you'll sing the song
you wanna know wat pain feels like?
Tuesday, December 28, 2004
the songs we sing

put up my winamp playlist on the above site. so check it out and let me know if u're interested in any of the songs in my collection.
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Monday, December 27, 2004
hello. yea. finally i'm back in the office agn and i can update on what happened to me this weekend. had been a fantastically hectic and tiring one which has absorbed all there is in me.

the christmas party in the office was quite fun. however was quite disappointed that the ppl in my department are all not very onz. they all jus did not wan to be involved in the games and stuffs. only interested in eating. bahh.. so i joined the others. whom i don't know at all. was quite weird actually. but was all in good fun. the directors were all letting loose and enjoying as well. was quite a sight for me cos the only thing i've seen from them was their overcast facial expression so far. had lamp chop, which was marvellously hard to chew down. i had to go to one corner.. and savagely used my hands to tear the meat apart. but one of my colleagues saw me and started to poke fun. but when he took his piece of lamb. ha... he knew it wasn't that funny anymore. ha..

cleaning up time. as one of the ns men.. it's our duty to help clean up. but they were so damn inefficient!! i think i was too used to working with council people last time. everything was like chop chop and ready to go. and it all also involved the fun factor. its funny how everything done with council involved the fun factor. they included stay back till the wee hours ON TOP of the gallery sewing up the banner.. cleaning up the rubbish after orientation. massive is an understatement for the amount of rubbish man. and i remember getting so exhausted i jus simply rolled down the slope from the rubbish chute to jacob ballas. but it was all so fun. you will have ppl to make fun off. ppl to laugh with. and everyone's so tired their brain is totally not working and they will perform or do super funny actions and say funny things.

yea... so after cleaning up. me n my partners decided to make a run for it. jus abandon everything after bringing them up and going off before the rest comes up to make us do more things. ha.. we went into the lift. some other ppl was there. so we were saying we haf to walk in strategic positions out of the lift to not let them spot us. but. ha... the doors of the lift open.. and the whole department was standing in front of the lift.. BAH.. we smiled and laughed with them and said merry christmas and all.. and we went off. haha. not looking back and ignoring any calls we hear... and jus headed straight for home!

nxt up i went to meet my council ppl. went to carrefour to buy some snacks and met xl to travel to eunos with her. tried the mcdonalds wrap chicken grill foldover thing or whatever u call it. woohoo~ kinda blew me away. fabulous~ the chicken was sooooo tender. like 10 times better den a mcChicken. took the train down to eunos. had a seat. so rare. and there was no old folks around me. so i dint haf to give up my seat. so rare agn. becos old folks likes to appear whenever i get a seat on the train and more often then not they end up standing right in my face! haha. so ya..

reached eunos. saw brandon aaron ernest. somethings has gotta be done about this punctuality thingy. i aint saying that i'm punctual. cos i have a penchant for being late as well. but its kinda getting outta hand man. haha. it used to be a joke that we gotta arrange something at 7 and tell ppl its at 6. but now! i fear that i've actually gonna be reality! becos the situation is exactly what it is. haaa....

shall stop here for a moment. gotta go check on my work 1st.

now it's after lunch. super sleepy! totally hate this kinda feeling. we proceeded to brandon's hse. we talked n talked. the mahjong gang jus got to work immediately. ha... and they jus played and played. to think that i was worried that there wun be enuff food to feed all of us. but suddenly!! its like an explosion of food! so so much! massive to be exact. i kinda regretted whacking all the sushi at first. was too full for the bee hoon and nuggets and other stuffs. and suddenly i feel that we are all becoming quite non- alcholic. and its the girls tat tend wants to drink more then the guys. haha. how weird.

we had so many bottles of liquor with us. really glad to meet up with them. makes me feel very carefree... nothing to worry about. and the best part is i can totally be myself and it jus feels so free. they know i'm a monkey and how i behave.. so i dun haf to 'behave', u get what i mean? and best of all was our 'poke fun of fushman session' he's the best man.... as in he takes all our shit.. cos he knows we're joking.. and he's ok with it... jus to provide us with the much needed laughters. the 'fire extingusher' and the 'puke on the floor while holding shit load of tissue paper' joke is still being used on almost all gatherings.. haa.

