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Monday, January 31, 2005
here goes.
need a mega shitass big hard-drive. my com's gonna blow anytime soon... its to quite a damn extend.... hardly stay at 1GB of space.... no wonder my com's slowing down like hell..

need to get more stuffs to decorate my desk space in the office.. gonna be here for long time more. and spending alot of time here everyday too... need some stuffs to brighten up this place and to make it more homely and pleasing to the eye.. naruto figurines i saw was quite cool.

need to get shoes... more shoes to go with my clothes and pants... need new specs.. my whole office is saying that my specs is damn ugly.. and they'll kill me if i dun change it soon..

need a badminton racket.. so that i can exercise more... becoming more n more lazy. i swear this office thing is a sure weight gainers program....

need more time to spend with all my friends... need my friends to have more time to spend with me.

need to lose weight, and fast.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
i posted an entry yesterday.. which was like shit ass long.... cos i haven blogged for a week. but it never appeared.... damn pissed. sheesh
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Monday, January 24, 2005
hey everyone. it's really been a long long time since i last came back here. had a mega long weekend at home. shoik. but there's always this problem when i dun update this place for too long. i forget what happened to me. and the fact that it wasn't THAT happening a wkend dint help much.

lemme try and recall........................... wednesday i came to work.. and... errrr... OOHH.. went for makan with tiger..... just shopped around.. walked around and bought 'The God Must Be Crazy II' DVD with the 'Kung Fu Hustle' VCD. i'm a comedy person man.... haa...

and got the naruto game. damn fun. damn shoik. spent the good part of my weekend playing it. haven sat down infront of the tv and played my ps ever since i enlisted. haha. good feeling. makes me feel young all over again.

friday night... went mustafa shopping with tiger n yummyboy... was his last night out. damn depressing feeling. i can still remember it so clearly man.... gives me the chill whenever i think off the feeling.. sucks!! bought some chocolates home...

but dint get to get any nice clothes. pissed.

saturday night. went LFC fan club to watch soccer. lost. pissed.

sunday night. at home. MSN screwed up. pissed.

u somehow notice the pattern? so in the end it wasn't really such a good wkend for me after all.

damn busy in office todae sia..... gotta go cut hair already.. 530. bye!!
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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
2 days left
yea. tiger drove down this straight road from woodlands to bukit timah... it was really..........

shall continue from where i left off... i dint really managed to get back to blogging yesterday. cos everyone else came back to use the computer in the library which had access to the net. and later. something funny happened that made me feel damn dumb and extremely stupid. the computer that i use in the library actually HAD INTERNET ACCESS back on!!! darn. now i'm on it agn and feel like i'm on fire bloggin man. just that this LCD screen looks kinda weird and not very comfy looking at it. but no idea why but my hands feels super weak. having trouble even typing. feels uncomfortable.. everything. the keyboard feels weird. so does that chair i'm sitting on. hmmmm.. my pants feels short.. my socks feels very high. enuff of complaining.

anyway i've been sitting here since yesterday in the company of all these good books and also classical music on the radio. perfect music for the library. Symphony 92.4. good music good life.. that's their station's theme. and i'm kinda getting into this classical music thing. not that i wasn't into it. i actually liked it. but now... i'm getting more used to it. really soothing and clears your mind well.. getting old huh..

shall continue. and the straight road was really straight. as in no turns required at all. but there were like 20 thousand traffic lights. we managed to reach bukit timah and we refused to eat muslim food. somehow there was no cravings at all for that sorta stuffs. ending up eating chicken rice and zi char... the food came fast. and then they presented us with this major plate of chicken. half a chicken for the 3 of us. i mean it will look fine on a dinner time table with 4 person. but supper for 3 and half a chicken!? massive man... but guess what.. we ate it all up in the end man... fat fat night.

was wondering where to go.. and ended up at holland village. we managed to navigate our way there from bukit timah. somehow realised that our directional sense is still not professional enuff. took us quite awhile before we managed to find out how in the singapore are we suppose to drive there. reached there but breko's was full house. as usual. damnit man. so went to TCC which was beside it. and i ordered somethine bad.... real bad. raspberry latte. and i thought my treshold for bad tasting thing was high... but this was extreme. about level 38 bad. dun ever order it. but it looks nice. took a picture of it. will put it up when i have the chance to. certainly not nw cos i aint got the tools now. and u can't put any .exe files into the computers over here man. if not they will scream code red.... and things will start blinking and all the policeman will come and bring you away. ok. actually not.

and we talked about how the joke scene is really dead? at 1st it disintegrated into lame jokes. but lame jokes shud be quite ok if u tell it properly.. but now its totally gone! no more.. zilch. the last properly good joke tat i heard was piglet's joke... that was in a class of its own man. it had such a HAHAHAHA effect on people. not those kind of stare at each other effect. so hard to find jokes with HAHAHA effect nowadays. TCC was closing.. so we decided to head home. dint wan to use the straight road with 20 thousand traffic lights again. so took the highway and zoom joycie back home. and then me and tiger started to travel back and started to talk about our office. now that we've got the office to rant about. its like we can complain about everything and each other can understand the shit. so we started talking cock for about an hour before i left for home. been a long day.. but enjoyed it.

next up was saturday. spend the good part of it playing my FM agn. ha.... and by god... its really getting addictive. then went out to watch the liverpool and manure match. was a depressing game. aint gonna say more about it. jus that dudek is a total mother fu*ker who deserves all the shit he's getting from the whole wide world. did it against forlan, screwed up against giggs, and now flapped at rooney... what more is he gonna do? there's this conspiracy theory going on saying that he's actually been paid by manure to do all these kinda shit. he's a steady keeper.. but he only does all this shit against no one else but manure. darn him. no mood for anything and jus went home after the game.

and had a whole FM sunday. fridays seems to be the better days in all my weeks...
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Monday, January 17, 2005
3 day week
who ever said that 5 day week was good. i say we shud jus implement a 3 day week scheme man.. which is what i'm gonna have this week, fabulous..

anyway, had a great friday. went off abit late after work. thinking that joyce would be late. hahahaha. but guess what!? she was earlier! not even on time. but early! and she was with ping. haha. quite surprising. dint know she was coming down as well. and joyce called lili but the last place lili was heard at was school. and she disappeared.. haaaaaaaaaa... we had a hard time deciding what to eat again. actually not that hard this time that lili is not around. we jus went to the nearest place. and since not a single soul protested. we decided to eat at taka food court. food court!?!? hmm.. yea. found a great seat. right at the corner. i might say that i'm actually quite powerful at doing this kinda stuffs

most of the time. i'll walk around the food court or wherever else, coupled with my eagle eyes... i'll be able to hunt for a seat in no time. i had the worst ever ba chor mee i had in a long long time. i walked around the food court 3 times before deciding on what to eat. i had a ltitle flu with a tinge of sore throat. so dint wanna risk it and eat something dangerous. the stupid ba chor mee was soooooo NUA. sucks. tasteless. and i hate it when they put ketchup in ur noodles. it probably tasted worst then maggie mee. was sooo cheesed off.

and i have no idea why, but i think people collecting money for charity, or selling what sort of tickets or other stuffs, just don't like the idea of approaching me~~ do i look that fierce? or do i just have the 'nah, this person wun buy my thing' look. its really weird cos i managed to navigate thru the whole of orchard road without anybody... and i mean NO ONE stopping me along the whole stretch. i mean try doing that but without purposely avoiding those people. its like multi mega incredibly hard man. its like you just can't seem to shake them off u.

