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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Chihiro Onitsuka
went cd shopping. so dun say that i'm the pirate king. i bought 2 cds. 2 CDs!!! no discount no promotion from HMV.

this is the first album that i grabbed.

Image hosted by

Chihiro Onitsuka - the ultimate collection

Marvellous. She has the voice of an angel. A voice that can soothe and calm you down anytime of the day. a perfect example of an audiophile voice. She doesn't do jazz.. just ballads, slow songs which touches your heart. with just a piano accompanying. nothing fancy. just the voice. if u're in search of a voice to touch you or music to calm you down, you've gotta listen to her. In fact, everyone shud listen to her. =)

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Orange Range - Natural

2nd album i bought Orange Range - Natural. They have got happy songs. Probably the closest to describe them is jap punk rock. However they've got their distinct style.. very happy. i like! =)

and of cos i went to check out 'The Brilliant Green' u must be thinking why i dint buy them since i was talking so much about them in my previous post. But the whole of HMV only carried one of their album!! so much for HMV being the most comprehensive cd shop around.. and that only album they had.... was $72. that's abit too much for me. ha! oh well... better luck next time i hope....

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The Guide - Singapore
i'm getting spammed real bad. especially by this credit card business. no idea what they are about. can't even be bothered to read them. i'm having half a mind of turning on the verification thingy. but it will make genuine comment givers take the extra step of having to type in that super hard to decode letters. at least to me. this is quite hard. a harder one? try the yahoo ones. those are crazy... once i had to type 4 / 5 times before i got it correct. AHHHH... mega irritating.

not like lots of people visit my blog anyway, just the few friends that i have. why do they even bother to spam me?!?! only had like 6000 hits ever since i placed the hit counter there... a meagre number compared to 90% of others.

so todae.... i'm gonna give back to my dearest readers, whom had all spent time trying to figure out wat i'm saying, what i'm complaining about and put up with all my boring rants.

so i'm gonna present a guide to u entitled ''Singapore''

to know singapore, u gotta know how to get around singapore.... go here to just type in the address of wherever u wanna go, and the map of the place shows up. no need to waste ur time and ur energy flipping thru all the pages of ur singapore road directory and feeling more lost staring at the pages.

ok... now u know where u're at... next u'll have to fill ur stomach. and what's nice to eat near u? no idea? do not fret.. this is the place to go... singapore best food all the best of the best food that u can find are all found here. and it's conveniently categorized into location. so you know what's good around ur area... and the bestest! it's categorized into the kind of food! so whenever u have that craving for wantan mee or mee goreng, all of them are listed out so that all u need is to get to the place. fantastic.

so by now u know where u are and what u want to eat. and u dun have a car. how do u get there? SBS Transit Travel Guide and SMRT Bus Guide both works about the same way. u tell them where u wanna go. and they'll tell u how to go. pity that both companies are seperated and unable to provide a more comprehensive guide of how to take their combo bus rides of changing between services. if u know what i mean? i'll give more points to SBS Transit as their website even tells u which route is faster and which route is cheapest.

i did not include any link for the MRT as it's pretty much an idiot proof system.

And of course our fave 'let the fingers do the talking' book... yellow pages. Their Internet Yellow Pages provides quite an extensive search system for phone numbers. let's say u need to book a place at that restuarant for a special date.. this is the place for u to go.

besides eating, we also like to watch movies... rite? and how often can we not find that straits times lost somewhere at home... so here at Yahoo Movies Singapore u know exactly which movie u can make it and at where in a matter of seconds. and after doing just that... u need to book tickets for that movie rite? to avoid queuing up like an idiot at the cinema and ending with front row tickets or worst missing the show... so here are the different links for the different cinemas.

Golden Village

Eng Wah


as for Shaw, i do not really like their booking system. the webpage takes forever to load. and u need to log in to do the booking... very tedious and slow process compared to the 3 others.

on the internet side of singapore, a mention must be given to metablog it is Singapore truly, brings out all the local insights and the latest topics we are talking and thinking about. of cos most of it contributed by singaporeans ourselves. And of cos u'll be able to find much more interesting links over there at

HardWareZone Forum one of the most populated forums in Singapore. Where u can talk about anything to anyone.. and ask any questions regarding or not regarding to hardware itself. u'll find ur questions being answered by friends u'll never make anywhere else. With all the knowledge diferent people have. this is a wonderful place where knowledge is shared and opinions are thrown out to be debated.

Singapore Infomap it's the 1st stop portal to all things Singapore. or so they claim on the site... However this is like an 'official' thing. and official things are not as happening most of the times. showing only the nice and beautiful sights of singapore the best part of this site would be the calender of events going on. Serves as a good reminder to not forget to go for the latest Sitex, Sexpo, Food Festival or Book Fair.... worth a visit too i guess..

Singapore Pools . check the latest odds. check the 4D toto results. sooner of later, i'm telling you now. that they're gonna come up with a place ur bets at home system. trust me.