so drank n eat drank and eat... and woke up ultra early on christmas morning to go down to indoor stadium man.... the service was good.. all the christmas songs! and i love christmas songs. yea! and dance performance was good and the drama thingy was funny as well.. which sometimes makes me wonder.. if given a chance.. m i able to make something as good as that out. in my mind... i always tell myself tat, yea... i'm talented. i'm good. why not man. i can even do better. just that i haven been given a chance yet in many ways. ha.. yea i know sometimes u have to go and fight for these opportunities.. but there's also this phrase which says opportunity will come knocking on ur door~ so it will knock on mine~ so m i too cocky and too arrogant? or issit tat i excude a certain amount of confidence which makes me very sure of myself. i aint have the answer to this. i'll jus haf to find it out.

makes me think of the grad night dinner that i hosted and also the teachers day celebration both during j1.. and also my speech to get into council. haha. dunno how many of u guys actually remembered that. was really a good experience.. really fun. these short experiences lets u learn alot about yourself. and how u really are. hosting is fun. u guys shud try it sometimes too. and i still remember ros wanted to send my name in for hosting s'pore's version of wheel of fortune. hahha.. thankz for honouring me man ros.....

i was famished... dint eat anything from the night b4 and with the drinks in my stomach. was getting quite bad. after the service ended... when down to cityhall to grab some food. and went down to meet lili and her frenz to watch kung fu after eating~ actually dint really tok to her frenz so u can say i went down to meet her to watch the show. now comes another talking point. this is about everybody's sense of humour being very subjective. so..... what is funny... and what is not funny.. how lame can a joke go before it is truly defined as lame? so is there such a thing as high class funny? and low class funny? lemme try to categorize it.

Btw 2 CEOs
'i must say we shud haf signed this contract 10 years ago. its earning us both so much money!'
'10 yrs ago, i haven even set up my company!'
both continues with their hearty laughter for about 2 mins

Btw 2 Students
'i can't stand it anymore!'
'sit lah....'
they stare at each other and continue with watever they were doing

so the 1st one is a high class joke.. and the 2nd one is a low class joke? it jus dawned onto me cos there have been very varying comments made on the movie 'kung gu hustle' some said it was bad, it was lame. some said it was a classic, very funny, genius. and i've been telling people jokes for as long as i can remember. and i often get very different kind of reaction too. sometimes is it uncool to actually laugh at a lame joke? so ppl refrain from laughing? and i still think i haven really mastered the art of joke telling. it's really a joy to be able to make someone laugh geniunely and make them feel happy. makes me feel kinda accomplished and achieved... and thru all this i can learn more about the person. by the way they laugh. but their reaction. yea. it's quite a mastery u know?

but i enjoyed the show. think lili did also. i laughed more den anyone else. i think that i can actually take in different kind of humour and understand them pretty well. which makes it sometimes easier for me to click with different sorta people. because u tend to feel more comfortable and more at ease with someone u can relate things to and laugh together with. went home after the movie. for my parent's anniversary dinner. was steamboat. yum. den after dinner i jus kinda realised i dint really slp the night before and i jus slpt.

planned to wake up at about 11 to go online and chat with my merry frenz on christmas night. but somehow, my plan kinda jus went totally hay wired!! i woke up at 3am!! and when i went online~~ to my horror~~ there's already no one to be seen there.. sighz.... and i cudden go back to bed anymore.. hung ard watching vidz and stuffs till about 5plus... n went to slp.. had to wake up at 9 to go down to sajc for soccer~ cool~ haven played with hans and gang for ages. but the little sleeping time that i got wasn't that cool.

