

when she finished her food and was packing up. she came over to my side.. and told me that she was wrong and there was a nearer toilet just around the corner. wooo.. since when did i become so lucky man... den i asked her if she just started work since she wasn't so sure about where everything is. chatted for awhile.. and i received a radio over the walkie talkie that we're gonna start. dang... she heard it too. so she said she had to get back to work.

i started to panic over my game rules again. and then i realised i dint ask for her number or her email. dang...

tried in vain to look for her again when the whole thing was over.. so i ended the day without seeing her again, without her number but plenty of mosquito bites.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Embarrassing Charts
so, i'm sure everyone had their most embarrassing moments. this is one of the favourite questions during interviews, or just a chat among friends. many of you might think that i'm a damn cool person. and non of those sort of embarrassing things happened to me before. but i'm gonna be truthful and list down one whole chunk of embarrassing things that happened before.

  • walked into a cinema and sat down on a seat. awhile later, a person came up to me and told me i'm on the wrong seat. embarrassing factor EF 4/10

  • i was in primary school and my teacher pointed out that i sang out of tune in class. EF 3.5/10

  • got into a cab and upon reaching the destination realising that i forgot to bring cash out. EF 7/10

  • walked out of the lift on the wrong floor, and having to walk back into the lift with many others inside. EF 5/10

  • on the topic of lifts, farting in the lift too. but it won't be if you can disguise urself well. EF 4/10

  • walking down the street, i saw a long lost friend, and started to waved madly at him, but nearer to the person. i realised its the wrong person. EF 8.5/10

  • was checking myself out in the mirror outside the office and suddenly my boss walks pass and sees me. EF 7.75/10

  • booking tickets for a movie. and realised when collecting the tickets that you've actually booked the tickets for the next week. no shit. this happened. EF 9.12/10

  • owns Aqua, SpiceGirls, alot of other boyband's CDs. EF 2.4/10

of cos there are many that i left out. cannot really remember them at the moment. But there's a potential banana skin this coming weekend. i might have another to add to the list. but of cos i hope nothing embarrassing will happen.

can someone save me? i can't bring myself to blog freely nowadays. my brain seems bogged down. there is melancholy in the spirit and sadness in the soul. i'm like bloggin in darkness. that's how i perceive it to be. dang... i need some alchohol....

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