Singapore Statutes Online - nowadays.... more and more bloggers are getting into more trouble... what can u do and what can u not do? most importantly, has this person broke the law? did he or did he not? this places tells u everything u need to know. but it's really kind of too technical.

if anyone of u know of anything else interesting do let me know so that i can link it up! this is all i have for now. hope to add more soon...

ps. u might want to add this page to ur bookmark. easier access to all the links. so convenient! ha!!
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Sunday, November 27, 2005
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she's beautiful, she can sing quite well, she's a grad from nus, she's a singaporean, she's candyce toh! she is not my obessesion ok.. but she has the innocent look in her eye, the fragile but attractive vibes, and 'make knees weak' smile... i'm smitten!

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Saturday, November 26, 2005
Sometimes, some people have scary purposes of having friends. Sometimes, some people look for this particular person just for that particular reason or purpose. I am very very disturb by this happening. maybe i'm naive... but doesn't it defeat the purpose of u calling the person a friend if you're doing this?

i'm just feeling very frustrated. yes. frustrated again. not that my vocab is very limited, but it's becos its the same feeling. why do some people treat me more as a purpose then a friend, when i treat the person as one of my close friend? Am i not worth more then a purpose? were all the things i've done jus part of ur purpose. And you feel that i'm not more then a pawn u're using and after i've serve my purpose then i'm nothing more then jus an irritant.

Where are the true friends?
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Friday, November 25, 2005
Waiting for.....
i'm highly agitated by this morning's episode. i waited for a long time for a cab. a very very long time. 50mins to be exact. started waiting at 8. and finally getting onto a cab at 8.50am. and guess what? i had to CALL for that cab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK SPIDER!!!!

i was walking towards the main road at 8... and before i could reach the pependicular flagging for cab distance, 3 cabs, complete with green colour words on top and no passengers in it, whizzed pass me. so i thought, hmmmm this is good. many cabs going around. i should be able to get one in no time. Cos i was late for work, and had to resort to doing this. So i started waiting. i started to get abit pissed off when 2 bus number 131 came and went (it doesn't bring me to workplace) and bus 131 has a reputation of coming once every century. FUCK SPIDER!! 2 131s came and still no cab. as in available ones.

and now the most FUCK SPIDER!! part came. people started appearing along the road 100m ahead of me. They were popping up all over the place at a very very fast speed. and all the cabs were coming at a not so fast speed. more 131s came. and the ppl ahead of me started to disperse.. FUCK SPIDER!! i've waited for about 35mins by now. and the slight drizzle is getting heavier by the second. i had to take out my PINK umbrella. very unmanly sight.

now even my bro who jus woke up when i left the house walked passed me. asking why i still standing there... and holding my pink umbrella. FUCK SPIDER!! i notice a cab from afar.. and i think there's no one ahead of me tat's gonna snatch this cab. but this cab was on the outer lane. so which means it has to cut lane to pick me up. but then this bus 131 was occupying the inner lane... and the cab driver have not spotted me yet. so he doesn't know that he has to slow down and try and cut into the lane. and this stupid 131 has to move so slowly.. and there goes the cab... totally blocked by the 131. FUCK SPIDER!!

i was very very annoyed.. when suddenly this old old couple came to stand in front of me. and i really mean in front of me!! at first i thought they were only going to cross the road and were standing there waiting for cars to pass by. but FUCK SPIDER!! NO!! they also waiting for cab! now i'm really quite enraged.. but seeing that they were an old couple.. i did not approach them.. i decided that i shud just book a cab..

Comfort Cablink - 65521111

CityCab - 65522222

Red Colour Cab - 65533333

Remember these few numbers well.. they can save u in times of need. i've got all this numbers in my phonebook, you should too. if i'm not wrong, the Red Colour Cab is free booking. Cablink is the most expensive one. So i started to call all this 3 numbers, rotating each of them. And guess what?? they were all engaged!!!!!!!!! FUCK SPIDER MANY MANY!!! i kept calling and calling... non-stop... for about 5 mins... why do i need 5 mins to connect to either 1 of 3 numbers? enraged!! fire is burning within me... finally gota thru.. and my cab came 7 mins after i ended the call. and reach work.

the time i spent waiting allows me to walk to my workplace and walk back home altogether. probably with 5 mins to spare for a drink halfway. but i was too pissed off to start walking in the rain with my pink umbrella after waiting so long. u know u jus have to continue waiting after so long dun you? u'll always get the feeling that after u leave ur waiting spot.. 10million cabs will come.

was jus venting my extreme frustration at having to fa2 zhan4 there for so long, legs tired even before start work. ok. back to work now.
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Thursday, November 24, 2005
The Brilliant Green
Can someone get me these?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Either for christmas or birthday? haha... their music is hard to find online. and i think their albums are not easy to find too... i used to have a couple of them. but one of my fren borrowed them when i was in sec 4. and never returned ever since. only have got a couple of their songs now. very sad. and i really love their music.... best is the one with the mouth. Terra 2001. Superb... so please anybody????

here's a sample of their song..... enjoy..