was really fun man. kicking around. no pressure.. not like with my squad mates. sometimes u're scared u screw up and stuffs. den very paiseh.. but not with my this grp of clowns man.. and its really cool. doing all the stunts and all. and of cos we're nv short of clowns in the 24th team. laughter is almost guarenteed if u're playing with us. ended at about 2... headed down to AV for food. yet agn.. superb memories of that place of council term. we ordered alot.. think its the first time that we cudden finish the food on the table man. miraculous. by this time i was really kinda tired.. reached home at abt 4plus... and bathed and jus sat ard. because there's another program coming up. daph's bday party.

so tired but i was determined not to slp. i knew i wun wake up. so i hung on. and the 3 monkeys and lorraine travelled down to daph's place. and of cos by car courtesy of damina. this gang haven met up for a year. we ate n ate n drank and ate and talked. shuyun came much later.. haa.. we talk cock. and machine gun was still machine gun. daph was still shooting off words like nv before. and i'm telling u i can't match her even if i tried man. think everyone's still pretty much the same. raine's still the one making funny comments. and den loves to luff... and shuyun still the calm and composed person she is. maybe this gang shud hang out more.. its so comical when u put everyone together.

reached home at 12? yea. so tat's about it. my weekend. smiles. how did u think it was? haa.. anyway.. i was with my colleagues.. followed by my council frenz. and then my ex-classmates, den my family, and with the council guys, and den my sec sch grp of frenz. think it jus somehow kinda evened out real well. a big big thank you to ALL those who haf played a part in this christmas weekend of mine. it was so so tiring and hectic... but i had a wonderful time. whoever said that the christmas spirit was not like before now tat we're older.. haha.. . cheers to all!!!!


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Sunday, December 26, 2004
First draft of a short questionnaire for Christians that I hacked out;

comments are encouraged in the YACCS comment box - click on "Amused? Stimulated? Offended? Click here to fire off an angry comment" / "(Number) angry comment(s) in the bag - leave more". Christians are also welcome to answer the questions in the comments box:

Seminal questions to ask Christians across the spectrum, and not just fundies:

1) Do you believe that the bible is literally true?If so, how do you explain its internal contradictions (2 creation accounts in Genesis, 2 genealogies of Jesus - one cannot be of Joseph since he wasn't the father, Jesus' parents not knowing why he stayed in Jerusalem's temple when he was 12 [Luke 2: 42-50]) and historical inaccuracies (no geological evidence of the flood, no town of Nazareth in the 1st century BC, no record of Herod's slaughter of the infants)?
If not - how do you know which parts are false, which parts must be 'interpreted' and which parts must be taken in 'context'? If some parts are false, how do you know others aren't as well? Who's to say that your 'interpretation' is correct; with sufficient 'interpretation' anyone can make the Bible say anything they like? Can 'context' ever justify acts of misogyny, evil and genocide (Timothy, the Flood, Joshua & Numbers)?

2) Do you think all non-Christians/those not of your specific denomination go to hell? If so, how is it just or fair to condemn billions of innocents to hell for all eternity just because they were born in the wrong place at the wrong time? What if you were wrong and, when you died, you went to the Islamic hell? What would you say to Allah?

3) Do you believe that your god is the ultimate arbiter of morality, yet is supremely good? If so, didn't he merely define himself as good, making a mockery of the concepts of morality and goodness? If one defines morality, wouldn't he be amoral rather than supremely good?

4) Do you think your mythology unique? If so, why are so many elements shared with previous religions? (Salvation: Mystery pagan religions - Osiris, Eleusinian mysteries, Alleged virgin births of god-men: Romulus, Augustus, Dionysus, Perseus, Baptism: Mithraic mysteries, ablutions, Miracles: Asclepius raising the dead, Resurrection: Dionysius, Osiris)

5) Have you ever communicated with, or felt your god or his presence? If so, how would you distinguish your experiences from similar mystical experiences in other religions, people on an acid trip, those who believe they've been abducted by aliens or those who hear voices in their heads claiming to be gods telling them to kill other people?

6) How does your faith in your religion differ from that of others in theirs?