we shopped around after dinner. cool. had quite alot of time to shop. considering that i ended work half n hour earlier todae. but i only managed to get ONE shirt. hmmmmm.. think its really hard to look for budget and nice looking tops for guys. and i'm not such a hard to please person as well. jus something with a nice colour.. and not look too boring will be fine. but still.. all the things that i take a fancy to, cost at least $80. which is so irritating cos $80 would wipe out my living expenses for the coming month. which also happens to be the month of my birthday and chinese new year. where i will tend to spend more n more n more.

went down to starbucks to talk. fun. but it was kinda too noisy. and i had the flu and all. and cudden really tok loud. so i was kinda drowned by the crowded. not something you will see everyday....... ping had to go off. so did me n joyce. was gonna meet tiger for a gd old supper. so we travelled by MRT all the way down to woodlands and to joyce's place to mit him. haven travelled this long for a long long time man. my travelling is like all walking distances nowadays. home to office. office to home. yea. tiger drove down this straight road from woodlands to bukit timah... it was really

anyway i'm in the library now. realised its much better to blog in my office cos its my own desktop i'm using. anyway. might be back to blog later. but shall go man my station for now.
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Friday, January 14, 2005
Completely Useless But Interesting Facts
  • Ostriches are often not taken seriously. They can run faster than horses, and the males can roar like lions.

  • Sharks and rays are the only animals known to man that don't get cancer. Scientists believe this has something to do with the fact that they don't have bones, but cartilage.

  • Cats sleep up to eighteen hours a day, but never quite as deep as humans. Instead, they fall asleep quickly and wake up intermittently to check to see if their environment is still safe.

  • Human birth control pills work on gorillas.

  • You're more likely to get stung by a bee on a windy day that in any other weather.

  • A dragonfly flaps its wings 20 to 40 times a second, bees and houseflies 200 times, some mosquitoes 600 times, and a tiny gnat 1,000 times.

  • In South Africa, termites are often roasted and eaten by the handful, like pretzels or popcorn.

  • Native Americans never actually ate turkey; killing such a timid bird was thought to indicate laziness.

  • There is a prison in Ossining, New York named "Sing Sing."

  • John Hancock was the only one of fifty signers of the Declaration of Independence who actually signed it on July 4.

  • Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time.

  • Approximately 16 Canadians have their appendices removed, when not required, every day.

  • During his or her lifetime, the average human will grow 590 miles of hair.

  • The storage capacity of human brain exceeds 4 Terrabytes.

  • Dark Side of The Moon (a Pink Floyd album) stayed on the top 200 Billboard charts for 741 weeks! That is 14 years.

  • Tickets for Frank Sinatra's first solo performance at the Paramount Theatre in New York City in 1942, sold for 35 cents each.

  • Theaters in Glendale, California can show horror films only on Monday, Tuesday, or WednChewing gum is outlawed in Singapore because it is a means of "tainting an environment free of dirt." (ahahhaa... they had to include this)

  • Every citizen of Kentucky is required by law to take a bath at least once a year.

  • Your statistical chance of being murdered is one in twenty thousand.

  • Two out of three people sleep on their sides, and they're about equally divided as to WHICH side. Of the remainder, slightly more sleep on their stomachs than sleep on their backs.

  • The English-language alphabet originally had only 24 letters. One missing letter was J, which was the last letter to be added to the alphabet. The other latecomer to the alphabet was U.

  • Incredible means not believable. Incredulous means not believing. When someone's story is truly incredible, you ought to be incredulous.

  • The ZIP in zip code stands for "Zone Improvement Plan."

  • The Bible is the number one shoplifted book in America.

  • On the new hundred dollar bill the time on the clock tower of Independence Hall is 4:10.

  • Parker Brothers prints about 50 billion dollars worth of Monopoly money in one year.
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have come to realise that i can actually NOT blog when i'm sad and sick at the same time. but now i'm feeling much better. as in mentally. but not really physically. cos it seems the flu bug is IN the office! arrghh. so i'm still having this running nose thingy. coupled with the occasional headache.

tiger cup this sunday. the whole world seems to be going. but cudden get the tickets. damn it man. since when have u heard a match that includes Singapore and u can't get the tickets?! u might jus haf to go back to the m'sia cup days!!

lemme try and give a update. spent wed playing the emailing game over lotus notes with my new found fren, Pree.. she's really fun. and we found out that her boyfren is actually amrit's best fren. what a small world man. i finished work. went home. went online. nothing significant happened actually. not that i remember. played my football manager. and slept. quite early actually.. before 1am.

thursday. which is a day nearer to the ever fantastic and fabulous friday. got out of house quite late actually. 7.40am. 4 mins later den my usual time. hmmm. but fret not. i was able to make it to work not that late. haha. and started slacking. went down to the canteen b4 lunchtime to eat with Pree... and we started talking... and she exposed me to all the ugly side of the office. gosh. quite an ear opener. whatever i found out was shocking but i believe will really help and aid me in my future survival in this place.

really hard to be nice. u wun survive if u're nice around here. all of them are so fake. and u'll hardly get any appreciation for whatever u've done. they are so cooped up with their own stuff.. they dun haf time to bother about saying thankz. saying well done. saying good job. these are the things tat make ppl feel good. that booast the morale of people. but they dun even know it. and all of them are such high flyers it scared the daylights out of me man. majority of them are from HCJC or RJC... cream of the crop. mostly scholars from Imperial, Cambridge and what not. So that is what it takes to work for the government.... and i say screw them.

characteristics of them - cautious, uptight and rigid.

wonder if creativity, or thinking out of the box ever occured to them. k. i shud stop ranting about them getting quite alot of stick for all my ultra long entries. moral of the story is to keep it short. and abandon my own style of free flowing writing huh? destroy my very own creativity huh.... and also all the ideas that come in my brain where i use here as a dumping ground for. lunch time! will be back!

back frm lunch. finally had the chance to meet my camp mates for lunch. time pass much more easier when u got someone to talk to man. but its severe case of sleepiness now. sigh..

yea.. den i reached home (still talking about thurs) had dinner. played game. watched tv. the aeroplane show was so touching last night. the person died. and alot of ppl cried. yea. den joycie called. and talked to her... did some ranting.. and had some good luffs. been a long time since i talked on the phone like tat. used to be a daily routine during sec sch. but yea.. was fun. =) heee.. and meetin her todae! finally something happening after work for this WHOLE WEEK. and i slept at 130am. which was late because i wanted to slp right after i put down the phone.

managed to pull my lazy ass out of bed. came to work. and left for a makan break with Pree at about 1030am. our senior director came into the canteen while we were there. OH MAN. of all people. the biggest boss.. haha. but dun think he saw us. he was busy watching tv.

so right now its after lunch. time check 145pm. eagerly awaiting 500pm. when i can walk out of this building and disappear for the weekend. WOOHOO...

its weird wat kind of perspection people have of singapore. i was surfing around. this site 'things to do in singapore' and saw this weird comment made.

'Singapore is a fine country,' joked the cheeky taxi driver. 'In Singapore we have fines for everything'.
Singapore has a number of frowned-upon activities, and the sometimes Draconian methods of dealing with minor offences has caused both mirth and dread among visitors. The famous anti-long-hair campaign is a thing of the past, but it is only recently that long-haired men were turned away on arrival, or given a short-back-and-sides on the spot.