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Takumi Akimoto

i was jus moving around and i suddenly saw this! (moving around = surfing) Haven done anything of this sort for a long long time. haha!

My japanese name is 秋本 Akimoto (autumn book) 拓海 Takumi (open sea).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Nice name.. Takumi Akimoto. Takumi sia...... Akimoto sia... maybe it's a descendant of the founder of motorola leh... so powerful i..

dun believe i'm Takumi? go the link and type bobby pua lor.. HAHA! i'm a lonely driver... for those that doesn't have a clue wat i'm talking about... Takumi is the star of the japanese manga/anime/movie Initial D. The character that Jay Chou acted as which won him a Golden Horse award for Best Newcomer Actor/Actress. Talking about Golden Horses, Rockson would love to have one of those awards huh? In recognition of his 'Golden Horse' hahahah


Reached office mega early today.. like 7.50am. Now it's not even nearing lunch time and i feel like i've been here for an eternity. bad bad bad. and i recently found out that this singaporean joker playing piano in some ang moh country... paid $5000 and he no need to do his NS already.. why can like that?

You let me pay $5000 and dun do NS lar.. for this 2 years, i go and help some uncle sell his mee pok.. one month he give me $800 and let me eat his mee pok everyday and teach me how to make mee pok. 1 year i will get $9600. 2 yrs and i get $19200. i throw $5000 at you, still got money to keep. And the best part is no need to be the lowest life form.

And that guy after pay $5000 still get to sit on the board for some music thing u know? Win already he. i know i also go and play piano den no need NS already. Song BO? but cannot leh. i not lihai enuff. not power. this place ah, must see if power or not. if not power. everything cannot. if power, everything also can. you so powerful can kill the australian. the whole australia kpkb and make so much noise also dun care. but dunno why they still so dulan sia.. that time i also talk about this already.

this fella australian use drug go and harm, destroy and kill people can, then that time this person terrorist one.. he bomb and kill many australians. then that one die they say can. how like that?

Takumi Akimoto very tired already, want to go home and rest. been too lazy nowadays to blog in proper english and i apoplogize for that. but you got to give and take. Now, you get more quantity over quality. byebye. need to chase people out of the library..

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
yes, it's freezing cold this couple of days. COLD!!! not that i dun like it. i do.. i genuinely prefer having to wear a tshirt at home, then to sit down do nothing and start sweating due to the heat. even the fans at home can be rested! HAHA! but its my over sensitive nose that's having issues with the weather. it clogs up. not only in th morning now, but also in the afternoon!! cos they're having 'morning weather' in the afternoon as well!

Image hosted by

another thing is that i have to go and pee much more frequently. and it's really quite irritating to having to leave ur seat every half hourly to visit the toilet with a block nose. and the pair of shoes i wear to work is drenched daily by the walking in the rain. which means it's like never getting dry. and wearing not dry shoes to work SUCKS!! i dunno about you, but i'm very particular about feeling comfortable down there.. as in feet lar!! the moist and damp feeling whenever i put my feet into my shoes sucks!

Not to mention the 'SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK' sound whenever i takke a step. WAHHHH... it's totally not awesome man.


WCG was over the weekend. but i dun think it was THAT interesting. no games that i play. booo. Dota dint make it as i guessed there were still too many bugs and fixes in the game and Warcraft 3 might be a more strategic game which allows more playablity in a tournament. Winning Eleven wasn't included as well. instead it was Fifa 2006 or 2005? i dunno. but come on man. there's no way Fifa can compete with Winning Eleven. Perhaps it cos Fifa is under Xbox. No PS2 games were around in the WCG. is Xbox really gonna start dominating? i'm still hoping that Sony do come up with a nice marketing strategy to help PS3 fight back and regain it's prominence in the gaming world.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

The Great PS3 vs The not so Great Xbox 360

Counter Strike was included! but i played it like 5 years ago? haha.. i'm not tat hardcore a gamer. at least my com doesn't allow it. it's much too weak for hardcore gaming. i'll just stick to my amateurish Dota skills and my retiring ps2 for more fun and games. =)


Image hosted by

Sexpo was over the weekend. They attracted 17,000 people less den the target. 43k instead of the targeted 60k. Anyway, BETH!! u're on the new paper!! or at least your backview.. or at least i think it is your backview. ok, not even the backview, the back of ur head. so its your backhead view.. so let me do it again. BETH!! ur backhead view is on the new paper!! but u're in israel now having fun with all the israelis.. so it doesn't really matter if ur backhead view is on the papers huh?