7) If Christianity is such a good religion, why has so much evil been done in its name? If the evil was done only by evil or confused people in Christianity's name - despite their faith, wouldn't the same logic apply for the good it has encouraged?
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they epitomise coolness.. yea rite.
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kick ass man
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christmas day
been a real tiring, long but happening christmas. i jus took a 5 hr nap. baaaahh.. think i shud go sleep agn. anyway, my plans for this wkend had quite a few changes. haha. good ones i suppose... =) n i'm still happy! soccer tmr morninG. shall go slp. and update more on my christmas adventure soon. to my frenz that spent this christmas with me... may u be blessed with happiness!

forgot to mention i borrowed this cd from my library which is really really good. just the kind of music that i was looking for. brazilian bossanova lounge. just pure brilliance.
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Saturday, December 25, 2004
胡彦斌 - waiting for you
金色的舞鞋伴着音乐 baby 你的眼睛是一弯深邃的湖水
waiting for you, i'm waiting for you
waiting for you, kiss me at the night
为何你 cinderella 留给我一望无际的思念
waiting for you, i'm waiting for you
waiting for you, come here to my dream
waiting for you, waiting for you 直到永远

waiting for you, i'm waiting for you
waiting for you, kiss me at the night
为何你 cinderella 留给我一望无际的思念
waiting for you
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Friday, December 24, 2004

my pet
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sajc 24th student council
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passing out day~
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soooo cute!
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muse is the best. all their albums and ep.
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been using this screen for a year. n i still love it.
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the unexpected
mk treated me n jj to one piece of sushi each after work! woohoo! haha. and as expected. i travelled home for my dinner. and had my wonderful energy charging sleep~ felt really really good after that. i think i seriously deserve that after whole day of work. tmr will be the christmas party at work. hence. i dun think i'll have the chance to blog in office. kinda sad huh? its like breaking a continuality.

woke up and sat ard for awhile. suddenly, lili called. she was in town n wanted to hang out a lil longer. wat an occasion man! i was all set and raring to go. though my hair was in a total mess and i wasn't wearing any shirt.. time of call was 8.56pm.
  • 8.56pm - 1st point of contact
  • 8.57pm - grab my clothes n hit the showers
  • 9.01pm - out of showers
  • 9.02pm - gel my hair, grabbed my phone n wallet
  • 9.05pm - stepped out of house
  • 9.07pm - jumped into the cab
  • 9.14pm - reach heeren taxi stand
  • 9.15pm - call lili to ask where she is
  • 9.16pm - I'M THERE!

all in all it was a neat 20mins. it was fun man. and after what i talked about in my previous entry about how i loved a good n nice talking cock session, i was rewarded with another one todae! haha. anyway i had my energy charging sleep. hence i was talking and talking and talking. its the hyperactive huat mode. we argued whether her hair was brown or black. shall refrain from making any comments on my blog in order to prevent any further accusations.. was at spinelli's. is one of the few few times that she decided where to be at man! rare occasion.

been hanging out at spins' since sec4. and only todae i found out that they actually do not accept nets. why do they not accept nets? any good company should accept nets. 1st they don't accept nets. next, they ran out of oreo cheesecakes. what the hell. 2 hit combo on me. he recommended me the chocolate rhumba. taste very 'chocolatey' <-- i quote lili. after more laughs, 2 cups of plain water, one chocolate rhumba and 2 popiahs later, reluctantly, it was time to go. think i'm an easily contented person. jus a simple meeting made me really happy. haha. took the last train. phew..

Fast Facts : Bump into Ant the Man who watched Kungfu and said it was an ok show.

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brown or black!!?!?!? or shiny!
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the 'chocolatey' chocolate rhumba, or rather what's left of it. looks kinda nice ya? lili's itchy hands.
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Thursday, December 23, 2004
Worst analogies ever written in a high school essay.