City guide data: © 2002-2005 Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.

what the hell!?!?!?!? this is absolutely crazy. and coming from lonely planet?! issit a joke or something??

Consequently, Singapore's shops can be quite unexciting places - 99 times out of 100 it's simply a case of 'pack the goods in'. Nor are the staff always that helpful or friendly - they may be a long way behind Hong Kong shop assistants when it comes to out-and-out rudeness, but a few shopping trips in Singapore will soon indicate why the government runs courtesy campaigns so often.

so true.... so true.... but aint such a good thing when u have foreigners saying this about your country..

418pm now... time seemed to have come to a standstill.. been like so long ago when i last looked at the time... but only 10mins have elasped.... boredom is resonating ard me. been trying to look for interest facts from the internet.. will update on how's my findings coming along.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
feeling just a little better. if there was ever some brands fighting just for me to endorse them. i promise i'll endorse panadol. and probably charge them less too. they really work on me.

but the thing is still not really in the mood to blog. maybe cos nothing much is happening. wanted to explore more on the way i feel. but somehow... my flu is making my brain malfunction. thus unable to process all my thoughts clear enuff to be typed out in words.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
if it aint gonna get any worst........ i think i just fell sick..... *sniffs* yea. man. i'm like super super irritable now... explode at the smallest issue.

think i shud sleep earlier tonight.
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still bad
still aint feeling good. at least i had lili and lian to talk to last night. kinda comforted me.

it jus dawned upon me suddenly this feeling. of being so alone. it all set in after my evening nap last nite. i woke up feeling super irritated with almost everything i could be irritated with. n i realised its my first 'depressed' and 'sad' entry for this particular blog. dun think i'll make this a long one. hate sad entries. ya... i sound like a moron now.. saying i hate sad entries but here i am posting a sad entry. but sad entries are so boring. nvm.

i just feel that i'm kinda emotionally dependent on other people. and i might tend to feel lonely. yea. rub it in man. lonely boy u... loser... shithead. motherpuss.. monkeybreast... yea. shoot me with all you got man.

speaking about monkey breast, its a way of scolding people that i devised. it will give u never ending things to scream at people. first. u start with an animal. next, u follow that up with a body part. and viola! u're all set to start screaming at the top of ur voice. Egs. 'you bloody horse elbow!!!' 'stupid rhino nose!!'

lunchtime coming in another 10mins for me. think i'll leave soon. will be back to blog more. but somehow todae very off form. sianz. moody bobby. its all the same.... yea. back from lunch.

was an okay lunch. another lunch that i spent eating alone. drinking alone. walking around alone. yea.

pissed. no mood to say anymore

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Monday, January 10, 2005
bad. suddenly feel this way agn. haven felt this way for a long long time. this ball of frustration hidden within me. i really really jus feel like screaming real real loud. but i can't. everyone will think i'm crazy. and if i scream. they will come and bother me with more n more questions. which will make me even more pissed off. sigh. hate this sudden surge of frustration. i'm just feeling very very very very mundane suddenly. pardon me. depression. i need an outlet. haven even been talking much to PEOPLE. yea. i feel like i'm in my own small world. away from the rest of the universe. jus me on my planet. yea. fuck.
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whole new level
had such a tough time waking up this morning. practically dragged myself out of bed. i was telling myself that i shud wake up. but it was such a gradual mode that i was waking up at. 6.56am. the first moment that i opened my eyes and checked my clock. thought in the mind at the moment was that i can at least slp for another 4 more mins. However.. this kind of moments, even 30mins, less say 4 mins, would seem like jus 4 secs to anyone. This situation would really epitomise the phrase 'time flies'

I think i really face the extremes day in day out. to the 4 mins feels like 4 secs when getting out of bed, to the 4 mins feels like 4 hrs when i'm in the office. This i think, people, is THE RELATIVITY OF TIME, as set forth in Einstein's theory.

The relativity of time, has been affirmed once again, with new higher precision. Time dilation is the name for the notion that elapsed time as recorded by two observers with identical clocks will differ if one of the observers is traveling at a velocity v with respect to the other. The amount of dilation will become more noticeable as v becomes a larger fraction of the speed of light. In an experiment performed by Gerald Gwinner, Dirk Schwalm and their colleagues at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg the clocks are lithium ions. The ions are struck by laser light from in front and from the back, putting them temporarily into an excited state and inducing fluorescence. By comparing the resonant laser wavelengths with the transition wavelength of the stationary ion, and by taking into account the Doppler effect the researchers can arrive at a value for time dilation.

ok. and 4 secs later, or rather seriously 4 mins later. i got up again with such precision like as if i knew the time was exactly 4 mins. i stuck one of my legs out of my bed. and and hugged my bloster agn. after awhile. it was my right hand's turn. off it went.. dangling now jus off the edge of my bed. but not threatening to fall off. with the other hand still hugging my bolster, my other leg was about to go out of the surface of the bed. but at this exact moment as my leg was moving at such a slow and comfortable speed, my mum came in to on the lights! AHHHH! hate it! my darkness.. she stole away my darkness.

it was like a tortoise being ambushed by a pack of wolves. moving so quick and so sudden. i quickly retracted my legs and my right hand.. curling myself up, and using my right hand to cover my eyes and left hand to hug the bolster even harder den before. it's like the tortoise retreating back into it's shelf. one split second and i was into tat position. i could still feel the light shining down onto my skin. arrghh. bad feeling. but at least i was in a protective position. but next up, there was nothing ever that i can protect myself against from.

my mummy started to talk. 'wake up, late already. how can so lazy' 'ask you slp earlier' she had the ability to go on talking about me waking up but by using all sorts of different phrases and even changing the topic to what i'm gonna eat for tmr's breakfast. yes! TMR! i was so helpless and defenseless. my nervous system was cracking up. yes. if my eyes were opened i bet they would have been filled with blood shot veins by now. i could not take it anymore. this had to stop.. and the only way to save myself was to sacrifice myself. i sat up. almost nonchalantly. and said good morning to her. and i walked to the toilet. but my mum is the best alarm clock around. never fails. haha. i would be rendered useless if not for her.

so it was really quite a hard time waking up. sheesh. still incurring the wrath of sleeping late late last night. going down for library duty. will be back

back with a vengence man. anyway... i still managed to get to office only 10mins late. nv fail to amaze myself by being jus a little little bit late.

i ended the previous post quite abruptly cos my colleague was waiting for me to leave with him and it was already pass 4pm tat day on friday. and me being so nice felt bad that he was carrying his bag and standing outside my cubicle waiting for me. so i faster shut down the com and left. reached home and hardly had the chance to take a nap before i had to rush off... off i went.. gala opening. russell wong's exhibition. so many big shots. or at least i tot they were. i dint stay long. had to rush off for the dinner and dance. had to rush down to marina mandrine before the guest of honour arrives. so i guess i'll go slowly appreciate his photos another day.

