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Friday, September 28, 2007
The Game
i haven been playing the game for a long long time. this game requires time, requires money and most importantly, requires effort. do i have the energy to play this game? am i up to it? am i good enough to be playing this game? as much as i would like to insert a token and sit down to start playing, i feel that i might not be good enough, i feel that maybe its not time yet. i do not know. if i start playing and then it ends up as a game over. can i stand it?

any gamers to offer any advise?

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Washing My Face
i woke up in the morning not knowing what to do. was i supposed to go to work? was i supposed to go to school? what is happening in my life? am i still a student or am i already a working adult. not wanting to bother too much about that, i stepped out of bed and walked towards the toilet wanting to wash my face. This feeling of being unable to open my eyes right after i wake up bothers me alot. Washing my face is also an indication of truly waking up, no more heading back to sleep.

As i slide open the toilet door, i am greeted by a pile of mess, my half opened eyes and tornado strucked hair. Staring at myself for a good two seconds, i pretty much enjoyed that two seconds. Stepping into the toilet was a different experience. The warmer tiles in the toilet gave me a sense of comfort no where else provide. I turn the tap and left the water running. It swirled down in a clockwise direction. The clock very wise we say. It tells us the time, nothing else can tell us the time. The sun perhaps. But would you put a sundial in the middle of your room? That is not very wise indeed.

Not wanting to let too much water swirl down into the abyss, i wet my hands and attempted to rid of all impurities in between my fingernails. Do not want them on my hands while washing my face. What would the point of washing your face then if you still leave them in between your fingernails? I cupped my hands together and formed a bowl shape, collecting a pool of water. But our hands are not the best of water carrier. Try it yourself. Cup your hands together and form a bowl shape. Fill it up with water and watch the water flow away bit by bit. Your hands will still be wet, but it will not serve the purpose well. Not wanting to miss the moment, after my bowl shaped hands are filled with water, in a swift moment i splashed the water onto my face.

It might be the lack of sleep, I was not swift enough perhaps and a good part of the water i collected with my bowl shaped hands landed on my body instead. i sighed at the moment and proceeded to repeat the process again. It was much better this time round and i felt a sensation of being fully awake. Things looked more clear and i looked at the mirror again. Pleased with what i'm seeing, i proceeded with the rest of my morning routine. Brushed my teeth and stepped out of the toilet.

The cold marble touched my feet and i liked it. I stood there, not moving, with the same questions coming back again. was i supposed to go to work? was i supposed to go to school? what is happening in my life? am i still a student or am i already a working adult.
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Friday, September 14, 2007
Going Home?
*below is totally my own opinion* why shud i even be putting this.. this is my blog... of cos everything is my own opinion.... tmd...

anyway, Going home after work on friday night equates to having no life some people think.

i really would beg to differ. life.... this by itself is something which is very hard to define already. how much is life? how much of going out is a life? by spending 50hours or more out per week is life? so it's a system by itself?

60hrs or more = damn super duper lifely max!!!!
50 to 60hrs = damn lifely!
40 to 50hrs = lifely!
30 to 40hrs = moderate life
20 to 30hrs = get a life
10 to 20hrs = wat are u? antisocial piece of crap?!
0 to 10hrs = go dig a grave

so are we gonna judge people by ''this fella goes home on friday'' or ''this fella goes partying on friday''. It's very different to different people. And we ourselves do not have to worry about being judged. So what if somebody think something about you? it's how you feel and how happy you are doing something that matters. somebody asked me... what's there to do at home.. it's damn boring and damn sian. well, there's alot of things i can do at home. i can spend some quality time reading and relaxing on my bed. i can play some games on the console and relax my brain just having some fun like when i was a kid. rushing thru the papers in the morning can be quite a hazard while drinking my coffee and having my breakfast... so coming home in the evening, i can run thru some of the other news i missed out in the morning as well leisurely at my own time..

and also most importantly, i get to spend somemore time with my parents. well, they aint much younger anymore and realistically, who knows how much more time i still can spend with them. even though i dont really talk much to them. especially my dad, just by being around and answering whatever questions they have for me, doing whatever they ask me to, be it just some small odd job around the house... they will still be much happier that i'm around to answer to them. Be a good kid... spend more time with your parents.
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Perfect 10, Class 95 and a few years down...
haven been updating. been extremely tired, been extremely busy. anyway, i was on the way home this evening and i jus realised something. when i was in secondary school... i used to listen to the radio, perfect 10 to be precise at it was the most happening station to listen to. they played all the new songs. and i wanted to be cool and listen to all the new songs. haha. that was backstreet boys and britney spears at that time. while studying for my common test, exams, prelims, or whatever.... i will hide in my room and just listen to the radio in the evening till late late at night. jean danker will be hosting say it with music and glenn ong willl be the joker at night with his gang of posse.... these were the only 2 jocks i listened to.

nowadays... every morning when i'm walking to the busstop, and on the bus... i listen to class 95 morning express... class 95 is much easier listening compared to perfect 10 nowadays. they play more adult contemporary songs. and the dj in the morning is glenn ong.... and when i'm going home at night... on the same station cartunes... its jean danker who's hosting the show... seems like even after nearly 10 years... i'm still listening to the same jocks.... jean and glenn... familiar voice... familiar style..
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