He spoke with the wisdom that can only come from experience,like a guy who went blind because he looked at a solar eclipse without one of those boxes with a pinhole in it and now goes around the country speaking at high schools about the dangers of looking at a solar eclipse without one of those boxes with a pinhole in it.
Joseph Romm, Washington

She caught your eye like one of those pointy hook latches that used to dangle from screen doors and would fly up whenever you banged the door open again.
Rich Murphy, Fairfax Station

The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn't.
Russell Beland, Springfield

McBride fell 12 stories, hitting the pavement like a Hefty Bag filled with vegetable soup.
Paul Sabourin, Silver Spring

From the attic came an unearthly howl. The whole scene had an eerie,surreal quality, like when you're on vacation in another city and "Jeopardy" comes on at 7 p.m. instead of 7:30.
Roy Ashley, Washington

Her hair glistened in the rain like nose hair after a sneeze.
Chuck Smith, Woodbridge

Her eyes were like two brown circles with big black dots in the center.
Russell Beland, Springfield

Bob was as perplexed as a hacker who means to access\aaakk/ch@ung but gets T:\flw.quidaaakk/ch@ung by mistake
Ken Krattenmaker, Landover Hills

Her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever.

He was as tall as a six-foot-three-inch tree.
Jack Bross, Chevy Chase

The hailstones leaped from the pavement, just like maggots when you fry them in hot grease.
Gary F. Hevel, Silver Spring

Her date was pleasant enough, but she knew that if her life was a movie this guy would be buried in the credits as something like "Second Tall Man."
Russell Beland, Springfield

Long separated by cruel fate, the star-crossed lovers raced across the grassy field toward each other like two freight trains, one having left Cleveland at 6:36 p.m. traveling at 55 mph, the other leaving from Topeka at 4:19 p.m. at a speed of 35 mph.
Jennifer Hart, Arlington

The politician was gone but unnoticed, like the period after the Dr. on a Dr Pepper can.
Wayne Goode, Madison, Ala.

They lived in a typical suburban neighborhood with picket fences that resembled Nancy Kerrigan's teeth
Paul Kocak, Syracuse, N.Y.

John and Mary had never met. They were like two hummingbirds who had also never met.
Russell Beland, Springfield

The thunder was ominous-sounding, much like the sound of a thin sheet of
metal being shaken backstage during the storm scene in a play.
Barbara Fetherolf, Alexandria

His thoughts tumbled in his head, making and breaking alliances like underpants in a dryer without Cling Free
Chuck Smith, Woodbridge

The red brick wall was the color of a brick-red Crayola crayon.

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i jus had my lunch. feeling ultra sleepy. its like i dozed off while the person wanted to return the book. he must have been shocked. i took the book from him. and i jus suddenly stopped moving for a few seconds.
conservation which followed

him: 'are you okay?
me: 'my mind jus went off for a moment.'
him: 'oh, i'm like that sometimes too. we're kinda alike in a way'
me: '......................'
him: 'thankz for the book. gotta run. dun worry. i wun trip while running'
me: '......................'

haven been sleeping well for the pass 2 nights. haha. 5 hrs per night. haven had this kind off sleeping time for ages. used to be able to handle it quite well... reason i think shud be
1. i'm getting old
2. been used to having enough sleep in camp

i'd prefer it to be the latter doh.... my boss's on morning leave todae. not sure if she'll actually come in the afternoon. anyway i bought her a $20 isetan voucher. hee.. will go up to see if she's around. wun be able to slack anymore if she appears. sobz.

time check 1427hrs. jus came back from my office. she aint around. i guess wun be coming in for todae. so i think i can slack till going home time from now. hope nothing goes wrong. heee. and that should be the end of the week for me already. tmr's gonna be the department's christmas party thingy. guess i will haf to do some setting up and clearing up. i'm the smallest fry around here. what to do about it?

gonna go home straight after work todae. aint no superman anymore. doubt i can survive yet another going out session. eat... and sleep for maybe an hour or so. so that i can survive abit later into the night. when people come online.. i think its all worth it. planned my weekend already. which is quite a rare event for me nowadays.

friday night (christmas eve) will be at bran's hse with the councillors. hope it'll be fun. its pot luck and i'm in charge of snacks. damit. snacks. haha. sounds kinda easy but its kinda hard to carry around snacks for abt 20 ppl!! hope they've got the food and other stuffs settled.. kinda worried in a way. haha. and sat morning might be going down to the indoor stadium with joyce. hope i dun get too hung over from christmas night. den i can wake up!! haven been drink for god knows how long man. about a year? and there will be more den sufficient drinks tat's for sure. i'm throwing in a full bottle of JD for them.