D n D was not bad. quite fun. played this game and they made me go up on stage to sing this song. but i had no idea how the lyrics sound like. hmmm... i jus stood up there and started mumbling and making some noise. haa... proudly earned 1000 points for my team. yea! and also got myself a $20 voucher at taka. got a $20 isetan voucher with me as well.. and a $15 HMV voucher.. think its gonna be a good CNY shopping season man! Sat with all the NSF during the dinner and dance.. and they were really kinda off man. hahaha.. rowdy and stuff. but found out that i'm actually in a super happening and fun department! as in they were the most ONZ ppl during the game playing sessions. makes me more determined to get to know them better. and my another one and half years will be much easier to pass here man.

quite a non significant weekend. played billard till damn late on sat night. marathon. about 4hours. sunday was a stay at home day. i complain when i'm out. i complain when i'm at home. haha. wat's wrong with me. i jus spent about 1hr emailing my colleagues... as in we had an email talking cock session thru the intranet. was really fun. haha. i'm beginning to find some life now. some excerpts.

Pree to Bob : 'Hey I feel the same way too!
BTW you have a keen dress sense...I like your shirts on some days..:)'

Viola to Everyone : 'hey hey no hitting on one another in the office (who cares if both of you are already taken - still cannot ...) ;pppppppppppppppppppppp'

Michelle to Bob : 'Hi Bobby,
I'm surprise to hear from you cos I've never been introduced to you formally : ) But never mind, next time I'll say "Hi". You did a great job singing on stage that night ! We are very impressed too : )'

and i feel so big headed now... heehee..

suppose to help one of my colleague shortlist some songs for her wedding nxt month.. now that's what i call working man..... is there such a job available somewhere? pls give me the lobang if u know? haha. i dun mind being the person adding songs into the shows previews or choosing songs for movies. i mean... woooooo.. that's REAL work! i'm in the research department.. why can't i research on songs man...

anyway.. my partner will becoming back tmr. no more one man show anymore! yeah! major celebration is needed around here man! shall celebrate it by going home to slp later. is it that weird to hold a celebration by sleeping? whoever stated that celebration must be doing something else. laughing out loud and being around ur frenz? u celebrate by doing something fun and you like. i think sleeping is fun and i like. so i shall celebrate like that.... that holds only for todae. and any other day i say, because i assure u i wun celebrate my bday like this man. if not surely very funny. i will laugh at myself. yea.

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

honda s2000
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honda s2000
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mazda rx8
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mazda rx8
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dodge viper
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dodge viper
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nissan skyline
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aston martin vanquish
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nissan 350Z fairlady
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nissan 350Z fairlady
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audi tt
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audi tt
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bm z4
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bm z4
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Friday, January 07, 2005
yesterday, all my troubles seems so far away
had a busy day at work yesterday manz. lunch time. i ate and went down to PS to get the movie tickets. still had some time. so decided to go to my fav eZone in spore. ha. the one over there at PS. the virtual striker is only one token per game. so is the virtual tennis. and it has much much longer play time den the one over at united sq. where it is also double the price. played one game and its time to head back. bahh.

ended work and headed down to PS agn. went to use another of my token. and lili came while i was playing. haha... think she was bored to death. watching me kick here kick there and she had no idea wat's happening. lucky i only had tat one token. e other 2 fellas haven arrived yet. so shopped around. and she said i put on weight!! aHHHHHHH~ with much devastating effect. but looking on the good side. it will provide me with much much more motivation to carry on with my exercise regime. office work can really kill you man. not even one month and this kinda thing is happening to me!!! gosh. it took me a good 6 months. but now in less den a month. its all coming back. wahh. best.

waited for ping n joyce at MOS. and then started decided wat to eat. when we were already at MOS. BK, macs, yoshinoya all sorts of ideas came out. after some insulting and arguing later, we decided on macs. cool. went up... and bought the twister fries. they're really kinda unsensitive.. calling it twister fries right after brazil got hit with a ultra hurricane 2 days ago. Question of the day, 'what is the difference btw a hurricane and a tornado?'

we all ate the twister fries. and the after dinner topic was about stupid questions. 'why are hamburgers called hamburgers when there's no ham inside?' 'how do they make M&M's chocolate?' 'why are the threads used in jeans orange?' 'why are manhole covers round?' few of the questions that came up. haha... super funny. and we dint even realise it was time for the show. and still busy trying to finish up the fries.

the movie was quite good i guess. but not as good as i expected. adam sandler and ben stiller. high expectations from them man. i felt that this show's jokes were based too much on sexual connotations. a humping dog. breast crazy kid. and a sex therapist mom. hmmm. but still worth some good luffs. starsky and hutch was like ultimate. ultra funny. was a luff till my stomach was gonna burst experience. watched it with fellow humour craze ppl like tiger and pravin made the jokes easier to be shared. aint gonna say much abt the show less i create some spoilers.

actually wanted to teach joyce how to play bridge and start playing bridge. but den we walked n walked. and reach our favourite hangout. rochor beancurd!! been like ages since i last came here with them. still remember if i'm not wrong i was the one that brought them there.. and we kept going there ever since that time. haha. den the topic agn was the different ways of saying hello over the phone. haaa... and also taking photos with my camera which in the end all got deleted becos it was too act cute or it was too ugly. yea.. loved my tao hway. taste good. especially with good company. get tat lili? haha....

and also..... u know what?? i've got really nice eyes.

yup. and walked agn. cos too full from the tao hway. and sat down at starbucks. talked abit more before we decided to go home. funfun. always nv fail to enjoy tis kind of outings. haha. seems simple rite? dinner and movie? haha... but the fun factor measures way beyond that man.

starting to sound damn gay. starting to act gay and starting to walk gay too. wat's wrong with me. snap out of it man.

yea. and gotta find time to do another of our fav activites. that is the ultimate relax and letting go and fun having. but yea.... going out of office le.... gottta go home and get changed. gala event man...

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k people, everyone's favourite huat is back. all i did yesterday was jus copy and paste various articles that i saw online that were 'rather' interesting i thought and wanted to share with you guys.

today, the class will be covering the topic on passion. or rather, jus a wee little bit of passion. which is my passion for soccer. think a normal person won't last even pass this sentence. yea. this chap is gonna talk about soccer. he's gonna explain why 22 men chase after the ball. and how man the game is. but like i mentioned. this is all about passion. realised that i've been rather neglecting my soccer. most but if not everyone will know that i love liverpool football club. yea. and i hate manchester united. this is like the most basic fundamental knowledge that you will need to know about me.

can jus kinda feel that maybe my passion is kinda waning. i remember i CRIED when liverpool lost to man u. twice. yea. devastating feeling. and when they scored and i was watching at home.. even in the middle of the night, i will jump up and down the house screaming like a mad monkey. that was ecstacy of the highest level. but nowadays. i haf no idea why. the screaming and all is still there. but no more jumping around. i keep more of those emotionals to within me.

think i'm still the same if u ask me to PLAY soccer. i'm a totally different person. think passion is still there for me. can't stand it when people play cheat or dare to employ underhand tactics against my team. there's no way anyone can go more underhand den me if i want to. its just the on fire kinda feeling when i'm on the pitch. my repertoire of insults and fouls would be the most varying assortments you'd haf even heard or seen. and when u know u really piss them off.. that's the feeling i want man.

back to liverpool. no idea why i started to support them too, it was in early 1994. started to watch soccer, and somehow the club liverpool jus seemed very attached to me. barnes, fowler, redknapped, ian rush. first group of idols man. haha. followed them like nobody's business. bought the magazines, waterbottle, cap, liverpool soccer ball(which i nv ever used)... and i was using the liverpool wallet till pri5 man! haha. and i could nv afford the jersey last time man. was like the ultimate thing to get.

my bro is a man u fan.

and i think my dad is a arsenal fan, although he never wants to admit to it. haa. wonder how we survive under the same roof huh..

and also the best thing about liverpool. they've got one of the most charismatic manager in the game's history ever. and his name is Bill Shankly. he was passion. he says the best things. and has the attitude man. i'll do anything to get that wit of his.

his quotes.