Quite a happening weekend huh? many many things happening in our tiny island. but i wasn't involved in any of them. went for the long one's 21st... and went to belt it out with my chummy buddy. and both days i somehow ended up at Hitachi Towers. dunno why. hmmmm. maybe its a sign. i might end up working there.

arrrghhh.. stupid damp shoes.....
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Monday, November 21, 2005
it's there....
just about two years ago, Sean met Sharon thru a mutual fren. it was the holidays. being young adults whom needed some extra cash to finance their spending, the hunt for jobs began. As both began their search for a job, they went around together looking for one, with the mutual fren. As it was often a whole day affair, they had to eat together and also sit down at some corner to do some flipping and circling of the classified section.

This went on for a couple of weeks, before Sharon finally found a job, but not Sean as he was abit picky and could not commit for long. But during this 2 weeks, Sean was attracted, not to the jobs, but to Sharon. Sharon was an outgoing girl, very attentive and caring. Caring only at times. Depending on her mood. She wasn't someone whom you would describe HOT as you would dawn yang. but she had her fair share of charm and allure whom Sean could not resist. SMSes were exchanged on a daily basis and every little detail of their lives were shared. They even shared a common hobby albeit a rather expensive one.

Sharon, as i mentioned, is a very attentive girl. Sean would ramble on and she would pay attention to him, rather then putting him off and ignoring him like other people do. And Sean was a gentleman, by today's standard i suppose. He never complained during any shopping expeditions, offered to carry the bags, and would also offer his most honest opinion on the choice of items. something rare for guys nowadays. On paper, or rather on my blog, they seemed like a perfect pair.

However a few months after they met, Sean was called up for the most dreaded thing. National Service. He was shattered. However close as they seemed, but they were not affirmed as a couple. Now Sean has to report to something that he dread and be a castaway for 5/7 days of the week. All the plans that were made had to be cancelled. He was distraughted.

But Sharon proved to be very supportive. She talked him round, made Sean feel better about having to enter NS. The day came and off he went. She was there for him every night. Despite her busy schedule of having to juggle 2 part time job and the ever scary parent who doesn't like her to 'waste' time on the phone, she talked to Sean almost every night. and most of it was to listen to him complain and even whine about going thru all the things he was going thru. She comforted him and urged him on. This spurred on Sean. Everytime he was feeling tired, he will jus think of what she said, and he would have the extra burst of energy to carry on.

They met up every Saturday when Sean was released from his so called 'Hell'. Having the weekly dinner and catching whatever movie that tickled Sharon's fancy. Anything was ok for Sean, as long as they got to spend some quality time together. He was a very very happy boy indeed. The walks down town, the jokes over dinner, the long trips back to her place, the walk from the busstop to her void deck of her house and back again to Sean's place. Even though it was only for a few hours every week. He was very very contented. To him, it was bliss.

There was once Sean was actually late for one of the date. He overslept, training that morning before he booked out was quite tough on him. And being excited about being able to meet her the following day deprived him of some sleep the night before. He was very very worried. They were just having this conversation over the phone jus a couple of days ago on how she hated people making her wait. The traffic wasn't helping as well. He made her wait for nearly an hour. She dint say anything when Sean arrived. But this was a big boo boo to Sean.

Sometimes, they would meet on Sundays as well, Sean would follow Sharon to where she was supposed to go. Things were going just fine as Sean thought.

One Sunday, suddenly Sharon asked Sean a question regarding his faith. Sean said no. And after that day. Things took a drastic change. No more phone calls. No more movies and no more walks to her void deck. It was all so sudden. Kind of too much for Sean to take. Answers coming from her were lukewarm to the best. The word 'Busy Busy Busy' kept appearing. Sean was devastated. He dint know what happened. could it be his answer? Could it be because work got much busier? or did sch start? He still did not know. He dint know how to ask as well. He was lost. Morale was low and he did not know what to do.

Few months passed, and the situation did not improve. the word's 'busy busy busy' were still appearing. Even when they met, she appeared cold to him. He doesn't know how to describe it but it's jus very different. Sean was depressed as well as angry, he did not want to talk to her anymore. Maybe she's glad that he decided to do it too.

This is another story of many what ifs... what if she did not ask Sean the question... what if Sean said yes.

There were many things that were left out as i dint want to make it a boring entry. there's no moral to this story.


sometimes things happens, where both parties are not at fault. but both are frustrated at each other. one trying to help and the other trying to receive help. and all hell breaks loose. people many just do not work well under pressure. or that people do not like it when people are just too calm. well, can learn alot of things about each other still, despite knowing each other for a long long time. but this kind of things happens to even couple married for 30 yrs. haha. yea...

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Thursday, November 17, 2005
Australia through to World Cup 06
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The Aussies are through to the World Cup. i rushed home from work yesterday to catch the match. caught it from 55th mins onwards. Aussies were leading Uruguay 1 - 0 and the tie was level at 1 a piece as Uruguay secured a 1 - 0 victory back home in Montevideo. it was a pulsating match, all action with so much at stake. the Holy Grail of the soccer world.