(digress: e person using the computer beside me jus asked me how to spell patience, i tink i haf the 'i can spell everything kinda look')

then it will be a total rest. sat night, if nothing goes wrong. i shud be at home. it's my parent's anniversary anyway. yea.. they got married on christmas. how romantic rite? nahhh.. my dad says its cos easier for him to remember. kaoz. at home all the way till sunday nite. it's daphne's birthday~ quite surprised that she actually invited us the 3 monkeys. and the 3 monkeys haven met up for a long time also. so we'll be heading down to crash the party. this gang of frens of mine is sure old man.. hahha.. sec4 gang. and that's it! that's my weekend! looks kinda eventful from here. hope it will be.
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ok. so the story starts from when i left work to town. i had to end work at 6. but ha.. the gathering was kinda not a gathering. but luckily joyce was there. she waited for me! gosh. tat's so nice. and when i saw her. i just dint know what to say. cute, in fashion, very fresh look... its like a mixture of all these. so if u were not happy with my comments yesterday, here's what i think after thinking thru thoroughly..

went on to meet fanny and piglet. the ever unseparable twins. exchanged a few blows with piglet. and down we went to marche because bobby pua was super super hungry. ate calamari, soft shell crab (courtesy of fanny), rosti sausage (courtesy of joyce), pizza, and spagetti. and it was quite enough to keep me full for the next 3 hours? but there was just some problems brewing that i could smell from the tip of my nose. where are the others who told me they would be here? shant name names, but the most shocking one was the message i received

'oh gosh, m i supposed to meet u guys todae? i forgot about it and going home already! sorry!'

yea man. but i think right from the start the diversity of culture in the class was just kinda too great. and sometimes from time to time.. even i myself will tend to feel more comfortable with some people rather then others. but these people might not exactly feel the same way about me? get what i mean?

take for example huat loves to hang out with bobby. but bobby thinks huat is kinda irritating. understood?

so sometimes we've gotta think for ourselves too. and if we are irritating others with our actions which we think is good for others.

back to the dinner. alvin came! haha. he got new specs agn! gosh. does he like change specs every half a year? and joyce had to go... den she left. den jasmine came! and somehow they all stopped talking. so we had to leave the place to find somewhere to go. it was really kinda hard navigating thru orchard. the simple stretch from heeren to rolex took us like 10mins? gee. they had all sorta weird performance. some totally not associated with christmas at all.

bumped into joyce chin. she's still looking like a tai tai and all. haha. but it was so crowded and piglet kept talking to her. i had no chance to talk much to her. stupid piglet. den after awhile pravin walked pass.. i wanted to call out but it was too crowded. and he breezed past me... well..

proceeded to taka.. and jasmine left. den everyone else kinda suddenly missed home or something and had to go off. then i was there feeling kinda disappointed. because nothing much happened? suddenly remembered joyce was still ard! went down to dhouby ghaut to wait for her to finish her bible studies.

and guess what? we had our starbucks reunion. was like our fave pastime before i enlisted. and even though we still meet up after i enlist. somehow we just did not go starbucks, sit there and have our hours long worth of talking cock anymore! really really miss those days. me lili joyce. going around looking for job. but somehow always end up spending money. eating and drinking coffee in between looking for jobs. haha. and how can i forget our fave of the fave pastime~ song singing! heee.. feels so gd just thinking back about it. so fun. have to go one of these days. it's been so long i think i forgot how to sing song already! gosh. if i'm gonna go on reminiscing abt those times i think i can just go on forever..