  • 'Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I'm very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.'

  • 'If you are first you are first.If you are second you are nothing.'

  • After a hard fought 1:1 draw: 'The best side drew.'

  • Shankly at Dixie Dean's funeral 'I know this is a sad occasion, but I think that Dixie would be amazed to know that even in death he could draw a bigger crowd to Goodison than Everton on a Saturday afternoon'

  • Shankly to a young Liverpool trainee: 'The problem with you son, is that your brains are all in your head.'

  • After beating Everton in the 1971 FA Cup semi: 'Sickness would not have kept me away from this one. If I'd been dead, I would have had them bring the casket to the ground, prop it up in the stands, and cut a hole in the lid.'

  • To a barber, who in 1968 had asked 'Anything off the top ?' 'Aye, Everton'

  • 'The trouble with referees is that they know the rules, but they do not know the game.'

  • To Alan Ball after he'd signed for Everton: 'Never mind Alan, at least you'll be able to play next to a great team'

  • To Ian St John: 'If you're not sure what to do with the ball, just pop it in the net and we'll discuss your options afterwards.'

  • 'A lot of football success is in the mind.You must believe you are the best and then make sure that you are. In my time at Anfield we always said we had the best two teams on Merseyside, Liverpool and Liverpool reserves.'

  • About the This-is-Anfield plaque:'This is to remind our lads who they're playing for, and to remind the opposition who they're playing against.'

  • 'There's Man. Utd and Man. City at the bottom of Division 1, and by God they'll take some shifting.'

  • On a wartime England v Scotland match:'We absolutely annihilated England. It was a massacre. We beat them 5-4.'

  • Shankly to the Brussels hotel clerk who queried his signing 'Anfield' as his address on the hotel register:'But that's where I live.'

  • After the 5:1 defeat by Ajax in the European Cup in 1967:'Five-one...Aye, that should help them to make a game of it when they come to Anfield for the 2nd leg.'

  • When asked what aspect of the game he disliked most:'The end of the season.'

  • Radio Merseyside interviewer to Shankly:'Mr Shankly, why is it that your teams' unbeaten run has suddenly ended ... ?'Shankly: 'Why don't you go and jump in the lake ?

  • To waiting journalists after a 3:0 defeat...'They're nothing but rubbish.Three breakaways, that's all they got.'

  • 'I was only in the game for the love of football- and I wanted to bring back happiness tothe people of Liverpool.'

cant really go on for now. had less den 5 hrs of slp man. brain aint really function in a decent order. not that i functioned in the decent order anyway but now it is really way out. you can tell by the fluidity of my writing now too. at least i aint making any typing mistakes which i can be quite proud of. which means that at least a part of my brain is still working quite well. now i have a totally different gameplan. i'm pretending to type and making all the 'tiap tiap tiap' sound out from my keyboard to make it seem as if i'm super busy typing out some document or whatever thing. the bad thing is that my direct supervisor sits at my 7 o'clock.

time check. 1500. woohoo. one more hour before i can leave for the wkend. guys. wish me all the best in clinching the top prize at the DnD later k? as i was saying my supervisor sits at my 7oclock. and there's a small slip hole at the wall. so she can monitor my movements and wat i'm doing whenever she wants. sheesh. bad man. haha.

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yea. met them.
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Thursday, January 06, 2005
weird news
  • Zimbabwe, facing a severe food shortage, is considering an unlikely program to bring rich foreign visitors to the country, according to a government announcement in November. The information minister proposed an "obesity tourism strategy," in which overweight visitors (especially Americans) would be encouraged to "vacation" in Zimbabwe and "provide labor for (government-confiscated) farms in the hope of shedding weight." Americans, the proposal noted, spend $6 billion a year on "useless" dieting aids and could be encouraged to work off pounds and then flaunt "their slim bodies on a sun-downer cruise on the Zambezi (River)." [Sunday Times (London), 11-28-04]

  • Mr. Mount Lee Lacy, 21, was arrested for animal cruelty after his girlfriend's mother sent police to his apartment in Gainesville, Fla. Lacy's aggressive mastiff kept the officers at bay momentarily, but once inside, police noticed another dog, a Jack Russell terrier, that had a bloody paw, and eventually Lacy cheerfully told them that he routinely bit the dog. According to a police sergeant: "(Lacy) said that biting the dog was good punishment and that's how you train them, that dogs bite (and) so that's what they understand." [Gainesville Sun, 12-14-04]

  • Criminals who accidentally leave identification at the scene of the crime are (according to News of the Weird) "no longer weird," but it was nevertheless remarkable that on the night of Nov. 4, in Rapid City, S.D., two burglary suspects, in separate incidents, left ID behind. Both of them, Daniel P. Ader, 25, and Brian W. Crawford, 26, had apparently removed their pants, for different reasons, leaving their wallets. (Evidence suggested that the reason Crawford had removed his pants, after breaking into a law office, was to photocopy his genitals on the office copy machine.) [Rapid City Journal, 11-9-04]

  • Although ride-on lawn mowers have been used as transportation to and from crime scenes before (and even as "vehicles" that drunk drivers get charged with DUI while operating), it is rare that a suspect tries to actually outrun police while on one, as Steven W. Coleman, 37, did in Dover, N.H., in December; he was wanted for questioning in an arson at a former girlfriend's house, and when he saw the lights of a police cruiser, he opened the throttle and took off, for a couple of blocks, before a second cruiser cut him off. [Foster's Daily Democrat (Dover, N.H.), 12-6-04]

  • In August, a pilot, cruising over Forest Grove, Ore., on assignment, reached out the window to scatter the cremated ashes of a man over the Mountain View Memorial Gardens, but the 4-pound bag slipped out of his hand, eventually crashing through the roof of Barbara Vreeland, who lives near the cemetery. The deceased's family paid for the damage, but Vreeland later told a reporter, "I think some of (him) is still in our attic." [Seattle Times- AP, 9-1-04]

  • The Muscular Dystrophy Association, a Tempe, Ariz., real estate firm, and two charity promoters were sued in September by Keith Schott, a golfer who had apparently legitimately made a fully witnessed hole-in-one during a charity round but who was allegedly turned down for the widely advertised $1 million prize when the sponsors imposed a rule that the money shots had to be videotaped. "Remarkably," said Schott's lawyer, "the defendants changed the rules on the spot." [Arizona Republic, 9-25-04]

  • After trials in two separate cases in September (in the Chinese province of Henan and the city of Zhuhau), four men were found guilty of defrauding government banks and promptly executed. (According to figures released by China's Supreme Court in September, more than 4,200 people convicted of fraud in the last five years have received either the death penalty or life in prison or another "heavy penalty.") And a week after that, in Shenzhen, China, a couple was fined the equivalent of $94,000 and ejected from their home for violating the country's one-child rule. [Forbes-AP, 9-15-04] [Reuters, 9-20-04]