Before anything. i was supporting Australia. back to this point later. there were a few heart stopping moments towards the end as Uruguay threatened to score on the break. but they were denied by a heroic backline marshalled superbly by 'i forgot who it was' And the penalty shoot out gave Mark Schwarzger (Aussie keeper) the chance to be the national hero, as did Jerzy Dudek for liverpool couple months back. And a national hero he became as he saved 2 of Uruguay's spotkick, including 1 canon of a shot which Roberto Carlos would be proud of.

Was trying to work out why i was supporting Australia. They always gave priorities to another sport. Rugby. not like i hate rugby, i watch and play rugby myself but, soccer has to be my number 1 love. here might be the reason.

1) i've got frens residing over there in Aussie and frens who loves to go there for a holiday. but no frens who reside in Uruguay and nobody mentioned anything about going over to the South American nation for a holiday before. Closest has to be pravin wanting to go Brazil and my sidekick wanting to go Ecuador for an exchange. (Ecuador????)

2) Harry Kewell plays for Australia and he plays for liverpool too. and i'm proud to say that he did well for his country. now hoping that he can give this kinda performance week in and week out for liverpool as well. but well.. seems unlikely.

3) the most impt point of all. Uruguay were playing dirty. all the play acting, the nudges, the elbows and taunting. this was what really pissed me off. the ball rolled out of play towards the end. the Uruguay coach picked up the ball, and threw the ball at one of the aussie player. WTF? it wasn't a throw the ball at another person for him to catch kind of ball. it was a Hamtam Bola kind of throw. Totally no gamesmanship. Whole world saw it except the referee. Their attackers looks as though they all graduated from the 'Jurgen Klinsmann Diving School' sprawling to the ground at any given opportunity. and wat's the worst thing? they're proud of their antics. all this bullshit is spoiling the beautiful game.

Mark Viduka once scored 4 goals for Leeds in a game against Liverpool and completely trounced Liverpool. but nvm. he missed his penalty last night. and the sight of his face after missing it was enuff to make me happy.

Alvaro Recoba is one of my fave players and he plays for Uruguay. sad that i wun see him at the world cup but i wun tolerate any of this rubbish from his team which is gonna threaten to spoil the greatest show on earth.

Speaking of fave players, i realised i i don't really have a proper list of them. maybe i should try to compile one.

Image hosted by

1) Alvaro Recoba - he's quite ugly. looks like the shrek donkey. but posseses a magnificent left foot. freekicks are deadly with a sting in it. Perhaps the greatest player from Uruguay in recent times.

Image hosted by

2) Adriano - he's big, strong and very fast. he might jus be able to hit a ball harder then Roberto Carlos. He'll shove you off with a swing of his arm and bye bye cos he'll be running away double time. never afraid to take on defenders and often finishes the move with his trademark power shot.

Image hosted by

3) Christian Vieri - player of similar mould with Adriano but of the older generation. (he's half australian, haha!) slower but fantastic in the air. Big burly striker who can striker fear into any defender in his prime.

Image hosted by

4) Paolo Maldini - Few can argue that he is the greatest leftback that graced a soccer field.

there u go. these are the few names that hovered around in my mind. all of them are left footers. i really wonder why.......
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More falling Sick
why always near wkend falling sick one?!?! somemore tmr die die must go work... wahhhhhh sianzzzz MAX!!!
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
you know, i'll love to add more photos onto my blog. more pictures onto my blog. but i'm lazy. damn lazy. so sorry huh... no colourful colourful picture for you to see.

condemned to the library for the whole day todae. surrounded by books again. and its extremely crowded todae for some particular reason. sometimes there need not be any reason for anything. things jus happens. like bird shit falling onto ur shoulder. but how many of us will jus turn our head and look at our shoulder, give it a shrug and say ''oh well'' and wipe it off with a piece of tissue?

i think many or most of us will turn our head, stare at our shoulder, and start hurling abusive language at that piece of bird shit. well, doesn't really sound very intelligent now does it? scolding a piece of bird shit. but we'll jus stand there and do exactly that, without fearing for another one of those much feared droplets landing on another different part of our body.

Blogger is giving me problem again. have got half a mind about migrating. but yet, i'm lazy of going thru all the setting up of everything again. very troublesome. At least now i don't have many other things to worry about. work's been pretty much peaceful, just tat all it takes is a little cock up this peace will be disrupted. which will be very troublesome. i'm hating troublesome things more and more.

kinda feeling the fever creeping in. please do not allow me to fall sick now. my presence is needed in the office. gosh. and people are ending their exams. so yes. please let me be healthy!!!!
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Sunday, November 13, 2005
Soccer Myths
back so early on a sat night. i got disfigured. actually my shirt got disfigured. den come home liao. looked like i got stabbed in the stomach or smthing. walk ard like tat not say very nice. policeman might come and ask me wat happened. but its red wine. and its thanks to my dearest ever sidekick. and i came home so unhappeningly.

but i witnessed the most exciting 'friendly' match ever. England vs Argentina. non-stop action. so thanks to my dearest sidekick agn that made me come home to watch and fully appreciate the beauty of soccer. i wonder how people can label it as ''22 men running after 1 ball''

1) 1st things 1st. not all 22 men on the pitch goes after the ball at the same time. there is a thing called formation. it means how the team is set up so as to fully ultilise the 11 men that they have on the field. and not have all 11 men running after the ball like mad men.