love talking cock buddies. heee.. they are like so hard to come by nowadays. where so many ppl jus wan to find something to do when they come out. must haf something fun and enticing. something so simple and plain like sitting down and chatting over coffee would just seem too boring for them,

we talked about many things. i complained to her about work.. oh.. and she seems to be a pro complainee (person being complained to). there was a question that i brought up. so does adam and eve have umblical cords? a question to ponder upon. i kinda drifted topic here. haha. back to where we were... and also saying that all fathers cannot survive without their newspapers. newspapers are their companion over breakfast.. on the toilet bowl.. back from work... and i honestly don't think i will become like that one day. how mothers are such precise alarm clocks to everyone. and how we get bullied by our fathers.

its all this small things that can actually make life more interesting. learn more about each other. know about each other's habit. like eating nasi lemak with only rice and egg.. not eating noodles because you don't know what time u're waking up. not happy with the breakfast our mummy buy.. loving oreo cheesecakes... don't eat chilli but take macdonald's chilli. and how u are angry with the hairdresser because she dint do anything to your hair except cutting washing and drying (wat else can she do?!)

all these things are so small. but they teach us big things about each other. and i always believed that remembering smaller things will be more meaningful and thoughtful then remembering big big things. please cherish people that you can talk to and share these thoughts with. from my personal experience. it really is hard to come by. so thankz joyce aka ma tong!

and sometimes suddenly. they will just disappear.friends that had been close to you, friends that spent time with youfriends you enjoy being with.. and when that happens, u'll be knocking yourself as to why did you not treasure the times where both had time and both were talking.
and you'll wonder what really happened.
what caused the drifting apart. but you'll never find out i guess.


thankz so much to ros that the aboved is actually posted. cos dumbass me accidently deleted the entry!! and she retrieved it for me! how nice!!
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even though was quite a bad day at work. i had a great great time after work! but as usual. i'm way too tired to elaborate now. shall leave it till i reach the office tmr. finally figured out how to post photos! yea!
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this time
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that time
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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
up for grabs
jus realised i've got 4 more gmail accounts to give away.. so ppl.... yea... rsvp
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i can totally sense it. the beginning of office politics. the smell of it is already lurking in the air. got chilled by my boss, who is a lady in case u guys still don't know. She says tat i'm always not in the office. But i aint got my own computer in the office yet!! and i got work to do! which is why i'm in the library cos i gotta type all the data in!! and u know what? i'm the fastest worker around here. i jus finished all 150 pieces and the closest there is to me is another person with 80. can't believe i got chilled man...

maybe i'm really kinda slack cos i'm coming online and all, but still i finished all my shit todae even thought the deadline is by the end of the year man.... it just kinda made my morale dipped more den a little.. but i thought of a strategy.. buy her a christmas prezzie. one that she will like. but here comes the hard part.. what does she like!? haha. hardly spoke to her even. man..... well. try my best. ping ask me to go get isetan or tangs voucher. hope this stunt will work.

just got my msg board thing running. so start making noise. and u guys really gotta jus go there and say things. because here i am asking ppl to start making noise. and if it remains empty for like dunno how long it will be so embarrassing. understand? so i hope you guys dun embarrass me..
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yea. so now i'm like stuck in the library agn. the librarian is on leave agn. looks like i've to bear with this for the coming 2 yrs. but let's pick up from where i left off last nite. went down to town to meet xl for dinner. meal was fantastic. i nearly teared when the xiao long bao went into my mouth. it was marvellous. but they gave us this ultra duper small table. meant for only 2 person. n also space for 2 main dishes and a side dish. but we ordered alot.

when we requested for a change of table.. the waitress jus said 'oh this is fine, i'll jus arrange it for you' in lousy chinese. she's from hong kong i guess. and she proceeded to pushing everything together in the middle of the table. it was so packed.. everytime i wanted to take food.. i had to try to avoid dropping juice or sauce or anything whatever else into my chinese tea. and the chinese tea she refilled for us, it was like only 1/5 of the cup!?!?!? i mean... yea.. saving water... but 1/5? i wun even mind 1/4 but 1/5 is jus way off my mark man.