  • A man named Ian Fleming, 33, was arrested in September in New York City after he attempted to deposit bogus, computer-generated checks into his account at a Commerce Bank in Forest Hills, in the amounts of, respectively, $5 billion and $6 billion. Police said that the week before, Fleming had done a trial run by successfully depositing bogus checks in the amounts of $350 and $1,300 and thus probably felt he was ready to move on up. [New York Post, 9-19-04]

  • According to an August Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal report, a huge oak tree on Cypress Street in Fort Walton Beach, Fla., marks the spot of a major open drug and prostitution market that is the scene of several dozen arrests every month. The sheriff's office, weary of the constant parade of crimes and arrests and pressured by a community activist, recently told county officials that it had arrived at a solution: It asked permission to cut down the tree. [Pensacola News Journal, 8-26-04]

  • The 223-page novel "The Train From Nowhere," by a French writer using the name Michel Thaler, is reported to be the first novel in history with no verbs, and its May publication was met with damning reviews. "Thaler" has called the verb "like a weed in a field of flowers" and his book a "revolution in the history of literature," that it "is to literature what the great Dada and Surrealist movements were to art." Critics noted the book's lack of action, in that it consists only of, according to London's Daily Telegraph, "lengthy passages filled with florid adjectives in a series of vitriolic portraits of dislikable passengers on a train." [Daily Telegraph, 5-9-04]

  • Three Michigan entrepreneurs, alarmed at continuing bad news about childhood obesity, have begun selling "My Kid's First Coach" on DVD, featuring exercise regimens for children, beginning at age 6 weeks. (The youngest work on "flexibility and muscle awareness," with the parent actually guiding the child through the movements yet familiarizing the child with the sensations, advancing in perhaps a year to batting a ball or walking to follow a piece of tape on the floor.) [ABC News-AP, 8-27-04]

  • Judging by sales figures for two recent products, Japanese men and women have either too much free time or not nearly enough because now selling briskly in pet shops are ants and shrimp. The Antquarium is a six-ant farm that uses a self-sustaining nutritional gel instead of sand, and the Holo Holo is basically a plastic box containing five deep-water scarlet shrimp packaged in nutritional algae-water. Each sells for the equivalent of about US$30. One satisfied customer told the Japan Times, "As I live on my own, I wanted to have pets that are easy to take care of." [Japan Times, 8-21-04]
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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

old gang n everyone else
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old gang at daph's bday~
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please read
hey people. here are some links. please visit them to help the tsunami victims. thanks.


Salvation Army


Mercy Corps
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had quite a difficult day to pass in the afternoon yesterday. somehow time just seemed to come to a standstill. it defied all movements. not wanting to move. just staying there. And when 530pm finally came, the relief it gave me bordered on ecstasy.

just went to collect all the mails and other stuffs and made deliveries to the people in my department. yea. feel so important man. its like without me. they won't even get all their documents man. and also their magazines. and also their whatever else appear in the mail. its like their asses are so stuck to the chair.. they really need people like me to bring around their things. they cannot go over to the mail box... which is about maybe less den a minute walk away to check if they've got anything for them and pick it up for themselves. asking a poor chap to collect EVERYTHING and bring it back to his desk.. and then distribute them one by one seems like a much better idea to all of them. hey, Mr. Poor Chap here has his blog to type man. and u guys keep bothering him.

the funniest thing. one fella keeps bugging ME to go and BUG another person to send her letters and magazine in ASAP. hmmmm... does Mr. Poor Chap have that i'm much more superior in BUGGING people then most people look? do Mr. Poor Chap really sound more professional when he says 'u better send in my letters and magazines before go in there, twist your head like a lemon, squeeze you like a lime, and eat you like a grape!!' ? maybe i do. but i dun really like this fact. well.... this hierarchy system sucks man. especially when you're like the smallest life form around. bow to the great. respect all that is above. hmmmm. but the only pro as compared to all the cons is that you're such a small life form... people sometimes don't even wanna care about you. so you're just bothering on the equatorial system of existing and surviving.

from where i left off, i left the office and went to meet xl for dinner. i just love it when people come down to meet me for dinner! it's like nothing better can happen man. even though i'm sick of this area... but the good news is that i aint sick of my friends! so get the hint? do drop by for dinners with me okay? haha. but anywhere central will be good for me too. i'm in such a good geographic position i'm almost like singapore on the world map.

lemme explain. two important places. my office. and my home. and if i go out.. it'll be the all important going out place. and most of the time going out places are somewhere central. orchard, city hall, bugis. these are the 3 most prominent places tat i can think of. and these 3 places. are all near the two important places. which makes going there easy. and going home easier. and since i'm such an avid cab taker... this will seriously reduce the chances of me being tempted to wave my hand about on the roadside. and anywayz. taxi queues for cabs on wkday nights are sometimes very very horrible.

on the topic of travelling. i've just. and only jus realised that i can actually save on transport fees. i take the bus 2 times per day. 20 days per month. est $1.40 per day. $28 permonth. jus for work. plus wkends. it will come up to about $40 at most? i can actually take the free shuttle bus from KK hospital to Novena Sq in the morning to work. and maybe i can be hardworking and take a stroll home after work. will be quite gd pre dinner exercise as well.. but i'm jus the sort of lazy shit with too big an ass to move.

YEA... and i met xl and we decided on having the famous 'opposite novena church' chicken rice. how famous can the chicken rice be when it's known as the one 'opposite novena church'? but its famous man... if u dint know.. now u do. and it means its famous. HAAAA.. deny me man.... u can't!! cos now u know about the famous 'opposite novena church' chicken rice. it was asss kicking chicken rice man. shoik. makes me feel like eat macdonalds later man. but i'm so so broke!!! damn it.... sigh. i wanna eat the fold over thing. arrrghhh.. decided. i'll go over and eat the fold over later. and end off the meal with milk from cold storage. yea man. temptation takes over. why do i always allow that? hack......

after kicking some ass at the chicken rice table.. we went down to shop around for awhile at novena sq. 'AGAIN?!' u might say. 'who cares' i say. saw a nice bag and a nice pair of shoes at the addidas shop there. but like i mentioned. i'm broke. i soooo cannot pamper myself. i need pampering. haaa.. haven really bought anything for myself in a long time. ok.. discounting my handphone which was a major pampering job already. but tat doesn't count. cos its a handphone. which is like my wife now by the way. i'll jus break down and cry if it goes low bat or doesn't work.

the shoe is cool and i can use the bag for work man... haaa.. haaa.. haaaa.. damn... this aint working. trying to get it out of my system but i still keep thinking about it.

oh ya. i forwarded a msg yesterday claiming that fishes are sick and disgusting. and telling people not to buy. THAT WAS SOOO WRONG. i got chilled by so many people man. gosh. a lesson learnt~ i officially apologize now to all those affected by my sms. its was a stupid and childish sms to forward. The relevant officials will surely see to the health level and safety of the food that they allow into singapore. Please do not hesitate to buy seafood or fishes k? but they might jus be a tab more expensive nowadays due to the shortage of them.

i'll be back to blog more later i guess.. haven concluded what i wan to say yet. but gotta go down soon.

i'm back from lunch. i had what i wanted. grilled chicken foldover, and soya bean, and a game of arcade.

this is about 55mins after i typed that previous sentence. i went to photocopy one whole book. about 250 pages. and went to bind it after tat. man........ it was tiring. thank god there was no paper jam. no ink or watever technical stuffs.. haha... i would have took forever to fix it man. and i'm like the only guy in my whole department now.. sheesh. that won't really help my cause in saying i'm not good at technical stuffs.