2) watching soccer only for the cute guys. but wait. there are also many many UGLY guys that plays soccer. and i really mean ugly lar!! will try to find pictures to backup my claims. but the 'Slovakia vs Spain' match is about to start. so i'll jus settle this entry first.

3) wat is offside?? this is like the hardest piece of crap to answer. but this is good. at least the person is trying to understand the game for wanting to know this. i might need to draw a diagram to explain this. nvm. next time u see me, i explain ok? or u can drop me an email. or call me. or come my hse find me. anything.

4) basketball the net so small still can score so many points, soccer the net so big!! den sometimes play so long still no goal go in. this is the marvels of what u call a goalkeeper. and another thing. try picking up marbles on the floor and put them in a basket. den next, use ur legs and do the same thing. and count which time u had more marbles in the basket. HANDS LAR!!

it's a beautiful game

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Friday, November 11, 2005
Angry Man
I am very angry man. everyone is talking about dawn yang/yeo. wahhh... give her a break can. even if she went for plastic surgery (which is not even confirmed) she jus want to look prettier mar. what's wrong with wanting to look prettier? which one of u dare to come out here and tell me... that u never ever had the slightest of thought that u wan to look prettier?? huh? HUH???

I so handsome already i always got think of wanting to make myself look more handsome also... all the more dawn yang/yeo. i'm defending her. yes. i play soccer i always play defender... so i'm good at defending. got problem issit? keep talking abt her. dun lar.

den say she drive mercs slk in usa say buy the car very cheap. opinion different one mar this kind of thing. bo bian. the way people value money is different. to a kid from a poor family, a $2 chicken rice from the kopi tiam can already be considered a luxury. but a rich kid... go food court eat the $4 chicken rice also will say so low class. very subjective this kind of thing.

another thing is the defination of POOR. how people use the word POOR also very different. Cannot afford to pay the basic bills for electricty and water for each month is considered poor. But not being able to pay the bill for SCV, cable internet, car installment, handphone, credit card like that the person also will call himself poor. haiyo. like this 'by having not enuff money' = 'poor' already?? den everybody also will think that they poor lar!!! mindset must change lar. we too good life already.

ok. i abit drift off from my topic as usual. this is me. i like to drift off. HAHAHAH.

Come Come... and start talking about bobby pua. no problem. he so handsome. very exotic look also. give dawn yang/yeo a break already. i think she had enuff. and i dun have enuff.
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Thursday, November 10, 2005
A Short Story (Prelude)
i'm starting to provide some other form of entertainment. jus trying it out. sharing with u guys out there me and my chinese pop scene craze. but if u got time, jus take about 15 - 20 mins to watch the video below. depending on the response, i might add more of these kinda things next time. heee.. i like!! u like??
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A Short Story Part 1
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A Short Story Part 2
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A Conversation
had this little conversation with my mum today before leaving for work..

me ''刚才我觉的屁股重,所以去厕所''

mum ''刚才肚子痛啊?''

me ''不是, 我刚才屁股重...''

mum ''HAR?? 那里有人這樣講的 ?? 肚子痛屁股重''

me ''有''

mum ''谁?''

me ''我 lor...''

and i left for work.....

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Nguyen Tuong Van
Todae i'm not gonna talk about using the disabled toilets... no one's gonna talk about that anymore... something more interesting might be the death sentence of Nguyen Tuong Van (hope i got the name correct) yet again we managed to piss another country off with our tough' law. well done. and i'm not being sarcastic here. This situation is much more tricker as Michael Faye or Nick Leeson. both those dudes were quite straightforward.

Now this NTV guy say he wanted to go somewhere else. jus that he sway sway bring the heroin with him while in singapore and kena caught. Australia now damn dulan cos we want to kill him. but why they cannot see the big picture? we kill him now... so that he cannot bring the heroin to some other people in some other country and kill them with his heroin?