bill asking time was quite an adventure. they somehow all went into stealth mode. it was hard for even the keenest of eyes to detect them. i did the wave in the air emphaticly with a big smile in the face thingy at least 3 times before anyone came to get the money. however the food was too good for me to complain about any of the above.

wanted to go get royce chocolate.. but the queue for it was like a hello kitty come back... i was really taken aback. why all of a sudden so many ppl buy my royce chocolate!? it was quite an obscure brand jus a few months ago. tink i'll go down agn today to get it. c

an really feel the christmasy mood last night. been quite awhile since i last went down to town. there was activities every where in town. and i do mean everywhere. there is this introducing christmas and it's history thing jus infront of taka. with funny ppl dressed up as ancient ppl.

they had all this super skinny ppl dressed up as gladiators.. u know as in russell crowe in gladiator and brad pitt in troy. (i've got the same initials as brad pitt 'bobby pua' B.P. cool) and there's this person dressed up as joseph i think, if my limited knowledge of the birth of christ is not wrong, and joseph looks like gandalf... totally wrong casting man... and i tot i saw a few aunties walking around dressed as milkmaids.. must haf been dreaming or something.

the big space in front of taka had this pasar malam thing. where all they sold were accesories for girls. and maybe those twirling neon lights christmas sticks. and also the famous 'take a photo with santa claus!' they had this girl, dressed in christmas suit.. and had ultra mini skirt taking photo with santa and the kids. i mean.. what in the world are the organisers thinking?! putting her there? who are they trying to attract? sex driven little boys?

and there was this poor girl.. she was posing with santa with that mega watt smile. and suddenly the emcee went 'erm.. who's taking the photo for this girl?' the direction tat she was smiling at had no cameras pointing at her at all. maybe she's just contented to be able to smile beside santa.

over at the big space behind orchard mrt was the pasar malam. don't feel like saying anything much abt it. i just went in and came out. yea...

incident when i was going home. the train approached dhouby ghaut mrt. then i did the move where u take a step forward to prepare for the opening door.. the person inside the train did the same thing as me too. and then the door did not open. hmmm.. i was staring at him and he was staring at me. if not for the glass panel. i bet we can hear each other breathing.. the door still did not open. i tried to shuffle my eyes around cos he had this weird mole on the side of his nose which looks kinda disgusting. and i dint wan to fix my sight on him.

the door still did not open. grumblings and mumblings can be heard not. tired workers who just wants to go home. and i'm among them. just tat i will sound stupid mumbling and grumbling to myself. the door still did not open. he was standing there shuffling his feet ard. like a tiger preparing to be unleashed. the doors finally opened! his reaction time was like 0.1s. zoom. he glided pass me and i could smell his body odour lingering ard after he zoomed passed me. woke me up abit. so i boared the train.

the door did not close. i was thinking this was gonna be a ultra nightmarish journey home.. hate nightmarish journeys home. nightmarish journeys home alone are still fine.... but its the worst when u're travelling back with a fren tat u know.. but u got nothing much to talk about. sometimes its the obligation to start talking. and its the stupidest of topics.

me : so u were from 'abc' sec sch rite?

other : yea


me : oh ok.

-=silence till i find the nxt topic=-

hate it when tat happens.. i would rather enjoy my own peace and quiet then stress about the person beside you. sometimes you'll also think if that person actually gives a shit about you... the doors closed after more mumblings and grumblings heard. guess the ppl actually willed the door to be closed.

reached home. had a gd day especially in the closing stages. the photos i took last week was so nice! loved it! will post it as soon as i get down to doing it.

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thankz to my sis.. i've managed to get this thing up and running. kudos to her. and also myself for being able to understand and grasp whatever so fast and made it in time.

there was this fire drill that happened at work todae. its like a annual MHQ affair just like the Dinner and Dance. thank god i was at the library (7th floor) rather den my office (17th) the meandering grey steps would make even the fittest person dizzy and i swear these steps are only used like once every fire drill!!

i'll type more about todae tmr. happening day. more time in the office man. n i'm tired now

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
testing testing
i've no idea how this is gonna work or how it'll turn out to be.. just the 1st attempt..
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