back to my first story. finished the ass kicking chicken rice. and then proceeded to walk around novena sq. walk walk walk.. den she had to go back to sch. den i went home. played my computer game AGN. and den my sister had to use the com. i was like what the hell.

i cudden go on arguing man. i'm bound to lose. haa.. she had to discuss project with her frenz. fine den. and then this suddenly magical urge came over me..........

i decided to go for a jog.

changed into my gear... and off i went. its was about 45mins NON-STOP jogging. quite an accomplishment for myself considering the fact that i've been bumming around for the longest of time. it felt really really good after the run. no joke man. at the end of it i was thinking i could still go on man. realised jogging is a good good time to sort out your thinking. you're by yourself.. jus running and moving your legs. nothing else. and of cos the occasional motivation that you give yourself. don't ask me what's mine. it sounds stupid. haa.. aint gonna share it here man..

so i jus ran n ran n ran.. and thought of alot of things. my time back in PA aka tracom. where i used to jog with my mates. can jog sing song and talk cock together. they were damn good motivators man.. haa... i know its a tad late. but here's my new year resolution man!! to go jogging at least twice a week! yea! simple resolution but a rather hard one to accomplish.. so that's where the motivation part will have to come in.

so that was my day. its midweek now. quite fast if u come to think of it. maybe cos i've got something to look forward to. Gonna go meet the fockers tmr!!! yea.. its always best to have something to look forward to at the beginning of the week. it really somehow makes the whole week so much easier to pass.. =)

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
forgot to mention. yesterday seemed to be a funny day. alot of pretty girls came into the library and started chatting with me. like 3 times in the library and once up at my office. hmmm think my specs is really doing the trick for me. ha ha ha
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just another day.
no matter how late i leave the house. i'll still end up as the 2nd person to reach the office. weird aint it? i have no idea what time my deputy director reaches the office but he is inhuman... hits the office so early... stays inside... and still inside when i leaves for home.

anyway, something rare happened to me last night. i reached home at about 6. had my dinner and started playing my game. yes... the one tat i spent a total of about 30 hours playing over the weekend. its highly challenging and addictive. and kudos to u if u're right~ its about soccer... yea yea... go on about guys and soccer.. and yes.. guys... envy me tat i'm so free and stuff...

back to the topic.. then my bro came home and demanded to use the computer and wun be done till the next day he claims. the 'arrrrghhh' feeling overcame me. fine den. i shall use the computer in my room. which in case u dint know is slower den me running the 100m sprint. its the most irritating thing ever to use. but no choice. time check 7.20pm. i started up the computer. and since it was in my room. its natural that the 'jus wanna take a short nap' feeling came over me. yea. the liver coverage of the liverpool match will only come on at 8.40pm. so why not.

and the next thing i know. its 6.15am the next day! what the f%^ man!! i had totally no recollection of whatever that happened the night b4. yea great. and the best part? i woke up with a niggling headache which is still bothering me now as i'm typing. whoever said sleeping more then 10hrs were great?

hate it when this kinda things happen. becos i spent one whole meaningless day in the office. the best thing i can look forward to when i'm back home is jus to chat with my friends online. complain about being so sianz. tell people some jokes. listen to some jokes. listen to people complain about being sianz. haha. these small moments actually make my day. and no... i aint no internet junkie. i just like talking and sharing with my friends.. and i missed all my chn 55 shows. missed my liverpool match. missed the news. missed everything else.

sigh. come on. console me.

oh yea. had this dream. or rather a nightmare. haven had one in a long time. guess my sleep was too long and my brain was jus getting bored. i like to tell my friends about my dreams. in fact i think i have the most audacious dreams at times as many would know. this time... all i remember was some rolly polly indian woman was at my doorsteps trying to sell me something. and i was in this super pissified mood. maybe cos deep inside my brain i was already pissed off i missed so many things cos i slpt so early. k..

i was scolding and scolding her for dunno wat reasons. but in the end i bought something from her. weird. its all in the dream. then i gave whatever i bought her to my sis. and suddenly my sis got the shock of her life.. its was this super scary image. even i got shocked. and that's all i could remember from my dream. haha.. sorry.

but i think the sleep shud be a good enuff recharge for me to hang on till the end of the week. sleeping jus 5hrs every weekday just dun really seem like such a good idea. i need a day to recharge after all. and sitting in the office whole day may not seem like such a physically demanding job but it sure is mentally draining. kills brain cells like neo kills agent smiths...

*whispers* i've imported quite a few songs frm my desktop to my office com. makes life sitting here so much easier with my cool music.

will be back to blog more. i'm addicted! haaaa...
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Monday, January 03, 2005
its a brand new start of the week~ of rather its the start of the working year. 2004 had been quite a weird year for me. its a year where some friendships were sadly lost.. and also i managed to find some friendships that i've really learnt to treasure.

beginning of the year was kinda rough. could not exactly remember what happened. but my birthday was fun. was actually out with willie damian n zh. and then suddenly, ros appeared and wanted to meet me. then okay. i followed her. and suddenly at swensens' the WHOLE WORLD appeared right in front of me! was my 01s91 gang. i was totally touched but they said that my face dint really show enough emotion. and i had to do the coming in all over agn. but that's beside the point. i like surprises. nice ones tat is. who don't? went to meet xl on my birthday itself. and den dinner with the council people. was a simple affair.

chinese new year was fun too. eve of chinese new year. we 3 monkeys did our traditional china town walk. haha. nothing much. but jus to go in there to the war zone. and start squeezing with people. 2nd day of chinese new year. as usual, my frenz came over. but tis year. it was packed to the brim. not helped by the fact that me house is really kinda small. but... it feels so nice to host so many people. gonna start inviting people over real soon agn.

and after that was school and stuffs agn. the mundane things that keeps me going. and THEN was the fateful KTV night with joyce n lili n later on ping. however that even happened still remains a mystery to all 3 of us. and when the hols set in. we went on a job hunting spree together. but to not much avail. those days were like my highlight of 2004. was real fun. the only regret was that we weren't able to set up our pasar malam stall thingy together. u know why?

cos i was gonna serve the nation! my gosh. 3 weeks notice. that's all they gave me. hence, joyce lili lian ping n i got onto a do everything before you go into ns mission. cudden grab the slot for the pasar malam though. it was real fun. and i cannot say that i became real miserable after i enlisted. ping was there with me almost everynight and everyday when i went in. settling down became much more easier and there was someone i could talk to when i wanted. which also gave me the drive and motivation to keep myself going.. and later on. i made more friends in camp. became closer to them too. school started and lili they all became busy.