If he managed to bring his heroin to another country den he will make some people drug addicts. and singapore policemen shud know that drug addicts will not kick their habit easily one. alot of them kena caught already put in jail den come out. they will go and buy and eat drugs agn. den kena caught and put in jail one more time. this cycle goes on and on.

so how to solve this problem of having to find them and put them in jail time after time? kill them lar. thats why the singapore law so powerful one. not say never think about the law if too hard on people or not. but it's jus that can save alot of trouble. not only for the policemen. but also for the drug addict. he mati liao ah... no need to source around for ppl willing to sell him drugs. no need to go around and borrow money from people. u know or not?

now again some people like to say that singapore got a very parentalistic/ paternalistic government. (whichever applies). But u think about it. singapore people complain complain complain... the resturant food serve too slow complain. the traffic light red colour for too long complain. walk walk walk den step onto dog shit also complain. like this the government how to not be like father mother? if dun be like father mother.. they bo chup... den somemore people will complain. wah lau. sian man.

den got some people say that singapore too conservative already. people jus follow the system and do what they are supposed to do. this one i agree lar. i agree singapore people jus follow the system. i also dun wan to follow the system leh. cos i think i very creative one. i think that i can be out of the box. be round round. den nobody got my idea. i be the first one to give the idea. i will be rich already.. den i can succeed mar.. correct or not? but if u be round round in singapore ah. people will say 'this fella siao one lor, dun need care him lar'' den everybody think this way, nobody agree will my brilliant idea. den also lppl sia... that's why alot of people want to go out of singapore.

i told alot of ppl already. what if i never study. since primary 1. i jus go and learn how to cook bar chor mee. learn from primary 1 until jc2. 12years. 12 whole years. u jus do nothing but learn to cook bar chor mee. no need to do maths homework. no need to do ting xie. no need to do composition and comprehension. best.. no need exam! den u try and innovate and think of new ways to improve ur ba chor mee. plus 2 yrs of National Service. you can start work at 20. cook for someone... and save up some money. by 23/24 u shud have enuff to open a new stall. with all the experience u have. u shud be the best ba chor mee fella in singapore by now.. so it takes about 1yr for ur stall to garner reputation and for all the word by mouth to spread. Soon singaporeans will start hording to ur stall. if there's one thing singaporeans can't resist... it's good food.. and by 28/29 u can drive a BMW around already loh..... song bo?

the above is all jus my hypothesis... timeline might be even earlier depending on various different factors.

well.. so u wanna come learn how to cook ba chor mee with me??
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Friday, November 04, 2005
Eggs in a Basket
I was so darn tired. this stupid one day work one day public holiday week is pissing me off. not that i dint appreciate the off days. but jus that my body is having alot of trouble adjusting to my different waking up and sleeping time.

anyway, i was falling asleep at work... quite badly. and i was already on the causeway waiting to chop my passport to go into dreamland already. i was that near. but the queue was damn long. and i was like illegal immigrant you know? not supposed to go into dreamland one. but i still die die want to go in. so i was abit kan cheong. had to look out for policeman if kena catch so paiseh one.

and i suddenly had this thought. you know the phrase, 'never put all ur eggs in one basket' which means to not pin all your hopes on jus one thing. or it can mean not keep ur money in one place. cos if u get robbed or stolen. it means all your money is gone. so this vision started coming out in my mind. i was actually analyzing this phrase while waiting to enter dreamland. wtf?! there are different scenario.

Scene 1

Boy bought alot of eggs and had to bring them home from the market. the way home is very bumpy and uneven and its a long journey. so he decides to put all his eggs in the basket and go home in one shot... because he thinks its very mafan to walk back and bring back another basket of half the eggs. so he walks and struggles with the eggs. halfway home.. he was having alot of difficulties manuvering thru the road and finally his hands gave way. the eggs dropped onto the rocks and pebbles and were all smashed. He finally know that he should not put all his eggs in one basket.

Scene 2

Boy bought alot of eggs and had to bring them home from the market. the way home is very bumpy and uneven and its a long journey. But he feels that its too heavy and risky to put all the eggs into one basket.. hence he decides to take 2 trips. he managed to bring back the 1st basket of egg home without much trouble. but it was getting abit late. hence he ran back to the market to bring back the 2nd basket. but he was really exhausted after walking for so long. he was so tired that he's legs gave way n he fell down. hence dropping the eggs in the process. and all the eggs were smashed. He felt that he should have put all his eggs in one basket.

Scene 3

Boy bought alot of eggs and had to bring them home from the market. the way home is very bumpy and uneven and its a long journey. But he feels that its too heavy and risky to put all the eggs into one basket.. hence he decides to take 2 trips. the 1st basket of eggs was so light. and he wasn't having any trouble with it. so he walked abit faster.. however he was careless and missed his footing. and he dropped the eggs. he was very sad. and walked back to the market. after learning from his previous experience. he decided to be more careful and walk slowly. and finally managed to bring home the 2nd basket of eggs. He felt that he was lucky for not putting the eggs together and he should not put all his eggs in one basket.

It's all pretty out of point. but different situation occur when you have different mindset. it's all about past experiences. whether you feel that eggs shud be in one basket. it's like if flowers can bloom in the vast ocean and what if books begins to gather dust. it's all up to us. really.

so would you put all your eggs in a basket?
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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Well..... feelings depicted very to the pointed below. fantastic. i would blog in chinese if i could. but this is a start. somehow i can blog more emotionally in chinese i think.
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清晰透明 就像美丽的风景

过往温柔 已经被时间上锁


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its amazing how ur mood can change in jus a matter of mins. one min i was having a damn good depavali whole day at home playing game and chatting. but next i jus fall deep down into the abyss of emotion. fucked up aint it? i'm jus born sensitive. i'm too sensitive for my own good. arrrrghhhh

and i jus bloody hate it as much as u hate it. this sucks. can someone jus take away my sensitivity. make me immune to emotions....
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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
nothing in particular
how many of us never watched tv when we were y0ung? dun say old people lar. jus people around my age. the 20++ people. what did we watch when we were young?

no need to say lar. cartoons. but another thing. tv wasn't like wat it was now. it wasn't 24hrs. there was no SCV available... it was only SBC 5 and SBC 8. haha.. and they only started at 3pm on weekdays i think... hope my memory dint fail me. and if u're lucky, ur house might be able to receive some other channels from our neighbouring countries. TV1, TV2 and TV3.

wonder how we survived man. but we did. and boy were the shows marvellous. of cos i paid more attention to the cartoons. smurfs. he-man. carebears, thundercats, mighty mouse and the list goes on and on... and abit later on, the 'cool' cartoons came on... like x-men, spiderman and maybe captain planet (not so cool mar) most of them had a similar theme, be the nice guy, do good things. evil will lose to good. nothing too complicating. it all had a moral to it. haha. especially captain planet. ahaha..

but the new cartoons nowadays. OMG! its crazy what it's teaching the children. haha. beating the shit out of each other.... kids having all the gadgets. alll the toys and everything. killing monsters.... its mad. looks like my entry is going no where. suddenly seems like no direction. tmd.

so i guess i'll jus ramble. environment here now not condusive to blog. but i'm doing this for little miss blur, who is part of the cartoon little miss blur meets mr arrogant. coming to a internet server near you. little miss blur is struggling to study and be productive. aiya. go airport study lar. just tat tis time i cannot accompany you there le lar. anybody has any nice place to study to recommend? but little miss blur..................

oh ya. before i forget. there's gonna be a terrorist exercise going this month. no joke. peak hour mrt station. they gonna simulate bomb blast. to see if singaporean are prepared enough for it. so in case u kena. dun feel TOO scared k. but jus be prepared. i dunno how den is considered prepared lar.... m i prepared? its a damn stupid question can!

so what do you do if u're prepared for it? lemme see... stay vigilant always to look out for suspicious characters? as much as i know its important. but HOW?!?! peak hour leh. got so many people walking around. and all of them got that kind of look on their face one lor. the damn sian going to work look. or the 'damn i'm late for work' look. terrorist would have more of the 'damn i'm late for work' look. cos they will look more kancheong. they will be thinking ''i'm gonna die later when i detonate the bomb man.. and everyone's gonna die with me'' quite similar to the guy going to work ''i'm gonna die later when i reach office man.... and everyone's gonna laugh at me''

and you yourself might be thinking of what to eat for lunch.. what excuse to give the boss cos i dint meet the deadline, or who m i gonna call out for dinner tonight. and many many things lar. jus wun be thinking about who else in the same cabin is a bloody terrorist.

another way of being prepared.... ''being ready to pounce on suspected terrorist'' if that guy's a terrorist... you pounce on him. scary man. wat if he managed to detonate the bomb? hahaha. u die with him also lar..... but what if he not terrorist? den u must get ready to do either things... 1) if lucky train door is open. u chiong out ahhhh!! 2) apologize profusely.. keep saying sorry. and say that he was giving out this aura that really attracted you and you can't stop wanting him. (might sound abit gayish but its gonna save ur ass) if both dun work. den curse urself for being vigilant.

more on this issue soon. gonna send out like 10.000 letters to different households across singapore to do this survey on ''preparedness of terrorist attack'' something like tat. so any of you might receive it. but do properly hor.... i help to prepare the survey one also... haha..

jus managed to get jay's album. it's marvellous. those that haven heard any of it. go hear it. you know what to do. who's the best mp3 player you know of? hahhaahaa.... it did not disappoint at all even though i was expecting high standards from him. and high standard was wat i go..

more dota.... dota is giving me stiff neck and achy shoulders. but its damn fun. damn shoik. serious. dun think i'm good yet. but i'm jus playing for fun lar. heehee... first was Bomberman!! tat was the best ever. played with alot of japanese... but stopped playing when they restricted the game to only japanese servers. selfish cocks as always they all. arrrghhh... next was gunbound. hahaha... little miss blur!! gunbound! shoik man. i keep beating u. wahaahhaa u got beat me sometimes also lar. but somehow or rather the game faded off.... and then i went NS liao. no more game playing besides my ps2. but now got dota. which stands for Defense of the Ancient. more dota.... grow more fat..... become a dork.... wahhhhhhh...

get me out more often please............................................................

off to the showers. niam niam body. hot night.

there u go little miss blur.... =)
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