6 months of life in tracom aka police academy. made me a better person i guess? and it was half the year of 2004. now that i'm in MHA. life's so much different. yea. its like a tribute. gonna thank my frenz that made it a year that i could pass easily pass.

willie damian hans xl lili ping joyce lian pravin tiger brandon jayne jo davis albert esther ros von

haf a feeling that most of these names will be around with me till i grow super old.

below are some of the photos taken at ping's bday bbq. hope i can get the photo from the other camera soon too.. there's more there....... and more fun one's there.... haha
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Sunday, January 02, 2005

with the birthday girl
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e original gang
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to infinity and beyond~~
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Saturday, January 01, 2005
current music
below are what i'm listening to nowadays.
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avenged sevenfold
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1st entry of 2005
Happy New Year to All!! its a brand new start to a brand new year. i wun wan it to be a smashing year. jus wan it to be a peaceful year. so that things will go quietly and smoothly thru. and no more disaster will happen again. haven updated for almost a week now. most probably cos i wasn't in office most of the time. haha.

monday was a normal day at the office. nothing much spectacular happened. so much so that i cudden really remember anything. i cud only remember vaguely i was binding books. i think with all the things i've learnt in office so far. i can go ahead and open a printing shop. photocopying, bind books, filing.. i'm almost pro already. went home straight after work. tiring man.

tuesday i went to see doctor. its a really weird family doctor i have. parks his car so far away from his clinic. wassup with him!? daily morning hike to his own clinic?! waited for him to get ready. i was the 1st patient of his for the day. he took like forever. and he called me in. i went in and he asked me to wait inside. hmmmm... he den proceeded talking to himself.. and packing his desk. wth man! den he went to wash his hands.. and still murmuring to himself. it was like 5 mins later den he sat down and ask me how i was.. how's work. what m i doing now. basically every else but my illness. i had to cough and prompt him that i was actually sick and needed some treatment. more murmuring laters. he gave me 2 days MC.. and off i went to wait for my med. wonder what his 'nurses' or whatever u call those ladies at clinics is for. he does everything himself. checking his own prescription and med. take sooooo long b4 i got to pay and take my med.

something's wrong with my memory. if i'm not wrong i stayed at home the whole day after the docs. nice sleep to re-energize myself. nxt came wed! actually at home den i received a msg from lili. was to donate stuffs to sri lanka. it was behind tekka mall. which is quite near my place. so i had nothing much to do. might as well bring some stuffs down to donate. went to pack my cupboard. and viola. i found so so many many shirts and tshirts and watever not.. i totally forgotten the existence of many of them. felt as if i jus came back from a shopping trip. found so many tee that i can actually still wear. but of cos there were also those tat i wanted to donate.

2 big bags. and i decided to walk. needed some form of exercise. the plastic bag was very uncomfortable. making my hand so red. a few drops of sweat, 2 bloodshot palms and 15mins later.. i arrived at the place. it was like a wet market at it's busiest. there were many ppl there. donating stuffs. this lady came up to me to take the bag to unpack into the boxes. and told me tat i cud actually stay to help if i wanted. i had no rush. so stayed to help them put everything and pack them into those mega boxes. and also move all the rice ppl donated also. was really a good workout and i was helping ppl as well. felt good.

stayed on for a couple of hours. and had to leave to go in search of ping's bday prezzie.. went down to bugis.. actually already had something in mind. to get a organiser from muji. reached there and to my horror... they only had ugly organisers left!! wth man. i was still quite calm. told myself. shud be able to find a decent looking organiser around here. went over to books kinokoniya (bugis) and they only had books! wat else was the shop name for. no stationaries no nothing. but books. and couple of magazines. went back to seiyu top floor stationary section. they had organisers! and its even uglier than before! its so aunty-ish. so big. so bulky. sigh. i was kinda worried now. but saw a very nice and cute looking 'happy birthday' paper bag that looks quite shuping. so i decided to get it. and i think i choose birthday cards like a girl. took me more then 20 mins before i finally decided on one. and it was one that complimented the paper bag. heehee.

i think its really quite hard to design birthday cards. wonder what kinda life these cards makers or cards poem writers have. i remember there was this adam sandler show. where he was acting as this aspiring birthday cards designer. its like what a career plan to have man! i wud never ever haf thought of that.

so got 50% of my prezzie. and had to go down to clementi to look for lili and help her carry her stuffs to the place to donate too. surprisingly it took me only abt 39mins to travel down. i told her i'll meet her at 639pm and i seriously reached at 639pm! amazing how punctual i can be. so we travelled down to the place agn. and talked n talked on the way. yea.. haha.. after dropping off the stuffs we explored abit of little india.. jus a little bit! haha.. but it was quite an eye opener even for me who stays jus there! haaa... maybe we shud go explore more of the place nxt time ya? think can actually spend half a day there.

she had to get her prezzie too. so we headed down to ps. which was jus one stop away from little india station and she had to sit down on the train jus for the one stop. started walking ard n ard. n i was in one of my happy mood. so i was actually quite a monkey and playing a fool. haaa.. made quite a few heads turn. we searched high and low. and we realised its really much harder to buy something for ur good friend. why? figure that out urself. bet u dint think abt that before.

and all the shops were closing already. it was close to 10. we only managed to ffind a hand lotion thingy. and nothing else. so its 50% for both of us todae. haven ate dinner. famished ppl. so went to macs. and had the GRILLED CHICKEN FOLDOVER!!! fantastic. hahaha. ate and talked. sat down there for abt an hour b4 she had to go. yea.. so left. and it was a fun wed. eventful. n i like eventful days.

yea.. now its thursday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHUPING! haha.. woke up.. had another plan. went down to town to get the organiser. and i found it at the first place i visited! and bought some other stuffs. great. i'm ahead of schedule. actually already planned the whole day out. headed back home immediately after getting everything. then burnt the cd and designed the label. and everything was prepared! haaa... no more rushinG!

went for the bbq.. it was drizzling b4 that. i was quite worried that it wun stop.. but in the end it did! fire started thankz to me.. and of cos the credit grabbing joyce tan ma tong. lili was busy running around trying to want to start bbq-ing the food. and ping wasn't even around yet. haha. but its good tat the birthday gal gets to make the 'grand arrival'. we ate alot. becos we had alot of food. other den the 12 chicken wings tat joyce and lili dropped due to i also dunno what happened. from what i remember

lili while holding plate : this is one of the most successful bbq i had man

joyce also holding the plate : ya, cos i started the fire ma.

somebody : said something i cudden remember.

lili wanted to react. lifted her hands. joyce let go. down went chicken wings.

lili : oh no!

joyce : ahhh!

huat : hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahah

took quite a few photos after shuping came. hope i get the photos. dunno who's camera it was being taken. i love posing for photos. but dun really like to take photos. ha.. was a fun bbq. heee... simple and heartwarming one. ping kept coming up to me and bowing. and i tot its some jap custom she imitating. so i had to bow back too. and even lower. man... been a while since i exercise my back. the bowing really made me feel old man. all the creaks and cracks. den talked somemore and packed up the place and left. and i still think i'm seriously quite good looking. maybe not say very good looking.. but certainly i'm totally above average looking.

friday! last day of 2004. half day of work. but man was it busy! i was running around. doing things. hardly had time to sit down and stone. haha. left work and bump into hans at novena sq. decided to have lunch together. went home. sat around and slpt till 730pm. went to meet lau and damian to pok ball... super fun. haha. we adopted premiere league teams and other teams for playing. made it so much more exciting. spent countdown at west coast recreation carpark. cos we were on the way to bukit timah to have our much needed supper. went to damian's hse after supper and came home and here i am in front of the computer! last year's countdown was also spent with them. but at pasir panjang food center. the hawkers were all going crazy and celebrating new year there too, haha. was such a funny sight. yea. jus some recollection.

so now its 2005. look out for more of my entries. gonna be a busy week at the office nxt week. and i'm really really hoping to go meet the fockers. heard that they're really nice and funny people.

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